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About Nordic Music Review

Nordic Music Review was established in 2014 after attending a really lovely gig by Norwegian musician Moddi at the Castle Hotel, Manchester. where he insisted on talking to us for ages after the gig (and definitely not the other way around), and resulting in us getting a parking ticket. 


It just seemed that there was such an enormous wealth of Nordic musicians and bands who didn't get too much attention in the UK, and we wanted to do our bit to help change that.

Almost 6 years later the World might be somewhat of a darker place, but we're somehow still here, championing in particular Indie musicians who don't get much exposure in bigger magazines and newspapers. Inevitably our initial aims have changed a little, and whilst we still want to give focus in particular to Albums, we do inevitably cover a lot more single releases too - purely because that allows us to cover so many more artists.    

We have tried to support Nordic artists playing in the UK too, firstly by writing about up and coming gigs, but also helping promote and organising gigs. Whilst some were a spectacular success (those who saw Major Parkinson at the Water Rats will never forget it), there were a couple which were more stressful, and as such we will not be putting any more gigs on directly, but are more than happy to help in any way we can - please just drop us an email. 

We're delighted that experienced Nordic music writer David Bentley has now started writing for Nordic Music Review.  David has a wealth of experience in the Nordic music scene, is a brilliant writer and allows NMR to broaden the range of artists covered. Hopefully it will allow us to promote what we do more, and thus expand our readership and giving more coverage to the artists themselves.

If you want to get in touch, we can be contacted at

The Writers 

Andy Wors

Andy Wors founded Nordic Music Review in 2014 with the sole aim of getting Moddi to pay him back the money ‘owed’ for a parking ticket. Born in a house by the sea, just 13 miles away from a small village and next to the middle of nowhere, he spent his formative years drinking flagons of farmyard scrumpy and creating elaborate crop circles, and claims to have appeared as an extra in a Star Wars film, but no-one believes him. His interest in music developed from watching Morris Dancing performances at the annual village Gooseberry Pie Fayre, and then even further after attending a New Years Eve event dressed as Elton John. He now writes music reviews in his spare time, whilst he waits for his own business ‘’designing and building affordable jetpacks’’, to quite literally take-off.  He frequently plans to attend gigs, but never quite makes it, and the best time to get his attention is 4.20PM on a Saturday, because by then he’s already abandoned all hope in the football results and is catching up on the NMR inbox instead.

His favourite Nordic Music includes:
Major Parkinson -
The School Book Depository -

1900 -

Gypsy Chicken -

Moddi -

Delay Trees -

The Stillwalkers -

Mirel Wagner  -


















David Bentley

Although he started writing about music in 2014, David Bentley’s interest in Nordic Music goes back to 2009, and a chance online meeting with a Swedish guy. After jointly defending a British artist from a troll. he got to know him and was introduced to the music from his home town - Gävle in central Sweden. As he met more people  from there he began to appreciate the huge scope of the music emanating from this small city of 100,000 which even has its own Spotify playlist of over 100 artists, including the likes of The Deer Tracks, Ida Long, Baron Bane, Stefan Aronsson, Twiggy Frostbite, Rikard Sjöblom, Di Leva, AKB, Slim Vic, Frida Scar and many others, representing just about every ‘genre’ there is.

Later turning to turning to music from other Nordic countries, he became truly hooked on the entire region, and has now been writing about the Nordic scene for a couple of years. He welcome this opportunity to join up with Nordic Music Review to continue to highlight this great music in the UK and abroad.  He has no direct connection to the music business, working as an economic analyst in the air transport industry, although did play drums in bands when he was younger. His favourite Nordic artists and songs include:

HIghasakite: Hiroshima:

Nightwish: Ghost Love Score:

Swan/Koistinen: Singing (

Katzenjammer: A Bar in Amsterdam:

Twiggy Frostbite: In Darkness Lights are out:

Sløtface: Nancy Drew:

Sykur: Battlestar:

Lydmor: Soft Islands:















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