Sara Forslund - 'Water Became Wild'

With a good number of really promising albums either hitting our inbox at Nordic Music Review or due for release, I'm feeling even more upbeat than normal about the quality of new Nordic music out there at the moment. This has been boosted further by a really striking and beautifully written album by Swedish singer songwriter Sara Forslund, called ‘Water Became Wild’. Sara Forslund was born in a small village in the North of Sweden, the daughter of the local priest, and she’s been writing and singing music from a very early age. After a release with Folk / Drone band ‘Birch and Meadow’ in 2013, Sara has gone on to work with fellow singer songwriter David Ahlen to produce this debut album, a

The Stillwalkers - 'The Stillwalkers'

I got myself completely bogged down on trying to write something coherent and constructive about the new Of Monsters and Men album, a nice enough album sprinkled with mediocrity, and it reminded me that I’ve started to miss the point in our Nordic Music Review album reviews. We should be trying to find great new Nordic music, writing a few concise words about why we like it, and then letting you run off and make up your own minds. Thankfully a whole host of new albums has arrived in the last few days, so armed with 5 brand new Nordic releases I headed off on a long drive over the Pennines hoping that something would jolt me out of the ‘Of Monsters…’ rut that I’ve found myself in. I wasn’t e

Of Monsters and Men - 'Beneath the Skin'

Its taken me far too long to write about the 2nd album by Of Monsters and Men, a sudden bout of Bloggers Block struck me on this and another review I was writing - which I’ve now abandoned because I just don’t like the album enough to warrant we include it. Originally, when we started, the idea on review writing was to try and write a concise few words about each new Nordic album we liked, point people in the direction of where to find it, and let them makes their own minds up. So the fact that I’ve got myself in complete confusion on what to say shows that I’ve lost a grip on what we're here to do. I first came across Of Monsters and Men a few years back, well before their debut album was

New Artist - Cecilie Beck

Photo by Ryan Kibler I stumbled across Danish born songwriter Cecilie Beck last week, and thought I should take a look at her website to track down some of her songs. A good 30 minutes later I dragged myself away from looking at all her fascinating Art exhibits shown online and remembered I was there to listen to her debut single ‘Butterflies’. So whilst we’re here mainly to listen to and write about her music, there’s undoubtedly a bigger picture involved, as Cecilie has been comfortable collaborating with photographers through to sociologists in her attempts to mix different forms of art, and stimulate debates about modern society. A graduate from the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, she now r

23:23 - Softest Wave, Drifter, Torero

I've been hoping to write a bit more about 23:23 for a while, but wasn’t sure I'd quite get around to it given that every week we're bombarded with new releases. I mentioned the release of his triple album a few weeks ago, but I knew it would take me ages to digest a full 3 albums. So for those of you who don’t know, 23:23 is the side project of Rami Vierula from the Delay Trees. The albums were written and recorded over a few years, mostly it appears at night, and seem to be based on the circumstances of where he was at the time, and what he felt he needed to write about. There’s no doubt that they take a bit of getting into - low-fi, hazy, dreamy tunes that will float in and out of your co

Communions - 'Communions' EP

We haven’t featured Danish band 'Communions' before at Nordic Music Review. They came to peoples attention last year with some pretty impressive debut material, and their 'Communions' EP was released on Monday, and it contains the excellent pre-EP single 'Out of My World'. With some high profile live performances, they now have a fairly big following and the attention of a fair number of music publications and websites too. For the unitiated, they’re all Danish, but half raised in the US, and there seems to be a real mix of influences in their music - I wont mention names but I hear some sounds from slightly different eras of Indie music, which is good. The vocals are distinctive, but they

Magic Potion - 'Melt' EP

We've covered Magic Potion before at Nordic Music Review in a 'New Band' feature, so it’s great to be able to report on their debut EP release, which was Monday of this week. The EP is called 'Melt', and it’s exactly what I was expecting from the Swedish outfit, who play offbeat indie pop with a warped and wobbly guitar sound. It’s slightly spaced out and psychedelic, but never in an intense way, and always fun to listen to. Anyway we have 4 tracks for our listening pleasure, and they include the debut single 'Deep Web' which we liked so much previously. '1995' opens up the EP, and it starts where we left off, the distinctive vocals and guitars which chug along at a good pace, and a simple

In Short: Sundown Delay - 'Catching up with the Future'

We get lots of music submissions now at Nordic Music Review, and we love listening to them all. We divide them up on to playlists and just keep listening until we either like something, or realise its not quite our thing. Anyway my most recent playlist included more well known offerings from Tallest Man, Red Barnett, Soley and a whole number of fairly melancholy submissions that have come our way. And amongst all of it, there was a little ray of upbeat rock, an unapologetically raw but totally genuine album offering from Swedish band Sundown Delay who come from the town of Alingsås, its called 'Catching up with the Future'. Now ‘Catching up with the Future’ is not meant to be carefully produ

Red Barnett - Shine

Many of you won’t have come across Radio Iceland yet, but we heartily recommend them at Nordic Music Review, they’re a new English speaking radio station in Iceland which pretty much plays exclusively Icelandic music, and has some interesting local interviews (again in English) which will help you get to know the island and the culture slightly better. Anyway it was through them that i came across Red Barnett, the project of Halli Sveinbjörnsson, Reykjavik based singer/songwriter, and his debut album ‘Shine’. Sveinbjörnsson is a 4 times Icelandic Music Awards nominee, who’s spent most of his working life writing arrangements and compositions for other artists – he studied classical composi

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