Reverieme in Sweden...

We dont normally write about UK artists playing in Nordic Countries, but we really like Scottish snger Reverieme (or Louise Connell, as she is also known..), and shes playing 3 gigs in Sweden this weekend, so we thought we'd give it a quick mention. We know we're very fortunate to have a fair few Swedish readers and though it might be of interest. To keep it short and sweet (we're just back from a vacation and the gigs start tonight), heres a video: And here are the gigs, let us know if you made it to any of them, we'd love to know what you thought: Live dates: Friday 31st July: Music Makes, Gothenburg Saturday 1st August: Soul Store, Gothenburg Sunday 2nd August: Henriksberg, Gothenburg For

Nothing Of This Is Real - 'Did we kill you, dear?'

A name shouldn’t say too much about a band really, but as a fan of outfits such as ‘And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead’ and ‘Godspeed You! Black Emperor’, for some reason the name ‘Nothing of This is Real’ instantly appealed to me, and I found myself eagerly listening to their album ‘Did we Kill you, Dear?’ within minutes of being sent the detail. The Danish band, are based around duo, Jakob Dahn, and Morten Dalhoff, but now play as a 7 piece outfit live, and after an EP in 2011, have released the album through Wild Mood Records/Iceberg Music Group. First impressions were just ok, opening track ‘Pirates’ has an upbeat rock n roll opening, a pretty fine tune, and it careers along at a

Introducing Mira Aasma...

Please check our Features page for a write up on new Swedish Artist Mira Aasma...!

Wends - 'When we Sleep'

Photo Copyright by Niina Pietarinen Somehow I need to get us out of the cycle of backlogs and always having great music we havent quite got around to reviewing – having a couple more people writing Nordic Music reviews would help, we have a number of kind ‘helpers’ and ‘encouragers’, but I’m left to write most of the Album reviews - (just drop us in an email if youre interested in trying one yourself). Anyway so just to start off with an apology to Finnish band ‘Wends’, whom I told a long long time ago that we were going to write something, but havent got round to it. But there's a positive here too, as regular readers know, I listen to albums lots of times before I start reviewing, and hav

Nana Jacobi - 'Expander'

We try to cover a range of different musical genres and styles at Nordic Music Review, and I know we sometimes have a bias towards guitar based Indie music / melancholy singer songwriter types, so its good to cover 2 artists / bands this weekend that vary slightly from that. The first is Nana Jacobi, a really talented Danish singer songwriter who has received some recognition and radio airplay (as well as in films) back in Denmark but doesn’t appear to have had much coverage here in the UK, which is a shame, because I think her style of songwriting would be very much appreciated. Her latest album 'Expander' is out, and it’s a well thought through contemporary sounding offering. The strength

Select Captain - 'Pure Neon' EP

We have a list of Nordic Artists and Bands that we want to bring to your attention at Nordic Music Review, and its getting longer. Sadly we cant quite give the coverage to everyone we want, and we end up frequently reminding ourselves of our ever growing backlog. But in many ways it’s a nice problem to have, and we will just keep trying to write as much as we can about music we think is genuinely good, and allow you to make up your own mind. ‘Select Captain’ have been towards the top of the list for a while now, after originally reading about them in a feature written by the very lovely and dedicated people at ‘Good Because Danish’. The alter-ego for Copenhagen based singer, songwriter and

Bang Gang – 'The Wolves are Whispering'

So many new releases in the last couple of weeks, and I wanted to write a few words on the new Bang Gang album whilst it was fresh on my mind. I’m hoping that most people will be aware of Bang Gang, but for those that aren’t (and after all, we exist to spread the word on Nordic artists both old and new), theyre an Icelandic band based around singer songwriter/producer Barði Jóhannsson, who is the consistent member of the band throughout their 4 (including this one) albums. Some of my earliest Icelandic playlists included tracks by Bang Gang, a band I’ve always liked, and it feels such a huge privilege to be able to write about them now in the Nordic Music Review. ‘The Wolves are Whispering’

Novotonik - 'Come What May' EP

After featuring the brilliant debut from ‘The Stillwalkers’, we thought we’d stay in Finland to give a quick mention to a brand new band who have just released their debut EP. ‘Novotonik’ are from Tampere, Finland, and were formed in spring 2012, but have only actively been playing gigs in the last 6 months or so. Their debut EP "Come What May" was released on June 15th, and its pretty good too. It has 4 bright, original sounding tracks, opening with ‘ETA Yesterday’, a sound opening with guitar and vocals before a big upbeat guitar line is thrown over the top. And whilst this is clearly a band still finding their style, with some imperfections, the songs are generally well constructed and th

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