New Band - 'Hinemoa'

Similarly to ‘Of the Valley, we were tipped off about the existence of ‘Hinemoa’ by a really kind and knowledgeable follower on Twitter a few weeks back, and we’ve had a track of theirs on one of our new music playlists ever since. The Icelandic band were formed last year by Ásta Björg and Rakel Rakel Pálsdóttir, who had been writing material for other projects, but had songs written that didn’t quite fit in, so formed ‘Hinemoa’. The thing that I like about this Icelandic band is that the music they produce appears to be so pure and simple, it seems to be written straight from the heart, and the instrumentation is so natural, with lovely flowing tunes. Anyway they have a single out called ‘

New Artist - 'Of The Valley'

As you probably know by now we spend a fair bit of time scouring Soundcloud, gig listings, other music websites blogs and Social Media for up and coming Nordic artists and bands. But we still miss lots obviously, so its great to get a tip off from a reader (thank you…!) who's noticed someone that we should really take a listen to, and as soon as we heard ‘Of The Valley’ we knew that we’d been pointed in the direction of something pretty special. ‘Of The Valley’ is the alter ego of Canadian native but long-time Copenhagen resident Brian DellaValle, a European resident now for over 10 years, his music combines country and folk influences to produce something that’s really distinctive and to m

Stereopol - New Single 'The Hitch'

We’ve been going almost one year now at Nordic Music Review, which means that one or 2 bands we came across early last year before the website existed are now getting round to releasing new albums and material. This is great because although we missed them back then, we have a really good excuse to write about them now. Stereopol are one such Norwegian band, they released a stream of singles that received good airplay and recognition at the time, and are now back with a new single called ‘The Hitch’. Whilst we do like our melancholy alternative folk on this website, its pretty good to be writing about Indie Pop music which will instantly bring a smile to your face. In ‘The Hitch’, Stereopo

Kastrup - new single 'Come and Get Me'

We've followed Swedish duo Kastrup pretty much since their debut single, as they were one of our first featured New Bands, so its been great follow their progress - firstly through their excellent follow up single and video 'Thieves', and now through their latest release 'Come and Get Me'. Whilst 'Thieves' had this beautiful melancholy tilt, 'Come and Get Me' is a big synth pop belter of a track. The strength of Kastrup is still their excellent songwriting, good vocals and this track is right up there up with the previous 2. With previous singles getting some excellent airplay in Sweden, this one looks to be even more radio friendly, so listen out for it if youre one of our Swedish readers

New Videos - 'It's for Us' and 'Select Captain'

We've had 2 interesting new releases passed our way, one from a name familiar to us, the other from a band i'm not sure we've mentioned before: Swedish post punk band 'It's For Us' are a quartet based in Stockholm, who released their debut EP back in 2013 and are releasing a six track EP entitled 'Something has to Give' in October on Paris Music. Their new single and video is called 'Neighbours Die' and its a pretty direct guitar based post punk track, which is easy to like. Here it is: For more details on the band go to: We featured Select Captain a while back, the alter ego of Danish singer songwriter Kristian Gaarskjær, he releases genuinely interest

Major Parkinson - 'Live at Ricks'

To be honest, we don’t need much of an excuse to write about Norwegian band ‘Major Parkinson’, because they remain, without question, Nordic Music Reviews favourite current band. In fact our level of bias is such that we are quite probably incapable of assessing or reviewing any of their outputs independently, because we are so utterly bought into the progressive pop circus theatre rock band, and that continues to entertain, excite and bemuse us in equal quantities. In case you haven’t come across Major Parkinson before they are responsible for one of the more astonishingly good albums in recent years, ‘Songs from a Solitary Home’, whilst their most recent release ‘Twilight Cinema’ was vote

My Brother is Pale - 'Battery Low'

We don’t have time to construct a full on review of the new album by ‘My Brother is Pale’, but theyre another band who we’ve wanted to write about for a while, and its by good fortune that their album ‘Battery Low’ was released this month. The band, originally formed by Dutch songwriter Matthijs van Issum in 2009, is now Icelandic based, and the album is their debut release, after going through significant line-up changes, as well as introducing more electronic influences whilst recording the album. ‘Battery Low’ is an interesting debut, it has a real level of intensity to it, a gentle melancholy which is never overpowering, and the instrumentation is rich, flowing full of ideas and haunting

New Band - 'I See Rivers'

We’ve been meaning to point everyone in the direction of Norwegian band ‘I See Rivers’ for a while, for a few reasons. Firstly they write and perform the most beautifully written, hand crafted music, but also they have the added bonus of being UK based, at least for the moment, being part of the Norwegian contingent just up the road from us in Liverpool – although we know that some of those guys have recently headed back to Norway. Their music is delicate Folk Pop based around clever vocal arrangements, and outstanding vocals. They just look so natural performing together, and have a level of cohesion that is genuine, rare and pretty special too The best thing to do is just let you watch a v

Love Sport - 'Almost Doesn't Mean You Made it' EP

We covered Finnish band Love Sport when they released their debut EP ‘Gol!’ possibly not too long after we started Nordic Music Review, so it feels pretty good to be covering their follow up, the intriguingly entitled ‘Almost Doesn’t Mean You Made It‘ – we didn’t doubt for one moment that they would release a 2nd EP, we just wondered if we’d be around to cover it. But thankfully a fair number of people are reading what we write, so we’ll keep trying to tell you about what sounds good out there right now. Love Sport just make this great noise, slightly psychedelic, with cavorting guitars, interesting lyrics and occasionally this slightly discordant unharmonious sound, which is entirely delib

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