Favourite EPs of 2015!

We’re not going to make a big thing about our favourite ‘EP of the Year’, we’ve probably missed so many, but there are a few that i think are particularly special. Here’s my favourite 5 - as always other opinions are available… Don't forget our 'Albums of 2015' on our '2015 ALBUMS' page Siv Jakobsen – ‘The Lingering’ At 7 tracks, 'The Lingering' was almost an album full of material from Siv Jakobsen, and there are some beautiful songs amongst them. As always her songs are intimate, personal and captivating, and in many ways she reminds me of the music of Sara Forslund, when i listen to her music i feel she's in the same room as me. I particularly love the piano theme in ‘How We Used To Love

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