Novotonik - 'I Don't Mind' new single

We featured Finnish band Novotonik when they released their ‘Come What May’ EP last summer. The Tampere based band have a fresh alternative indie sound, with good tunes and big guitars, and their new song released today also utilizes singer Valtteri Ojansuu’s skills as a cellist, which gets a big thumbs up from us. The new single is called ‘I Don’t Mind’ – opening with that lush cello (surely the best musical instrument ever created...), melancholy vocals and stripped back instrumentation, it’s a simpler noise than the tracks on their original EP, and certainly less than the blistering ‘Come What May’. However the strength of Novotonik is their melodies, and that what ‘I Don’t Mind’ offers,

Von Hertzen Brothers - UK Tour inc the Brooklyn Bowl London!

Given that we like our music that is influenced by a variety of genres, and can’t easily be categorized, it’s a bit of a crime that we’ve never featured the Von Hertzen Brothers before, but we’re going to rectify that ahead of their UK tour which arrives in the UK in.March. Many of you will know them already, but their music is an interesting mix of styles, based around classic rock but undoubtedly showing their Finnish folk influences too, as well as some subtle progressive rock elements. Their music is well worth checking out, to me I’ve heard glimpses of some of my favourite artists, as diverse as Bob Mould and Cardiacs, a very personal impression, but very personal. Anyway they’re headin

News - Select Captain, Denique, Herman Wildhagen, Cold Creek

We’ve done pretty well with Album Reviews this week, so we’ll spend some time going through some other releases that have caught our eye, and a couple of videos too…. Firstly Select Captain, the alter ego of Danish singer songwriter Kristian Gaarskjær has a new track and video out, we featured the EP ‘Pure Neon’ last summer, and this new song marks a slight change in musical direction, its simpler and personal, but I think it works really well. The video is below…. and you can also buy the single here on iTunes: It’s also great to see Denique back with a new project, and this time its called ‘Crack The Code’, which maintains his reputation as a unique artist able to co

Elin Ivarsson - 'Elin Ivarsson'

It goes without saying that there’s hardly a shortage of talented young Nordic singer songwriters continuing to come through, and a great demonstration of that is the release of the self titled debut album from Swedish songwriter Elin Ivarsson, which is released today, 26th February. The young singer is also based in Brighton, which is particularly good news for us here at Nordic Music Review, because we’re pretty confident that she’ll soon start to get gigs ‘Up North’ and we’ll have chance to see her. Anyway, the album quite simply is a delightful batch of mainly folk influenced acoustic tracks, which are fragile enough to be compelling, and quirky enough to be both interesting and original

EXEC - 'The Limber Real'

We almost got around to mentioning EXEC, the latest musical project of Danish musician and producer Troels Abrahamsen before Christmas, when he released a couple of singles that quite rightly received a lot of coverage on other websites and blogs. But we are attempting to cover more Album releases, so it seemed right in the end to wait for the formal release of his album ‘The Limber Real’, which came out 2 weeks ago. It is a pretty astonishing release, musically exquisite, lyrically fraught and emotional, and whilst the overall effect is intense and at times challenging, it is without question an album which I’ve genuinely grown to love already. Based almost entirely around piano, there is

Swaying Wires - 'I Left a House Burning'

As we reach the end of February we’re now deluged with new 2016 releases to listen to, and a real contrast in styles too, as hopefully you’ll see from the bands we’re featuring right now. We’ll try and keep the reviews (relatively) short too, to try and get in as many as we can, and Swaying Wires are the type of band with such sweet laconic music, that it speaks for itself anyway – so hopefully you’ll just go and find out for yourselves. Their latest album is called ‘I Left a House Burning’, and it’s a follow up to their 2014 release ’Some Blue Sky’, which came before we started the website, even though I have mentioned the album a few times on social media. And this latest album is an eq

Matti Jasu and the Loose Train - 'Gone to the Dogs'

We introduced you to the world of Matti Jasu and the Loose Train, when they released a couple of pre-album singles before Christmas. We wrote then that we were looking forward to an album release sometime in the New Year from the Finnish band based out of Turku, and here it is - ‘Gone to the Dogs’, and it’s a real pleasure to listen to, and a great antidote to the wet winter nights. The album opens with one of those singles, ‘What Goes On’, and after a week of listening to some fairly weighty releases, the opening lyrics feel refreshing and fun - ‘Well let me tell you what has happened so far, we’ve been dodging disasters, left right and centre again’. And that probably sums up what you’r

Brooklyn Sound Tour - calling Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen...

We don’t normally feature tours which take place in Nordic countries – we try and stick to the script and cover UK gigs by Nordic artists. However the up and coming Brooklyn Sound Tour looks so good, and includes a number of bands we really like, that we thought we would give it a mention and then sit back jealously over the fact we can’t come too. And unless our eyes are decieving us, its free entry at all the gigs too.... It starts off in Helsinki at Bar Loose on Tuesday (23rd) with a line-up which includes the excellent Cats of Transnistria, and that’s ahead of their forthcoming release album on Soliti. The common theme throughout the tour is the inclusion of a really good American band S

Mats Wawa - 'Classics' EP

It’s really good to be able to feature an EP on its day of release (for once…), and it’s a really exiting debut EP from psychedelic pop Norwegian band ‘Mats Wawa’. The five piece band have caused a stir with some impressive live performances, and with an appearance beckoning at By:Larm too, the future looks really bright. Their debut EP ‘Classics’ which is released on 'Ville Vesten Platforening' is an interesting mix of quirky tunes and clever instrumentation. And with an ear for the unpredictable, Mats Wawa have a striking originality too which makes their music fresh sounding, and simply great fun to listen to. Classics opens with ‘Lord Bisnis’, a brilliantly conceived track, with a psyche

Halleluwah - 'Halleluwah'

Sometimes I get annoyed with myself when I come across Album Releases from a few months ago that we missed, but in reality I shouldn’t because we never intended to be a ‘Breaking News’ type website, we’re just trying to find Nordic music that people in the UK (and across the world, as its turns out…) might like. And we’re just a small website after all, and we can’t cover everything. Anyway that’s our excuse for not writing about Icelandic band ‘Halleluwah’ up until now, or their self titled album release from March last year. It all started a couple of years ago when producer Sölvi Blöndal started a solo project under the name Halleluwah, but along with singer Rakel Mjoll (also from the b

New Artist - 'Herman Wildhagen'

After featuring Ingrid Frosland earlier, we’re delighted to add another new Norwegian singer songwriter to our website, and for your listening attention. Herman Wildhagen lives in Trondheim, and if you’re really switched on to your new Norwegian music, you may be aware of him already as the guitarist in dream pop band 'Panda Panda' - and we’ll definitely write about them one day. Anyway his solo debut is a really well written track called ‘Miles’, with simple instrumentation based almost entirely around acoustic guitar. Impressively it was written and recorded in one day, and I think it works really well. Hermans vocals are dreamy and effective (with slight similarities to Joel Pott from

Ingrid Frøsland - new single 'Come Back'

We’ve been very remiss in not giving Ingrid Frøsland a mention on our website, because we’ve been aware of her for quite some time. The Norwegian singer was based in Liverpool for a period, and we always try and highlight UK based Nordic artists as much as we can. But the release of her new single ‘Come Back’ a couple of weeks ago gives us a good opportunity to write just a few words now. Originating from the lovely looking (and sounding…) South Western coastal town of Flekkefjord, Ingrid Frøsland studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, but has since returned to Norway where she’s been busy writing and doing a number of gigs, including a small tour at the end of last year. Her n

23:23 - 'Faraway Island' video

We don’t normally highlight individual videos that have been released, but this one is so good that we wanted to give it a special mention on the website, in the hope that random people might come across it for months to come. It’s from 23:23, and the excellent EP that he (Rami Vierula) released back in October ‘To Die on a Faraway Island With You’, and it’s the title track ‘Faraway Island’, which if truth be told is probably my favourite track of the year. A special mention to the excellent creative direction by Onni Nieminen, who has also produced Album / EP artwork for Black Lizard and 23:23, as well being their drummer - there are so many little subtle touches in the video that I like. A

ismael - 'Som om jag vaknar nu'

After starting the year with an enforced break and already with a huge backlog to work through, it feels good to be writing about something on the day (today February 10th) of its official release for once. And Swedish band ismael have made a real impression with their mini album entitled ‘Som om jag vaknar nu’, which of course translates to ”As if I wake up now”. It’s the 3rd album from the Swedish trio, based in Stockholm, and as you’ve guessed the lyrics are in their native language, which as regular readers will know is absolutely fine by us, even if it does partly explain why ismael haven’t had much attention as far as I can see in the UK. This is a shame because their music has a gre

I See Rivers - Gig News!

Last year we introduced you to the excellent Norwegian folk pop trio ‘I See Rivers’, and we’re delighted to tell you about some live UK and Norwegian dates coming in the next few months. And if theyre not coming close to you, they are looking for people to host ‘Living Room’ gigs, which is a really special and intimate way of getting to see music very close up, and surrounded by your friends and family. So firstly here’s their up and coming gigs. Firstly they play in Liverpool supporting ‘Clean Cut Kid’ at Bold Street Coffee next Friday 12th February, and tickets are pre-sale only from the link below, so get in there quickly. The trio the

Bloch Eyot – 'Magic Folkgrass'

We’ve had to have a bit of an enforced break unfortunately in January due to work and family things affecting our little group, but we now have a clear run ahead of us to take us through to May – no excuses in bringing you a stream of great new Nordic releases and UK gigs. And whilst the last month I’ve had pressures from all kinds of places, throughout it all I’ve been fortunate to have some really comforting music to take with me, with ‘Bloch Eyot’, and his beautiful album ‘Magic Folkgrass’ being the most welcome of escapes in particular. ‘Bloch Eyot’ is the musical project of Danish born Nikolaj Bloch, a classically trained pianist who headed to London in the 90’s to form Indie band ‘Sub

We're Back!

Sorry everyone...... sometimes life and work (or was it the other way around...?) just gets in the way, but we're back with the best of new Nordic music and some great UK gigs. Dont forget to check out our Albums of 2015 on the link above......

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