As he said - new single 'Get me drunk'

After featuring Panda Panda, we’re staying in the area for their fellow Trondheim based band ‘As you said’. We featured these guys at the end of last year when they released their single ‘Parasite’, and liked their fusion of musical styles and influences which comes from a background of the band playing in different musical projects, from punk to jazz. Their latest single ‘Get me drunk’ has been released today, and it’s a beautiful laid back and addictive track, with their jazz influences in particular coming through in the chorus, and the vocals sounding really great- simple, pure and really beautiful. I’ve had this track on repeat a fair few times today and it continues to grow on me, and

Another Juggle - 'Dance Sunshine, Dance’

So we’ll bring you two shortish reviews for you next, featuring bands from different musical genres and different countries too. Firstly we head back to Denmark and an album from ‘Another Juggle’, a 4 piece Dream Pop band from Copenhagen with some fairly sizable 80s influences. Their album entitled ‘Dance Sunshine, Dance’ is packed full of big tunes, Nordic melancholy and its very easy to listen to. Immediate impressions on opening track ‘Not Now’ are positive, with a slick sound utilizing synths, guitars and a dreamy vocal to accompany it – and with all 4 of ‘Another Juggle’ having played in a band together previously, it does feel polished and natural, as if this is a band comfortable wit

I See Rivers - UK Tour! (supporting Newton Faulkner)

We’ve covered the extensive Siv Jakobsen and Einar Stray Orchestra (solo) UK dates, and on the same night that Sivs tour starts in Reading, an even lengthier tour starts, with Norwegian band I See Rivers having landed themselves a prestigious and extremely exciting support slot on Newton Faulkners UK and Ireland tour – this gives them the opportunity of playing in some amazing venues such as the Albert Hall in Manchester, Nottingham Rock City and the O2 Kentish Town Forum in London. Hopefully you’ll be aware of I See Rivers by now, but if youre not, they write beautiful and completely charming floating folk pop songs, with lovely and impeccably performed harmonies, and addictive melodies. T

Siv Jakobsen (and Einar Stray Orchestra Solo) - UK tour!

We’ve covered Siv Jakobsen a few times since we started the website, I always remember the first time I listened to her music, she has this spellbinding voice and is one of these artists who can utterly transform herself whilst performing, and captivate those around her. Since we originally featured her shes been played on 6 Music - and been featured in a number of far more esteemed music websites than ourselves (or…. other websites as they’re known…), which has been great to see. Her music is so personal, intimate sounding and we’ve loved all of her releases – her ‘The Lingering’ EP featured in our 2015 EP of the year list. So its great that she’s back over in the UK, and the even better

Frøkedal - 'Hold On Dreamer'

I wrote way too much about the excellent ‘Giant Giant’. My new years resolution was to write succinct (but hopefully still informative…) reviews on albums, and then hope you would all go and listen for yourself. But I intend to keep my thoughts about Frøkedal and her album ‘Hold on Dreamer’ short anyway, because all I probably need to say is that it is an utterly charming and beautifully written album, and that it should appeal to a wide range of music lovers, irrespective of their taste in music. Hopefully most readers will be aware of Anne Lise Frøkedal by now, but the Norwegian singer will not have come to everyone’s attention in the UK. Formally a member of bands such as I Was A King an

Sara Forslund Video - 'Did You Ever'

As most of you will know by now, one of our favourite albums in 2015 last year remains ‘Water Became Wild’ by Swedish songwriter Sara Forslund, which we also had the privilege of seeing live in Liverpool at our Nordic Showcase gig (hopefully we’ll have exciting news soon about a sequel to this…). The album is intimate, deeply personal and utterly captivating, and if you haven’t come across it we recommend you go find a copy. Anyway the great news is that there now a video to accompany one of the tracks, ‘Did You Ever’, and we’re delighted to show it to you here. Just watch for yourself: It is also great to see continued excellent reviews for the album, which is slowly working its way across

Giant Giant - 'Giant Giant'

I get far too over excited when I get emails from 'small bands in Finland' asking us to take a listen to their new album. This is all the fault of that band from Turku, the Stillwalkers who's out of the blue email last summer turned out to the best thing we'd heard for so long, with hours of listening pleasure and culminating in our Nordic Music Review Album of the Year award. So surely nothing could ever match the Stillwalkers in terms of a new Indie Rock Band with guitars and melodies, simply playing music with an apparent pure and genuine desire to just make a great noise? Well I'm delighted to introduce you to Giant Giant - that's exactly what they do, and their self titled debut album

MaVe - 'Overload' EP and UK dates!

We’ve featured a number of Nordic artists with connections back to LIPA, the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, and we’re delighted to add MaVe (otherwise known as Marita Vestad) to that list as she studied there before moving back to Norway to continue her singing and songwriting. And we have 2 great reasons to feature her right now, because she firstly has a new EP / mini Album out, and she’s arriving in the UK shortly to do 2 live shows – as well as some gigs back home in Norway for our Norwegian readers too…. So MaVe's new EP is called ‘Overload’, and its 5 tracks of dark electronica, with the outstanding feature being MaVe’s huge powerful and compelling voice. The highlight in ter

by:Larm - 5 Artists to Watch (or listen to back at home...)

One of the best ways for a small website based in the UK such as ourselves to check out what’s new and good out there in the Nordic regions is to look at the music festival line-ups, and it doesn’t get much better than by:Larm for great new artists. So here’s 5 artists playing at by:Larm that we haven’t mentioned before at Nordic Music Review, and that all sound pretty good to us. If you’re going hopefully you’ll have chance to see them, and if you’re not, well this is a great chance to get listening …. To discover loads more acts visit 1) Leonov I have no idea where we’ve been to miss this huge sprawling post rock band from Norway, who released their debut album back

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