New Artist - 'NORA' and single 'Humans'

Our second 'new' Norwegian artist featured today at Nordic Music Review is 'NORA', an alternative pop and visual artist who was Norwegian born but now based in London - which makes a nice changes from all our features on Liverpool based Norwegians recently.... Whilst Hege Nesset our other featured artist has simpler and more conventional singer songwriting techniques at the heart of her music, NORA has a far bigger sound fusing together musical influences as diverse as jazz and classical music. Her debut single 'Humans' has a powerful intensity to it, glimpses of Portishead but on a far grander scale, and there are hints of a subtle and more fragile voice in the latter stages of the track th

Hege Nesset - debut single 'We Are'

The latest in our list of talented Nordic artists based out of Liverpool brings us to Hege Nesset, a singer songwriter that we've been quietly tracking the progress of for the last year. Hege has gradually been building her reputation as a singer, session musician and performer in recent times, and we've loved her contributions to other musicians work such as Oyvind Weiseth, whom we featured last year. Anyway she now releases her own debut single today 29th April called 'We Are', and we like it. The strength of her excellent vocals is clear, and the single is easy to listen to with a stripped back opening, a pleasant melody, interesting harmonies and it has a level of intensity which is cr

The Glorias - new video 'Hunted'

Back to Sweden now, and another band we've not featured until now, 'The Glorias', who return with a new single and video entitled 'Hunted'. The band had a great reception to their 2013 album 'Reaching for Eternity' and supported some great bands such as Glasvegas when they toured Scandanavia, but the new track shows how the bands material has evolved. Their new track is more synth pop driven, the vocals are haunting and the track explodes into a deliciously addictive chorus that is hard to forget. The band, comprised of Signe Lindahl, Emma Larsson and Jill Holmgren have an edge to them that makes them distinctive, and we'll look forward to future releases. Here's the video to 'Hunted' And

Major Parkinson - 'Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes' new track and video...

Everyone who reads Nordic Music Review will know that our appreciation of Major Parkinson is almost unrivalled, but since we started there hasn't technically been any new Major Parkinson material released for us to write about at all. Last years 'Live at Ricks' release was most welcome obviously, but to actually get new material is utterly splendid indeed. 'Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes' is a one off digital release, and comes off the back of the crowdfunding campaign for 'Twilight Cinema' where one supporter generously, and brilliantly paid for a 'commission' of sorts, and the result is this extraordinarily dark and slightly curious track based on E.T.A Hoffmans short story 'The Sandman', where

Maria Toresen - new single 'Don't Waste our Time'

We continue to feature artists for the first time in Nordic Music Review who've been getting some good recognition elsewhere for some time, which simply reflects the sheer number of talented Nordic artists out there. And also that we're just a small website that can't cover every album release or artist all of the time. Norwegian singer songwriter Maria Toresen definitely fits into that category. Originating from the West of Norway but now Stavenger based (which makes more sense after 'I See Rivers' helpful 2 minute guide to Norwegian geography on stage last Friday night...), she released a beautiful album called 'Birds Don't Tell' last year, and she's now followed that up with a new single

New Band - 'HICARI'

We regularly feature Artists and Bands with a Nordic connection who are based in the UK, and we have 3 to cover in the next 2 weeks. The first of these is 'HICARI', who following in the footsteps of 'Kalandra', Mari Hajem and 'I See Rivers', are based at the Liverpool of Institute of Performing Arts. 'HICARI' have members originating from 4 countries, Norway, India, Japan and England, their band name is taken from the Japanese word for 'Light', and their debut single 'Consumed' is released officially tomorrow, Friday 15th April on Tidal and Spotify. We do try and cover a wide variety of musical genres, and this is firmly in the centre of the 'Synth Pop' world. It is a big bold track, with

Kataokas - new single 'Grandma'

We haven't featured 'Kataokas' before, but we're delighted to correct that today, as well as write about the Swedish Folk Pop bands new single 'Grandma', a sweet and beautifully themed song which simply salutes grandparents everywhere, but in particular is based around and dedicated to band member Kalle's grandma Ruth. It is the most lovely of songs, which sets a perfect tone, the lyrics are touchingly written, that almost goes without saying, but its the way the instrumentation is constructed that makes the song work - an evocative trumpet in the distance, and a nicely written piano part. Anyway the best place to get it is on Itunes, but its also available on Spotify and some other streami

Anette Askvik - London gig 13th April, new album due...

At the end of last year we wrote about Norwegian singer songwriter Anette Askvik, who had released a new single 'Supernova', along with a video to go with it, which we really liked. We mentioned that she had played a gig previously at one of our favourite London venues, the Bedford in Balham, London, and the good news is that she is back at the Bedford THIS WEDNESDAY, that's the 13th April. it is the 1st of 5 dates over the next month coinciding with the release of her new album 'Multiverse' (which i believe is due April 15th in Scandanavia), as she also plays 4 gigs at home in Norway. At the start of the year she also released a new single called 'Don't You Wish', which we didn't cover at t

1900 - 'Tekno'

We haven’t written about ‘1900’ before, the project from Swedish musician and composer Christian Gabel, also known for being the drummer in the excellent Bob hund. The previous album was some 7 years ago, but after hearing the pre-album singles we’ve been awaiting release of his latest offering ‘Tekno’, with some intrigue and excitement, because we do like music that is original and challenges us to not always reach for our favourite but predictable melancholy folk or indie guitar band release each evening. The key point to know up front about ‘1900’ is that all music is recorded on Tape, which I'd guess (there is simply no beginning to my knowledge on such technical matters...) is a huge re

Live - Siv Jakobsen, Einar Stray, plus Jo Rose and Caoilfhionn Rose

I wanted to write a few words about the Siv Jakobsen / Einar Stray / Jo Rose / Caoilfhionn Rose gig at the Castle Hotel Manchester on Tuesday night without it being a formal 'review' as such, I just went along to enjoy it without any thought to writing down set lists or thinking of interesting informative points to make about the performances. Furthermore we’ve covered Siv and Einar (the Nordic artists involved) fairly extensively on the website, and you all probably know our views on how special we think they are. Also apologies that the photos aren't the best, we didn't want so disturb the ambience of the night by snapping away, and just took a couple of photos from the back. Firstly the

New Band - Introducing 'Great News', and a UK gig....

Following on from our recent features on new bands that have yet to release a debut album, we're pleased to introduce you to Great News from Bergen, Norway. Their debut album may not be due until Autumn 2016, but the tracks they've shared so far show that they're definitely worth a shot. Composed of Even Kjelby (guitar, vocals), Ole Einarsen (bass) and Lars Platou (drums), they start strongly with the single ’The Blind’, giving out a definite indie feel, adding a lot to your everyday pop/rock. I personally prefer the second single, titled ’Love Her’ even more, since it seems to give out the feeling and wavelength of the band’s new tracks more clearly. It is catchy but not in a typical way;

amini - new single 'Crumbs'

It doesn’t feel like it, but it was over a year ago when we first introduced you to amini, described by themselves as a ‘cinematic folk’ band based around Norwegian singer songwriter Nio Amini and Mattis Moviken. We’ve always liked their individual sound, distinct vocals and the lyrics which are thoughtful and always interesting too as they tread a fine line between darkness and humour. Anyway the good news is that they have a new single out, and in my opinion its their strongest yet. Its called ‘Crumbs’ and it’s a great mix of melancholic plaintive vocals, a laid back overall band sound and an excellent guitar solo by Luke Bowman which sounds like a warped electric cello. I love the way th

Panda Panda - debut singles 'New Friends' and 'Halcyon Years'!

There are lots of good reasons to write about new Norwegian band Panda Panda. Firstly we received great reports on just how good they were at the Trondheim Calling festival a while back, we also coincidentally featured their guitarist Herman Wildhagen as a solo singer songwriter, and then their debut singles ‘New Friends’ and 'Halcyon Years' are just so good that we feel you should all get a chance to listen for yourselves – oh and they have a great name too… The Trondheim based indie outfit have already made quite a name for themselves even before their debut release, with a stream of festival appearances that have caught peoples attention. They have a hazy guitar and synths led dream pop

'Holy Now' - debut single 'Wake Up'

After featuring Panda Panda yesterday, we’re delighted to add just a few words about another new Nordic band with a strong debut single, this time from Sweden. ‘Holy Now’ are based in Gothenburg, and their debut single ‘Wake Up’ has been released today, 1st April, through Lazy Octopus Records. I really like this track, the vocals are really individual, and its backed up by a great guitar sound, there’s nothing over complicated about the set up, but the sound is distinct and interesting. There are the obvious comparisons to bands such as Alvvays, but they clearly draw on influences from across the Indie spectrum, and the end result is really likeable and very effective. Anyway not much more t

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