Roan - 'Just for Tonight' EP

It's always great to be able to catch up on artists we wrote about in our first few months, during our New Artist of the Day feature, which kicked off Nordic Music Review. We liked 'Roan', who had some nice British influences (Belle & Sebastian and even Los Campesinos! perhaps...) in the sound, and he's back, this time with a full band and their debut EP with that new line up. 'Just for Tonight' is jangly pop, unashamedly upbeat, with tunes to dance to, and each of the 3 tracks offered in this EP has a character about them. Highlight to me is actually the final track 'Around the World', the slightly warped vocals work well, and its well worth adding to your new music playlist. Here's that f

Rodeo - 'Dust Bowl'

Whilst we sun ourselves in foreign lands, we thought we'd still drop in a very quick mention of an intriguing release which comes out, hopefully today 24th May by Danish band 'Rodeo'. Containing band members previously in outfits such as 'Western Skies Motel', 'Naked', 'Twinkle', and 'Biff Baxter Band', Rodeo go where no band i think have gone before - psychedelic spaghetti western style music, which is entirely instrumental. Now there hasn't been time for a full review, but the material we've heard so far is interesting - and paints really vivid pictures of a forgotten land, windswept, forlorn and at times fairly eerie. I think it works well. Anyway..... you can find out more in the follo

On Holiday.....

Well we're heading off on Annual vacation now for a couple of weeks, there may still be a couple of small items posted whist we're away. Apologies to those artists / bands we haven't quite got around to yet, including 'The Glass Child' and 'Rami and the Whale'. Anyway check them both out, they're great....! So what better way to leave you than by letting you listen to the newish single by Swedish band 'Jack Moy & Glöden'. Its called 'Vacation' and i particularly like the line about going to Mexico.... can't think why.... See you in a couple of weeks....!

Koria Kitten Riot - NEW SINGLE 'The Laughing Man'

Well we barely have time to drop this onto the website, grab our suitcase and run to the airport for our holidays, but any new material from Koria Kitten Riot is worthy of us stopping what we're doing and its with great delight that we're able to point you in the direction of 'The Laughing Man', the brand new single from our favourite Finnish band. And i like the style of this, it does sound slightly different to most of their previous material, and its made me even more excited about the forthcoming album release... hopefully if we can get our act together we'll do something SPECIAL around the album release time. Anyway you can listen to the single here:

Young Dreams - Between Places

One of the joys of exploring Nordic music, is that we keep coming across music that was released ages ago but that we just were not aware of at the time. And Young Dreams' 2013 album 'Between Places' is well worth checking out even 3 years after it was first written'. Tilting their style as atmospheric pop, a mix between dance music and psychedelic rock, Between Places explains the meaning of it spectacularly. First of all, this album is a journey (maybe that’s why being called Between Places?) and not only because it somehow covers the time and distance, but also opens a door to a completely new style and production. Arranged and produced by one of the Norway’s greatest young producers, Mat

New Band - 'Baula', and single 'Don't Bother'

We have loads of new music to cover before we head off on vacation, so lots of short features coming up and where better than to start with a new band to Nordic Music Review - the really laid back, sophisticated sounds of 'Baula'. The Swedish / Icelandic band are based in Sweden, and are made up of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg, and whilst it might only be 2 minutes 39 song long, I really love the new single 'Don't Bother'. At the heart of the track is a well written and classy piano, but we're offered haunting vocals and the most gorgeous trumpet solos shimmering in the background. For a track to work so well with just Piano, Vocals, Trumpet and Bass shows that Baula have something

'The Holy' - new single 'This Will Be The Day That I Die'

One evening about a year ago we were being unusually thorough in our quest for new Finnish bands and found ourselves searching through Helsinki gig listings to try and find something interesting and original sounding to write about. And incredibly we dropped upon 'Holy Roman, who by chance also had a demo video out called Ahtari, and it was stunningly good. Really stunningly good. And everyone else who commented on the feature and our Twitter ramblings about 'Holy Roman' agreed.... this was special... Anyway one year on and things have moved on for the band, now called very simply 'The Holy'. And they have a record company too, the excellent Soliti home to artists such as Black Lizard, 23:23

Captain Gone - 'The Fortress'

I've written previously that we don't always appreciate bands / artists who just have the ability to simply write a great tune. It is an art in itself, and sometimes in the UK bands who do this seem to miss out on the recognition they deserve - Thirteen Senses are probably a great example. And Captain Gone in their new album 'The Fortress' manage to carve out more deliciously written tunes than many bands will manage in their career. It is the (mostly) Norwegian / (slightly) English bands second album, following their debut album 'A Hundred Nights Like This', and the follow up is more expansive - bigger, bolder and dare i suggest more 'stadium like' in its design. The album opens with 'My L

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