'Tapewind' - debut single and video 'Late At Night'

We feature a lot of promising up and coming Nordic bands on this site, but every now and then we think we drop on one that is likely to make a particularly big impression. 'Tapewind' are a genuinely 'new' band, the Norwegian trio may have been playing together for a year, but their debut track 'Late At Night' has sprung up in just the last week or so. And it's a really strong debut. Similarly to some of the other new bands we've really liked, 'Tapewind' have band members influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, and their diversity in musical influences reminds me of someone like CeaseTone, - even if the musical output is somewhat different. The fact that i will make no attempt to try

Sigur Rós - 'Óveður' single and video

Having the privilege of seeing Sigur Rós live remains one of my best gig experiences ever, they are utterly spellbinding and special, and they are one of the few bands i could listen to all day, album after album, completely lost in their unworldly music. Given they are quite possible my favourite current band it seems inconceivable that they've hardly had a mention on this website, but we do mainly cover new releases, and there hasn't really been any since we started, as their last formal release was 'Kveikur' in 2013. . Anyway they now have a new single, and its called 'Óveður', and it was used in part as a soundtrack to their recent 'Route One' project where they traveled around Iceland

Moddi - new track 'Army Dreamers' and UK gig

So this is is the song that tipped me over the edge. One minute i was watching news coverage, frustrated, ashamed, angry, tired but generally in control of my emotions, the next i was sitting on my kitchen floor in tears listening to Moddi's latest single 'Army Dreamers'. It is an utterly beautiful version of the Kate Bush track that was blacklisted for so long. If i tried to explain exactly why i would write way too much about everything that's going on in the UK right now. So maybe you should just listen to the song...: Remember that you can support this amazing album by pledging at Moddi's Pledge Campaign site listed below. You can also see Moddi live at St Giles in the Fields on 3rd O

Great News - new single 'Special Place'

Since we just recently introduced Great News to you, we thought it would be a great idea to follow up with a few words on their newest single ‘Special Place’. The release follows the Norwegian bands successful debut in London at KOKO in April, and precedes some big Norwegian festival appearances over the summer including Øya Festival, Bergenfest and Skral Festival. 'Special Place' fits with their previous releases, but maybe due to the upcoming summer, has a slightly lighter and brighter feeling to it. Like summer, it makes you relax, feel spirited and take a deep breath at the same time. The music seems to be alive, growing with you and fits with emotions and feelings so logically it is in

'One Quart' - new culture magazine launched!

We’re delighted to cover the launch of a great new culture magazine called ‘One Quart’, based in Helsinki, which will focus on culture, art and politics with a wide range of contributors from across the spectrum of artists and creative thinkers. The main drivers behind the magazine are Nick Triani and Astrid Swan, so it’s in really capable and caring hands, and I love the ethos behind the magazine which aims to ‘cherish our differences’, and be part of a movement of change. Anyway its only launched today so material is starting to get loaded up, and new content is promised every day – have a look for yourself, and please keep checking for new material. http://onequartmagazine.com/

Rami and the Whale - 'Rami and the Whale'

In many ways there are similarities between ‘Rami and the Whale’ (the solo project of Rasmus Blomqvist) to the extraordinary Otto Niklasson Elmerås whom we featured at the end of last week. Both Swedish artists have releases that were written over a 10 year period, and their songs reveal deeply soul searched and powerful reflections on life’s complexities over that period. There are less similarities with the actual musical output, but each is equally convincing in their own unique way. Whilst Otto Niklasson Elmerås work is complex, the music of 'Rami and the Whale' is actually far more straightforward, at least in its instrumentation, and in this respect there are more parallels with our ot

GIRL - 'Sea and Dirt'

We’ll be featuring 2 artists / bands today that rely on the bare minimum of instrumentation when songwriting, the opposite of yesterdays featured band 'The Hallway' who I think use kitchen utensils found lying around the recording studio to add to their cacophony of noise – and very effectively too, may I add. So the first of these is GIRL, a duo from Norway comprising of Christian Winther and Ina Sagstuen, who write stripped back songs predominantly based around acoustic guitar and voices, where all is equal – as if they are in perfect equilibrium with the earth and all around them. The first thing you will probably notice about GIRL is that they do simply sound slightly different, but plea

Mia Renwell – 'Full Circle Rainbow’ single: Helsinki Pride theme song for 2016!

Mia Renwell has released a really upbeat positive electro pop track called 'Full Circle Rainbow' which carries the message about our unlocked potential in life, and it’s a great official theme song for the ‘Helsinki Pride’ event 2016. We’re delighted to be able to give it a mention. Those in the UK may not have come across Mia Renwell previously, but the Finnish singer has been a member of the popular long established Capella / performing arts group FORK, and she is now on the cusp of releasing her second solo album, which ‘Full Circle Rainbow’ will feature on. You can find out more about Mia by visiting the links at the bottom of the page: I like the message in this track with the lyrics ‘

Sarah Klang - debut single 'Sleep'

In our feature on Oxen, we mentioned their glowing coverage on other Websites / Blogs too, which is often a good barometer of how quickly a band or artist will make an impression. And Sarah Klang too is starting to make a real impression and has had some great introductions on other websites, including our friends at the prolific Diamond Deposits. Hailing from Sweden, she’s been working on her debut single ‘Sleep;’ for a few months with producer Anna Hansen, and that attention to detail really shows in a single which is really assured in terms of its writing, instrumentation and production. But more importantly than any of that is Sarah Klang's voice, which is so distinct, captivating and fe

The Hallway - new single 'Air / Closer'

We've found on many occasions how writing about one band links to another, or that when we feature an artist we get contacted by musicians in other similar bands - which we really welcome. Anyway it was through writing about iwishIWasaDInosaur that we came across The Hallway - or it may have been the other way around. Either way, we're delighted to be able to feature both in Nordic Music Review, and it's The Hallway that we're telling you about today with a rather splendid single called ‘Air / Closer’ The Hallway (featuring members of 'Carnival Kids’, former members of ‘Team Me’ and more...) write great upbeat indie power pop tunes and it will be particularly good news for those still lament

Moddi - new album details, pledge campaign, video, live dates...

We’ve mentioned Moddi a few times on Twitter recently, but being on vacation means we haven’t done any formal updates and it seemed sensible to update the website on his forthcoming album and live performances. His new release will be called ‘Unsongs’, and it has been clearly the most extraordinary project, bringing together a list of 400 songs that over the ages have, for one reason or another, been banned or suppressed. He has then rewritten 12 of those for the album, due to be released in September – some songs I suspect having to be ‘rewritten’ more than others, depending on how much of the original material remains. The level of passion that and energy that Moddi has put into this proje

Otto Niklasson Elmerås - 'We Fell Asleep When We Were Young' EP

We’re on a roll with new Swedish music – here’s another one, and this is as equally an impressive debut release to ‘Oxen’, albeit in a completely different way. Otto Niklasson Elmerås has been working on his debut EP for 3 years, and I guess its been worth the wait, as ‘We Fell Asleep When We Were Young’ is a powerful EP, with a real attention to detail and some great 60’s style influenced tunes. The EP has a sense of authority from the opening instrumental chords of the title track, and the subtle chord changes in those opening 30 seconds have a dramatic feel to them too, as well as a precision and a feeling of nostalgia - similar perhaps to the unbelievably powerful way that ‘1900’ was ab

Oxen - debut EP 'Oxen'!

Staying in Sweden, here’s another really great new band with a really genuinely impressive debut EP, which I liked within seconds of hearing the first track. They’re called ‘Oxen’, and their debut singles have seen some impressive streaming numbers whilst a fair few good music blogs have already picked up on them too, which shows they are consistently hitting the mark with a lot of people. The trio have released their self-titled EP in the last 2 weeks, and it contains 4 tracks all of a good quality. The sound is of a fairly traditional Indie Guitar band, with some healthy 90s influences, but they sound fresh, with a natural vitality and the strength quite simply is in the songwriting and th

ismael - 'Lukas' single and video release!

We featured Swedish band ‘ismael’ earlier this year when they released their album ‘Som om jag vaknar nu’, which if I remember correctly translates to ”As if I wake up now”. I really liked this album at the time, ismael maintain a really nice balance between having the natural energy of a guitar based trio, whilst simply writing good tunes. They’ve now released one of the stronger tracks on the album ‘Lukas’ as a single, and there’s a video to go with it. This is a great summer track, and it has a lovely theme to it, about gaining confidence and courage through meeting others - the chorus has the line ‘If you can be yourself, maybe I could be myself’. For non Swedish speaking UK readers, m

SLØTFACE - 'Sponge State' EP

Just a few words with an update on the excellent 'SLØTFACE’ from Norway, whom we’ve mentioned a few times mainly due to their UK gigs, but they released their EP ‘Sponge State’ whilst we on our holidays. The single ‘Sponge State’ was previously released at the end of the April, and got some excellent airplay in the UK. The EP is really good, as expected, with 4 consistently explosive and vibrant tracks, packed full of energy. With the band now having also written their debut album, we can expect far more material over the next year or so. The band will also be returning to the UK at least once in the next few months as they play The Lexington on 28th September. If you haven’t seen the video

CeaseTone - 'Two Strangers'

One of the big advantages of being a small independent website, who write purely for the love of the music, is that ‘holidays’ are actually a chance to simply listen to even more great new music, and get enthused about what we can feature next. So there I was, sitting on a beach in Mexico, when an email dropped through advising that the debut CeaseTone album ‘Two Strangers’ was being released, and listening to such a breathtakingly good album in such an idyllic surrounding was simply a real privilege. CeaseTone are a band we’ve written about a fair bit on Nordic Music Review, I adored their very early singles, and whilst their style has undoubtedly evolved, I find their releases utterly fasc

IwishIwasAdinosaur - 'Six Mistakes' single

We’re back from our holidays, and we have so much new music to cover, as well as bit of a Nordic Music Review makeover and upgrade. We have some great new albums to review, some old ones to catch up on, interviews and some new band features. Anyway to start us off, here’s a band we haven’t featured before, ‘IwishIwasAdinosaur’ which is really the solo side project from Andreas Reiten Westhagen. In another world he’s also involved in Twin Pines Mall, Carnival Kids and another band we’re about to write a few words about – ‘The Hallway’. The debut EP from ‘IwishiwasAdinosaur’ was released back in 2013, brilliantly (and charmingly…) entitled ‘We Put Liquid Paper On A Bee And It Died’, and he has

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