Tiger Lou - new single 'Undertow'

It's time to get back to writing after a summer break, and we'll quickly start with a new single release from a band we haven't mentioned before - and understandably given they've been completely quiet for the last 7 years. 'Tiger Lou' are from Sweden and they are preparing an album release on Startracks called 'The Wound Dresser', which I think is due for release on the 23rd September. In the meantime they've released a single called 'Undertow', and I really like it, with a melancholy vocal melody, and a really good overall band sound. This has left me searching for all their previous releases and there's clearly plenty of great material to start enjoying. Tiger Lou will be following up the

The Hallway - 'Vestad'

As regular readers will know. we like to take our time listening to new Albums / EPs before we review them, to really appreciate and understand the music - at least that's our excuse for normally being slightly behind with our reviews anyway. So after a Japanese edition release of The Hallway's 'Vestad' back in May, it's been good to really get to know the EP ahead of the wider Vinyl release (due this weekend) and to see whether it stands the test of time. It definitely does, and I'm now enjoying even more than when I first heard it. We have written about The Hallway before, of course, when they released the single 'Air / Closer', and the band, formed after the sad demise of 'Team Me' (at l

Introducing.... Verdensrommet with 'Vill Vill Vest' appearance in September

Bands who blend a variety of musical styles are always a favourite at Nordic Music Review, and Verdensrommet are a great example of a band who have a wide range of influences, yet produce something original sounding. Verdensrommet consists of Andreas Høvset and Vetle Junker, who met in fifth grade in their hometown, Skien, and Lars Berntsen, Martin Gowland, Vetle Vongraven and Tom Crozier. They originally surfaced back in 2012, and are now releasing music in their native language under Nabovarsel Bergen. Combining low tones and somewhat eerie sounds, Verdensrommet creates the atmosphere that may be gloomy and heartbreaking, yet weirdly comforting. Somehow the tunes seem to be the perfect s

New Artist - 'LKA' and single 'Wildfire'

We get quite a few submissions from new electro pop artists, and haven't featured too many, but Finnish born artist 'LKA' has made an impression with her second single 'Wildfire', a follow up to her debut 'Turbulence', which was released in May. Born in Finland and raised in Japan, 'LKA' is part of a songwriting duo 'Sky and Fey Productions', who write for numerous artists, and this becomes apparent in a slickly written song. However more than anything it's the strength of the vocals from 'LKA' which stand out, her voice is pure and also powerful when it needs to be. Take a listen to 'Wildfire' here: 'LKA' is an interesting artist who prides herself in being involved in every aspect of her m

Mumrunner - new single 'Sputnik' ahead of September EP

We wrote about Mumrunner last year when they released 'Full Blossom', and it's great to know that they're back with a new single ahead of an EP launch in September. We'll try and review that EP (which will be called 'Gentle Slopes') when it comes out, but in the meantime you can listen to the single 'Sputnik' and get it straight on to your latest playlists, because it such an instantly likeable track, dreamy shoegaze but written with great purpose and tempo. With the band hailing from Kaleva in Finland, the track 'Sputnik' considers the feelings of discovery and exploration when moving to their district in Tampere. Listen to it here: 'Gentle Slopes' will be released via Soliti on the 9th Se

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