Asmodean - new video 'Dear Adversary'

We featured Norwegian band 'Asmodean' in the summer, when they released 2 debut tracks, and we're pleased to tell you about a new track and video released today, 31st October, entitled 'Dear Adversary'. The band, you may remember, features Nils Martin (guitar) who played at our Nordic Music Review promoted gig last year, as well as Sondre Johansen on vocals and guitar, Ruben Krogstad on bass and Adrian Vaksdal on drums. One of the singles they released previously received some airplay on Norwegian radio, which is a positive sign for the band. I like this bands style of progressive metal, which isn't too dark for my taste, and their new track is a good example of this. The vocals are particu

Introducing - Toby Poynter, with new single 'The Comeback'

Back to Sweden now for a Songwriter who's been writing for many years, but is still in his first year as a solo artist. Toby Poynter is from Sweden, and has been playing with The Grand Trick (you can find them on Soundcloud) but has now released 2 tracks as a solo artist, and they're both really promising debuts. The first track 'A New Beginning' was released earlier this year (you can see the video at the end of this feature) and it's clear that Toby writes tracks with big melodies, whilst the vocals are strong and have a hint of sadness to them. It's a good song, but actually I like 'The Comeback' most, as I like the intensity of the guitars which have a grunge influence to them. Anyway,

She's A Sailor - 'Back From The Sky' EP

We featured 'She's A Sailor' in the first month of Nordic Music Review (I guess on Day 14, given they were New Band of the Day No 14), and every now and then we have a sneaky peak at their Facebook thing to see what they're up to. So we were delighted to spot that their debut EP had finally arrived, it's called 'Back from the Sky', and the Danish band have delivered a lovely set of tracks that will brighten the darkening evenings. The EP features two new brand tracks and two we'd heard previously, and all four are classically written indie pop tunes, with a concentration on those big melodies, supported by a variety of instruments including luscious strings and the occasional trumpet. Title

Joe & The Anchor - new video and track 'Sin Against Sins'

Whilst I think some more about the two other half drafted Album Reviews (Wesen and Agnes Obel coming soon honest...). here is the most gorgeous video and song by Swedish band Joe & The Anchor'. This is a band we haven't featured before, but older material I've found on streaming services sounds good, and with influences such as The National and Nick Drake it is likely they would be well received in the UK. They also have an album imminent and we'll certainly be giving that a listen and reviewing it if we like it enough. Their pre album release single is called 'Sin Against Sins' and we've been told it is the most ballad like track of the album. And it is certainly a pretty fine ballad too

Paltsa-Kai Salama - 'Night At The Beach'

We have 3 Album reviews this weekend for new releases we've been listening to all week, and a variety of styles and genres too. Paltsa-Kai Salama is well known to us as the frontman in one of our favourite Finnish bands Black Lizard, and their album 'Solarize' was one of our Albums of the Year in 2015. In fact our appreciation of that album is still one of the few things that all of us who help out at Nordic Music Review agree on, and if you haven't heard it please try and track it down. His solo album 'Night at the Beach' is released today, and it is shaped by 70's country, folk and rock, considerably different to the Black Lizard style, which is probably a good thing as he has now created

Svankropp - 'Svankropp'

We only review music and albums we like at Nordic Music Review, so whilst it might seem we are constantly positive and upbeat about what we write about, you seriously need to understand how much we listen to in order to find those things we like. And although we've enjoyed Select Captain and Case Conrad over the last week, the last couple of days have been harder work, listening to close to around 50 different submissions and discoveries that we just couldn’t relate to for one reason or another. So I thought I'd treat myself to a few listens of an album I'd been looking forward to getting my teeth into from a really personal perspective - given that I know that often I have an acquired tast

Select Captain - 'Strings and Feathers'

Another artist we've featured previously is Danish songwriter Kristian Gaarskjær and his creation 'Select Captain', and in many ways there are similarities in his new album 'Strings and Feathers' to the ' A Tightrope Wish' album by Swedish band Cape Conrad which we reviewed yesterday. This is artist that I feel instantly comfortable with when listening to his music, his elegant Americana / Indie songwriting is easy to listen to, and it's songwriting which feels fairly traditional too and based around 'real' instruments - not that there would be anything wrong if it wasn't, obviously. His music is akin to sitting on your favourite sofa on a Friday night with a glass of red wine, or perhaps

Songs for Iris - 'Mending'

As regular readers will know, although we're more than happy to receive submissions direct from bands and accept them too from PR companies, we love searching ourselves for Nordic Artists who we haven't yet come across - gig listings in small venues across the Nordic countries are a good source, but occasionally we revert to Bandcamp - and there's often a gem on there, normally hidden next to the latest releases from the a death metal band with a name far too rude for our innocent NMR ears. Anyway our most recent Bandcamp discovery were 'Songs for Iris', a beautiful sounding and named band from Copenhagen, who recently released their second album 'Mending' - and we feel slightly guilty for n

Case Conrad - 'A Tightrope Wish'

I won't write too much on the Case Conrad album 'A Tightrope Wish', as we did cover the pre-album single release and the aim of that was to point people in the direction of the album. But the album's been with us for a couple of weeks, and I've really enjoyed listening to it, so thought I would add just a few reflections. It's also been gratifying to see Case Conrad mentioned in a couple of other places, most noticeably on one of the excellent 'Fresh On The Net' lists - an amazing source of new music worldwide, and normally a good indication that people like what they're hearing. To remind everyone 'Case Conrad' are a band which take on wide influences, I'd suggest from Folk / Indie / Ameri

A Carefully Planned Few Hours - 'ACP Festival #6'

'This is a song about a girl from Sweden called Emma who really f**ked me over...'. Jamie Cameron from 'The Last Dinosaur seems like a fairly placid laid back type of guy. The Castle Hotel is probably the most intimate venue you can get, but 'The Last Dinosaur' has already ramped up the intimacy levels (if intimacy can be ramped up...) by positioning a chair on the floor in front of the tiny stage so that the audience is just that little bit closer. '...F**k you, F**k you Emma', his sudden outburst of apparent genuine hostility towards Emma from Sweden is made all the more personal by the closeness of the surroundings. But his short set at 'A Carefully Planned Festival' demonstrated in 25 mi

Delay Trees - new single / video 'Brightest Eyes'

It seems strange to be officially writing about the Delay Trees for the first time as we head towards our 2nd birthday, but we have referenced them a number of times, predominantly in reference to 23:23, the solo project of Delays Trees front man Rami Vierula. This is their 1st release since early 2014 (hence why we've never covered them before) when they released their excellent 'Readymade' album. This is a band I have a really high regard for, and ever since Vierula announced that he was putting his 23:23 work on hold for a while, I've been looking forward to a Delay Trees release. The new single 'Brightest Eyes' is a lovely track with flowing melodic indie guitar wooziness, which is so e

Lejonhjärta - 'A Good Way To End A Bad Night' EP

Although I like a wide variety of music styles (still not wide enough...), my attraction to 80's / 90's influenced Gothic Indie Rock remains at the core of my instinctive listening habits, and thankfully some of the other 'helpers' at Nordic Music Review share this passion too. And although Lejonhjärta in their new EP 'A Good Way To End A Bad Night' clearly have a wide range of electronic influences which show in an interesting and dynamic EP, there is also enough Andrew Eldritch vocals and Nephilim style guitars to capture our immediate attention too. Lejonhjärta hail from Gothenburg, this is their second EP, and they describe their music as Death Indie Pop, which is a fair description (al

Introducing..... Shikoswe

There's clearly not a shortage of bright, talented Nordic singer songwriter types continuing to make their presence known, so it takes something pretty special to capture our attention. Shikoswe has just 2 songs released officially up to this point, and both are outstanding. Shikoswe is based in Bergen, Norway, home to some of our favourite Artists and her debut EP isn't due until November - we came across her after spotting she'd played at one of the excellent Sofar Sounds events recently, a great place for real musicians to perform in an intimate environment. Out of the 2 tracks released so far, 'This Here' stands out, for a few reasons. Firstly it is a beautifully written song, with a si

Canigou - 'Now'

I'm not going to write too much about the detail in the debut 'Canigou' album 'Now', which was released a week ago. We've written about them twice in the last year and I'm not sure how much more insightful information I will add this time - assuming anything I said previously was insightful. But to remind everyone to start with, Canigou are a 'tiny orchestra' from Sweden who produce a complex array of worldly sounds with dreamy hypnotic rhythms. Originally we featured them when they started their Crowdfundfing appeal, their music was promising but I felt lacked some good technical production, and it's great to see a full length, high quality album that does their music justice. To highlight

Black Dog Howl - new video and single 'Swamp Glow'

We seem to have featured so many bands and artists new to Nordic Music Review (and probably new to a UK audience too) in the last 2 weeks, but I think we should just do one more before we hide away and write up those 4 Album reviews that are now waiting our attention. 'Black Dog Howl' are a Danish duo comprising of Mazdak Khosravi (Songwriter, vocals and guitar) and Signe Rosendal (Arranger, Drummer and Vocals), and their material is a lovely contrast to the beautiful soft sounds of our previous new artist Rebecka Boden - this is darker and as expected from a duo, more lo-fi and stripped back in use of instruments. The release of the single 'Swamp Glow' follows two EP's from Black Dog Howl,

Rebecka Bodén - 'Deeper Than The Sea' EP

As always there is a huge wealth of Nordic talent being written about by similar websites to ours, so a courteous 'hat tip' to our friends at the excellent Meadow Music in Sweden ( for writing about Stockholm based Rebecka Bodén a few weeks back, as her EP 'Deeper Than The Sea' is a beautiful release which is worthy of a wide audience. And the release has certainly received a unanimous (unusually) thumbs up from all connected with Nordic Music Review who have heard it, and received a good reaction when we selected it as our Track of the Week on the Walker & Williams Radio Show too. The first and most obvious point about 'Deeper Than The Sea' is that it's Rebecka Bo

Major Parkinson - new single 'Madeleine Crumbles'

Back in the olden days the release of one of your favourite bands new single or album was a really big thing. Reading about it first in NME or Melody Maker and then heading out on the bus (or in my case a boat and sometimes even a tractor...) on a Saturday morning to physically buy the vinyl, tape or CD was hugely rewarding. And whilst logging on through WIFI and buying on Itunes will never create the same feeling, rejoice my friends, because THE NEW MAJOR PARKINSON SINGLE IS HERE and this is the most exciting release of the year - no dissenting or debate is allowed on this point. So ahead of their 4th Album, Major Parkinson, our favourite Norwegian Progressive Disco Pop Cabaret band have r

Knife Fights - new EP and video 'Tails'

We've been listening to Knife Fights for a few weeks now, and it's been a bit remiss of us not to have written something before. The Icelandic band returned in August with a brand new EP entitled 'I Am Neither A Whole Or A Half Man', and its a really good release, with growling guitars and a lo-fi style, but listenable vocals with tunes. It's a good mix and I think most of you will like it. The band have been active for a few years now, formed by Sigurður Angantýsson, and their 2014 album 'I Need You To Go To Hell' is also worth checking out. In all their releases the bands wide influences such as the Pixies and REM can be heard, but the overall sound has a distinctness to it which makes it

Frithiof - new single 'Love is a Long Shot'

So finally a quick mention to our 3rd new release of the day from Sweden, and another new band to Nordic Music Review, Frithiof. Hailing from the utterly beautiful looking (and sounding) town of Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland, Frithiof play well written guitar based indie pop. Similarly to Native Martian whom we featured earlier, their songs have big tunes but have a slight melancholy edge to the vocals, courtesy of singer Frithiof Stenvall. Listen to the new single 'Love is a Long Shot' here: Anyway Frithiof also have a couple of other tracks you can listen to on streaming services (or preferably buy), with my favourite I think being 'Long Gone', so hopefully you can give them a listen. And

Meadows - new single 'Moonlight'

We featured 'Meadows Ever Bleeding' last year in our 2015 feature on '5 To Watch from Sweden', and we're delighted to tell you about a brand new single, video and a forthcoming EP release too. Christoffer Wadensten is the songwriter behind the Meadows (the 'Ever Bleeding' part appears to have been dropped...) name, and we've liked all his released music to date. 'Moonlight' is another beautifully written track, opening with clever intricate guitar lines before the song broadens with instruments cleverly arranged over the top. Wadensten's soft but earthy vocals are calming and perfectly suit the lyrics. The video is good too, watch it here: Meadows is a seasoned live performer too, and for

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