Introducing 'Amelifé & The Little Orchestra' - with debut video 'Birds'

As regular readers will know, our location across the sea from the Nordic countries does mean that we can be a little behind in finding out about new artists, but in the case of 'Amelifé & The Little Orchestra' we've actually been aware of her for sometime, and quietly tracking progress towards the release of her debut video. And we're delighted that day has finally arrived, and we have an opportunity to share with you an artist who we think has enormous potential and talent, as well as some beautiful stories to tell. Amelifé is a Copenhagen based street musician and storyteller, and her experiences and passion for playing music have been developed through months of touring Europe as a buske

Anna Scharling - new single 'I Remember the Darkness' ft Michael Møller

We featured Anna Scharling from Denmark at the end of last year when she released her debut EP, a beautiful set of songs with her pure and intimate voice at the heart of each track. So it's lovely to hear that her first full length album is on it's way, and from that we have a single release which we'd like to share with you. After a week where we've covered a fair few Indie Guitar type bands, it's nice to switch to something so individual, and as we heard in her EP a key feature in 'I Remember the Darkness' is the sparse instrumentation - a gentle piano is at the centre of the track, this time accompanied by a saxophone and occasional synths (courtesy of Gustaf Ljunggren). But a guest voca

Soliti Five Years - 'My Brain Hurts a Lot'

Our enforced absence a couple of weeks ago meant we were unable to write about an excellent 'compilation' album (with a 'twist') from Finnish record company Soliti. To celebrate 5 years of this excellent label, they've released an album where each of their bands cover a song by one of the others. Given that some of our favourite Finnish bands are on Soliti this has inevitably led to some great versions of tracks, a couple of which I hadn't really come across before, which has been a bonus for me. The compilation opens with the outstanding Delay Trees covering Cats on Fire, a band we sadly haven't had chance to write about as their last release was a few years back now. It's given me chance t

Einar Stray Orchestra return - new single and video 'Penny For Your Thoughts'

Einar Stray Orchestra remain one of my favourite groups, their 'Politricks' album was released just before Nordic Music Review started and was therefore one of the first albums I reviewed - I instantly fell in love with their sound, and being able to see a short Einar Stray solo performance supporting Siv Jakobsen early this year was such a privilege too. So it is great to see the Norwegian outfit back with an excellent new track and video, it's entitled 'Penny For Your Thoughts' and it is the first from a new album entitled 'Dear Bigotry' which will be released in February 2017. I'm just so genuinely looking forward to buying this and the new single is so good. It feels even more driven an

Jón Þór - 'Frúin í Hamborg' EP

Another release which has had multiple listens over the last few weeks has been an EP from a long standing but independent member of the Icelandic music scene, 'Jón Þór' which was released a few weeks ago on the excellent Scottish / Polish music label 'Too Many Fireworks. For those UK readers that haven't come across 'Jón Þór' he was the vocalist in Icelandic power pop outfit Lada Sport, a band still well worth checking out online. The new EP is entitled 'Frúin í Hamborg' and there are so many things to like about it. Firstly this is real Indie Pop - big guitars, even bigger tunes and all written at a good pace too. The tracks have a similar positive feeling to 'We Are Trouble' by the

Holy Now - 'Wishlist' single

We featured Swedish band 'Holy Now' at the start of April, when they released their debut single 'Wake Up', but haven't followed up on them since, and their latest single 'Wishlist' is particularly good. The band will be releasing a new EP on Lazy Octopus records in February 2017, which follows on from their successful 'Sorry I Messed Up' in May this year. I like 'Wishlist' right from the start with a crescendo of drumming and a wall of guitar sound, and it's very much in the mould of their earlier releases, offbeat warped indie pop with catchy melodies. We think you will like it. We will make sure we write about that new EP, which will be entitled 'Please Call Me Back' in February, and wh

Strange Hellos - 'We Are Trouble' single

This is without question my favourite track of the last few weeks, it's the utterly brilliant single from Norwegian band 'Strange Hellos'. It is the 3rd single from the Norwegian band who've released 'Summer' and 'Broken Teenage Heart' over the last few months, and its definitely the best yet from a band who are likely to make a big impact in 2017 with appearances due at By:larm and Trondheim Calling, as well as a debut album. 'We Are Trouble' is a blistering 3 minute fusion of power pop and shoegaze, and they're the second Norwegian band (the other being Pyke) to recently remind me in their sound of UK band Lush. This is just such a catchy track, with a real energy - great melodies, vocals

Pyke - 'Detox'

Our recent enforced absence has at least meant that Albums on our new music playlist have had a particularly thorough listening, and the release which has stood out most throughout the last 3 weeks has been Norwegian duo 'Pyke' with their impressive and brave album 'Detox'. This is an album which cleverly brings together a vast number of influences, progressive, shoegaze and maybe even post rock too and it is so expansive in its delivery that you'll find it hard to fathom how this comes from simply 2 band members. Pyke is the musical project of vocalist Kjersti Lindtveit and guitarist Benjamin Pyke who met back in 2006. After playing in other bands together (notably a post rock band named '

Sonic Visions - 'Lost in Between'

It feels so good to be back writing about new music that I just wanted to very quickly drop in one track first thing this morning which I loved listening to yesterday. It's the title track from the new Sonic Visions EP, 'Lost In Between' and its a typically intense 6 minutes of noise which really does demonstrate that this band has a real identity and a belief in their music. Anyway listen to 'Lost In Between' here: We've been looking forward to more Sonic Visions releases since we heard (and featured) their debut single 'Find a Way' last year, and the good news is that the EP will be released fairly early on in 2017 on Soliti Music. We'll try and do a more full and detailed review when th

Maj Dolores - 'Min vän' EP

After an enforced break we now have a big backlog and we'll do our best to catch up before Christmas, New Year and our inevitable 'Album of the Year' revelations. And after featuring 'Sud' in our last feature, I thought we should restart our writing by covering another native language singer, Maj Dolores who has just released a mini EP entitled 'Min vän', which I'm pretty sure translates to 'My Friend'. This is the 2nd release from Maj Dolores (the songwriting name of Theresia Billberg), her first single 'Hallå Hallå Hallå' was released back in 2014. In her new EP the Stockholm based songwriter has collaborated with producer Martin Östman, and the results are definitely recommended listeni

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