Koria Kitten Riot - 'Songs of Hope and Science'

After Jaakko Aukusti and Astrid Swan, we're staying in Finland and a return to one of our favourite Nordic bands, Koria Kitten Riot and their new album 'Songs of Hope and Science'. This band means a lot to me, as I know whatever happens to this website over the next 5 or 10 years (or even in the next month, if work commitments continue like this...), from a really personal perspective finding out about the existence of bands such as Koria Kitten Riot has made the whole project worthwhile. So to be able to listen to their new album on release day was genuinely exciting for me, and the follow up to 'Rich Men, Poor Men, Good Men' certainly doesn't disappoint. 'Rich Men, Poor Men, Good Men' wa

Astrid Swan - new single 'Song of Fear'

We have a mountain of new releases which have been building up over the last few weeks, but something special landed from Finnish songwriter 'Astrid Swan' last Friday, and I wanted to feature it before we caught up on everything else 'The single 'Song of Fear' is the most powerful of tracks, the first song she wrote about her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2014. The first time I heard this I was totally mesmerised by its intensity and power. To be able to put into words such emotion of feeling, with such a brutal clarity, is fairly extraordinary. And if you've ever witnessed a loved one going through a similar experience, you will probably shudder at the memory of that daily fear and the pa

Jaakko Aukusti - 'Mountain'

We have a whole host of new albums being released over the next few weeks, and some particularly exciting releases too (the Delay Trees being a great example), but for our first 2 album releases of the year we'll be heading to Finland, starting with just a few words on Jaakko Aukusti and his release 'Mountain'. His pre-album single 'Moon Tower' was a particularly unexpected hit in my household over Christmas, mainly because I accidentally assigned it to my 'Christmas Family' playlist rather than the 'Nordic Music Review New Music' playlist, and we thus found ourselves with it streaming around the house on multiple speakers over the Christmas holiday period - and I've been looking forward to

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