Time for a Break.... and some listening for you whilst we're gone...

Well, we have slightly 'limped' towards our holiday, and we apologise for not writing quite so many reviews recently. In particular apologies to some of the lovely bands who've sent us submissions we haven't featured. We really hope we'll be back in June, full of energy and enthusiasm. In particular we'd recommend the excellent album by Finnish band 'Love Sport' entitled 'Dull Tracks', and a really interesting album by Icelandic band 'VAR' entitled 'Vetur'. Oh and the album by 'Feivel' called 'My Mind and the Thunder Sky' has some nice touches, and offers something different. Then there's the lovely album by 'Low Roar' called 'Once in a Long Long While', which we really should still try and

Rosewood Alley - debut EP

As we head into our mid year holiday, we're delighted to leave you all with another Nordic band releasing their debut EP, and as if often the case, there is a link to previous artists we've featured here at Nordic Music Review. Rosewood Alley are based around a duo (although other musicians are used on the EP), singer songwriter Amalie Karijord and none other than Herman Wildhagen, whom we've featured as a solo songwriter, and mentioned him in conjunction with the excellent Panda Panda. Unusually we're quite up to date with this debut EP, as the official release is tomorrow 20th May, and it is a really interesting set of tracks, which has a few surprises along the way too. Their music is a

kathinka - new single 'At Least I Tried'

We featured kathinka back in March on release of their very promising 'debut' single 'Peace and Love', got way too excited over the bands Major Parkinson connection and promised we'd give you an update when we heard what they were up to next. And last week they released a new single entitled 'At Least I Tried', ahead of their album which they hope will be released later this year, The track opens with a dance orientated drum beat, a catchy melody and it has a laid back feel to it. I still love the dreamy vocals and there are still some great references to indie bands from a few years back - notably Slowdive, Curve and bands of a similar style. I probably like this track even more than the 'P

Introducing... 'MATEA' with single 'Sånn som sånne'

Hey, is it summer yet? I guess with our scattered (and much appreciated) readership from as far away as Brasil, Philippines and of course the USA, it does depend where you are, but in the UK it's starting to feel like it, and so here's a lovely little 'summery' track from Norwegian band 'MATEA' to bring a smile to your faces. MATEA are 2 young Norwegian songwriters called Thea and Marie, and they've debuted with 'Sånn som sånne', 2 minutes of simple enough bright, cheery Norwegian pop. This is definitely the type of track which would be perfect for a summer music festival, you just need a field and a pint of scrumpy and you'll find yourself dancing along quite happily. I instantly liked t

Home Sweet Somewhere - 'Nattgäst' EP

It's taking far too long to get features out at the moment, apologies, we hope normal service will be resumed in mid June, but we will try to keep things going with some shorter write-ups in the meantime. We'd prefer to do that than go on a complete hiatus, and hope you understand. And this EP from 'Home Sweet Somewhere' is worthy of 15 minutes of anyone's time, neatly combining minimalist rhythms and sounds, with some haunting vocals courtesy of Stella Wahlström. 'Home Sweet Somewhere' are a Finnish / American duo, living in Ekenäs in Finland, and 'Nattgäst ' is their debut EP. It is fairly unusual, and there are a number of features that I particularly like. Whilst projects that are based

Introducing Bigg Soft - and single 'When I Was Younger'

Our backlog is getting increasingly weighty, so we'll have to try and rattle through as many new releases as we can this week. But we're allowing some 'queue jumping' for this rather excellent debut from a completely new name to us, Bigg Soft, from Finland, with his single and video 'When I was Younger'. For those of you who really know your Finnish music, then the name behind Bigg Soft, Lauri Eloranta, might be familiar to you - from bands such as 'Damn Seagulls'. His new release 'When I Was Younger' simply bursts into life with a huge fanfare of a piano rhythm, and the track cavorts through 4 minutes with cleverly woven patterns that have me literally dancing around the house. I think you'

Introducing.... Merrigan with 'The Changeling' EP

The story of how I came across Merrigan from the Åland Islands is probably my favourite over our 3 year existence, although it is also a bit long winded, for which i apologise. I was attempting to multi-task, researching Marathons across Europe for a possible trip next year, whilst listening to a couple of music submissions on the streaming service Bandcamp, when I came across the Åland Islands Marathon which takes place every October. I'm fascinated by the beautiful looking islands situated between Finland and Sweden, and whilst the logistics of getting there might be a tiny bit complicated, I found myself happily 'googling' the capital Mariehamn for potential accommodation, along with tra

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