Black Dough - 'Freaky Family'

After a pretty comprehensive but probably overlong review of the fantastic 'The School Book Depository' album, I don't intend to go into (quite) as much detail for the 'Black Dough' release 'Freaky Family', but the Swedish band have produced something which is equally diverse and interesting, even though it's certainly not as easy listening. 'Freaky Family' is the bands debut album, it follows on from a well received EP which was released 3 years ago, and it brings together influences from many genres to create something which can definitely be classed as 'experimental rock'. I don't like doing too many comparisons, but for regular readers it's straying slightly into the territory of bands

Toy Savoy - new single 'Clean Floors'

We have some album reviews to write (notably 'Black Dough'), plus updates from KRÍA and many more, but I wanted to drop in a really quick update from Norwegian band 'Toy Savoy', because they've released a new single called 'Clean Floors'. We last wrote about them in March, shortly after their Trondheim Calling appearance, and included their latest track 'Morning'. Now they're back with 'Clean Floors', and it's a track about a friend who left their hometown, and how they all wish he would come home. Well, I think he's going to have to now they've written a song about him... Anyway its a great dream pop tune, with a killer chorus. Take a listen: I really like this band and 'Clean Floors' is a

Introducing.....Verandan with single 'Gold in the Hills'

We've been looking forward to hearing more about 'Verandan' for a while now, as they were mentioned by Rami Vierula when we interviewed him in conjunction with the (excellent) Delay Trees album release. And we'd also spotted Nick Triani from the Soliti label mentioning them in an interview also, which gave a pretty big clue that they were likely to end up as part of Soliti's ever growing family of bands and artists. So we're delighted to finally introduce Verandan to you now along with their debut track 'Gold in the Hills'. The lead behind Varandan is Ville Hopponen (Cats on Fire / The New Tigers), and inevitably he's gathered a group of Finnish musicians around him from bands that have clos

MALMØ - new single 'Dawn'

After reviewing Eerie Glow, we'll stay in Denmark for a quick mention of a new single from MALMØ, whom we featured back in March when we featured their single 'You'. The Danish band is based around songwriter Maria Malmø, and they'd released 'You' in advance of an album which is due in September and entitled 'We Come From the Stars'. Anyway the new track is called 'Dawn', it was only released Friday, and was another song written by Maria Malmø whilst in the Himalayas - I'm pretty sure I can hear the influences of that regions music in some of the instrumentation too. The vocals meanwhile are totally mesmerizing, and to be able to successfully construct a track around such sparse instruments

Eerie Glue - 'Love' EP

There are certain bands whom I hear for the very first time and immediately feel a warm glow of reassurance. This seems to be especially true when I come across music clearly influenced by some classic Indie guitar bands of yesteryear. Eerie Glue definitely fit into this category, and their new 'Love' EP mostly hits the mark with a collection of easy to like guitar driven tracks. Eerie Glue are from Denmark, and although they've been around for a while now, they've really stepped things up recently, as 'Love' is their 3rd EP release in just over 6th months - which probably also means we've been slacking again. 'Fuzz' was released in February and 'Horror ' in December 2016 showing the band cu

The School Book Depository - 'The School Book Depository'

Back in April we did a quick write up on a new single entitled 'Salvation' by the 'The School Book Depository', and I did say that we would try and do an album review if we had chance. But I do say those type of things rather a lot - sometimes we just don't get the opportunity or an album doesn't quite live up to our initial expectations. However an album review of 'The School Book Depository' is necessary, as whilst on first listen it might seem like a guilty pleasure, it is as surprising and interesting a release as you will hear for a long time. And above all else, its simply hugely entertaining from start to finish, packed full of great tunes. For the uninitiated, 'The School Book Depo

Introducing 'Break a Bad Habit'... with new single 'Party like it will never end'

We wrote about 'She's A Sailor' earlier, and another band who've understandably had the 'timeless music' tag put by their name is 'Break a Bad Habit', a Swedish / Norwegian duo that we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, but writing compelling folk influenced tracks which deliver quite a punch. Their latest track 'Party like it will never end' (the first from a new EP) was released last weekend. The duo comprise Linnea Jansson and Guro Fløgstad, they both play guitar and sing on the tracks, and like some of our favourite Nordic folk influenced duos / trio's we've written about (JFDR, I See Rivers and many many more...) they have this seemingly effortless ability to fuse their voi

Introducing... Koalabø and new single 'When I See Her'

Some of our favourite new artist features in the last couple of years have been lo-fi releases, often from one man acts or duos (Tuvaband immediately spring to mind), and there is often something very personal about these releases that can result in them making an impact quicker than more polished offerings from major labels. Koalabø is definitely a new name to us, a solo artist hailing from Norway, and he's released two singles through the excellent indie label Sotron Records. The first release 'Me and This Old Town' has a more upbeat tempo, with a catchy tune and a slightly jangly indie guitar sound, but it's the 2nd track 'When I See Her' which has made the biggest impression on me. I gue

Select Captain - new single 'If I Should Go'

We have a few new artists to introduce you to this week, but just a quick mention of one of our 'old' favourites, Danish artist 'Select Captain', whom we've featured a few times at Nordic Music Review, and who released a new track whilst we were abroad drinking Mojitos and playing beach soccer (albeit not necessarily at the same time). The new Select Captain release 'If I Should Go' is quite different from most of the tracks on last years 'Strings and Feathers' album release, with a slow haunting piano theme accompanying the track, and a softness in style which suits the mellow and familiar vocals really well. The track is the first to be released on his (Kristian Gaarskjær's) own new 'Sound

She's a Sailor - new single 'Lovely Day'

I keep meaning to go back to all the new bands and artists we featured in our first month back in 2014 and see what they're up to - some we know have gone on to international fame and fortune, others we sadly haven't heard from since. But one band who are making steady progress are 'She's A Sailor' from Denmark, who are living up to the 'timeless pop' label we put on them by releasing a steady stream of charming pop tracks. Their latest release is 'Lovely Day', and this is just so easy to get to like, a beautifully constructed track with a tune reminiscent of The Feeling in their early days and a killer chorus. But there's some trademark 'She's A Sailor' instrumentation too, a slightly theat

Ceasetone - new single 'Brothers'

Last year whilst on vacation I had the pleasure of listening to the Ceasetone album 'Two Strangers' for the first time, an album I still listen to frequently, and love from start to finish. So after this years 2 week vacation break, it seems appropriate to return with a lovely new Ceasetone track, entitled 'Brothers'. 'Brothers' is a track to get completely immersed in, with a flowing and intricate guitar line that weaves clever patterns, and vocals and lyrics that remind me of Sufjan Stevens - not a compliment I throw around lightly. For those of you who know 'Two Strangers' really well (and that's all of you, obviously...), musically it has more in common with the acoustic 'Sight of Your L

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