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Introducing.... 'Are You Having Fun Yet'

Well we said we'd cover 10 new(ish) artists over 3 days, and we've somehow reached 9, and covered a variety of styles and genres along the way, from ambient electronica to acoustic folk. We hoped you've liked at least one of them so far... Our final selection is a band who's name has popped up so many times over the last few months, we just had to check them out. 'Are You Having Fun Yet' have appeared at Sofar Sounds, Norwegian festivals and who've had some pretty interesting support gigs along the way too - including FOAMMM whom we must write about soon also. So 'Are You Having Fun Yet' are a Nordic / Anglo band, and the UK connection derives from Guitarist / Vocalist Peter who's from Leeds

Introducing... Hannah Corinne with EP 'Out Of My Hands'

We occasionally have a debate here over what constitutes a 'Nordic' artist, and whether those who are now resident in Nordic countries but were born elsewhere, really count as being Nordic. However, whether they make lovely music is really the most important factor, and in Hannah Corinne, originally from the Appalachian mountains but currently resident in Iceland, we have a great example. We came across Hannah Corinne only very recently due to her appearance at Sofar Sounds Reykjavik. None of us were there obviously, but we do religiously follow all the Nordic Sofar Sounds projects, they feature great new artists and it's lovely to see musicians appearing that we've long advocated at Nordic

Introducing...'Flyinglow' with self titled album

In a moment of madness we announced on Thursday we'd be covering 10 artists and bands new to Nordic Music Review over a 3 day period, and importantly we are trying to cover a wide range of musical styles too - something for everyone we hope. 'Flyinglow' is a project from musician Joel Gabrielsson, previously a member of Swedish Drone Pop band 'Toys in the Well' - and some of their material is still to be found on streaming services, if you look hard enough. Flyinglow's music is based around electronic, ambient, shoegaze and pop influences, and it is the wide variety of styles within the music that has made this interesting, and made it stand out from other submissions we've had from a simila

Introducing... 'Guggi Data' with singles 'Baby' and 'All There Is'

We just have time to quickly drop in one more artist new to Nordic Music Review, this time from Sweden. 'Guggi Data' is Gustav Data Andersson, guitarist from the band Makthaverksan, and in June he released his debut solo track 'Baby', a whirlwind noise pop song, which understandably received widespread good reviews from those that covered it. His follow up single is entitled 'All There Is', which is released today, and whilst it's still straight in the centre of the indie rock genre, the track does have more subtleties, with string effects adding to the instrumentation. The track can be found paired with another new song 'Au Pair', which is pretty good too. Given that we haven't featured '

Introducing.... 'olli' and EP 'bye'

Well we've just featured 'Between Mountains', who have an average age of 15, so we'll stay with musicians somewhat scarily born during this millennium by introducing you to 16 year old 'olli' from Finland. He's the latest artist to be signed to the increasing eclectic Soliti family, home to so many great bands we're almost struggling to keep up with all their releases these days. Anyway 'olli' is probably an official internet music sensation, given that his early releases have been listened to literally (as the kids say...) millions of times, and he describes his music himself as '3rd grade sleepover birthday party pop music'. He was influenced apparently by listening to Four Tet when he wa

Introducing....'Between Mountains' from Iceland

So heading to Iceland's Westfjords next, and 'Between Mountains' a band that's been on our radar for a few months now due to them winning 'Músíktilraunir', Iceland's Battle of the Bands Competition in April. We always keep an eye on the finalists here, as winners have included Agent Fresco, Of Monsters and Men - along with 'Rythmatik' who we featured at the end of last year. 'Between Mountains' are particularly astonishing as they feature Katla Vigdísi Vernharðsdóttur and Ásrósu Helgu Guðmundsdóttur, who are just 14 and 16 years old. From what we've hard so far their music is cleverly written quirky Indie Pop, and their voices just sound so natural and perfect together - of course, that rem

Introducing.... Ellis May and 'Old Love'

I was thinking about artists we've never written about, but have made an impression over the last few months, and Ellis May (the artist name of Sophia Maj) immediately sprung to mind. Earlier this year she released her startling debut 'Old Love', and I first read about her on Derval McCloats excellent DervSwerv music site (https://dervswerve.wordpress.com/), although I think the track got a fair bit of coverage elsewhere too. 'Old Love' is a captivating track simply because it will throw you off guard, particularly in the opening stages with a deliberately placed off key note or two, and slightly unnerving vocals, before it opens up with a beautiful delicacy that shows that 'Ellis May' proba

Introducing....Clouds and single 'A Change'

I was thinking about the small UK Pop festival 'Indie Tracks' yesterday, I can't get there this year due to a family vacation, but I still go through the listings and try and find independent DIY style bands that I haven't come across before. Sadly I couldn't spot any Nordic names on the list, understandably for a small festival, but one band that would fit in perfectly to the sound and style of Indie Tracks are Norwegian band 'Clouds.' 'Clouds' might currently fail our 'googlability' test for new bands, but they're just about traceable on Spotify, and hopefully a few words in Nordic Music Review might help too. They're a 6 piece band from Oslo, and this is their 3rd single following previou

Line Bøgh - 'Yellow Moon' single

It is particularly remiss of us that we haven't featured Line Bøgh previously, but it's possible that less music listeners in the UK will have come across the Danish singer up to now anyway, and we're delighted to correct our lapse now. Line Bøgh is based in Copenhagen, and her music is based around subtle instrumentation and her beautiful crystal clear vocals. In 2015 she released an album 'Something Else and Something Else and Something Else Again', and now she returned in April with a single entitled 'Yellow Moon', in advance of a new album which is due in Autumn 2017. 'Yellow Moon' has a lovely soft lilt to it, based around delicate guitar and thoughtful lyrics, and the vocals are just

Introducing... Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen with single 'Humbug'

We're somewhat optimistically going to try and introduce you to 10 new Nordic bands and Artists between now and Saturday, covering a huge range of styles too. We don't expect you to like all of them, but we guarantee you'll like at least one, or we'll give you a full refund on your subscriptions... Of course, some of the artists will already be known to readers in the Nordic countries, but they'll all be new to us here, and we'll start off with a hugely entertaining release by 'Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen', with their single 'Humbug'. So 'Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen are Swedish, were originally formed after Hansson moved home from the UK in 2015, and since then have played dozens of gig

Hafdis Huld - new video 'Take Me Dancing'

We wrote about Hafdis Huld's album 'Home' so early in the existence of Nordic Music Review that we hadn't actually formally launched, and therefore only the most studious of readers will have ever read the review. And with her new album due out on the 28th July whilst we're on vacation, we thought it best to update you on her new video, and point you in advance in the direction of that album release. 'Take Me Dancing' tells the lovely true story of a young Icelandic girl in the 1950's who used to walk the 6 hours across a glacier in summer to dance with her friends, so remote was her home. Its a perfect excuse to produce a video featuring some beautiful Icelandic landscapes, a cute dog, and

In Short: Love Sport - 'Dull Tracks'

We've had a flurry of electronic based submissions to work through this week, and whilst we will try and feature a couple (and they're always welcomed), it left me reaching for my playlist of favourite recent albums and listening to music that I instinctively really like - Delay Trees, The School Book Depository and a really good album from 'Love Sport' entitled 'Dull Tracks'. Unfortunately we just didn't have chance to write a review when it was originally released due to vacations and other stuff happening. We've featured Finnish band Love Sport a couple of times before, and this is their debut album - although it's only 2 tracks longer than their excellent 'Almost Doesn't Mean You Made It

Introducing....Since November and single 'Star System'

After introducing you to the 'Verandan' last week, we're delighted to introduce you to a 2nd new Finnish band - although 'Since November' technically aren't new given they were originally formed ten years ago, but due to other projects it's taken a while to get the band fully up and running. Behind 'Since November' is songwriter Tomi Mäkilä ('The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo', all bands worth checking out for those in the UK who may not have come across them), and he's been joined on this project by Jukka-Pekka Flander, who's provided the drums and programming. The result is their first single 'Star System', and it's quite possibly the best new release of the year so far. 'Star

KRÍA returns with new single '1 4LT1TUD3'

We featured Icelandic artist KRÍA at the end of last year when she released her 'Altaka' EP, and we're delighted that she's returned with a new track entitled '1 4LT1TUD3'. Despite it being a bit of a bloggers nightmare to write, it is a really earthy industrial electronic 'ice-pop' track which reinforces our view that this is an artist who loves to stamp her personal style and character on everything that she releases. '1 4LT1TUD3' is inspired by the huge Singapore skyscraper 'One Altitude' (which if you don't know it reputedly features the highest bar in the world), and in many ways its a braver track than her previous releases. The vocals are hypnotic and seem to be both powerful and frag

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