Bollywool - 'From Void to Matter Volume 2' EP

Although we've covered a wide range of music styles recently (and we still need to review the excellent jazz trumpet / world music influenced album) we haven't come across that many Nordic post rock releases, which is a shame. Hopefully today's new EP release by 'Bolywool' entitled 'From Void to Matter Volume 2" will set the ball rolling, and we'll be inspired to track down some great new post rock bands, as well as be barraged with new music submissions too. Bolywool are a Swedish duo comprising Calle Thoor and Oskar Erlandsson, and 'From Void to Matter Volume 2' is their 2nd EP, and obviously follows on from Vol 1 of the same name. Their music is inspired by Island Life, the total peac

The Monday List - 5 New Releases to Start the Week...

In our brand new weekly feature, here's our selection of album, single and video releases to start the week: Whales & This Lake (Norway) - new album 'Send A Man Down' So we'll start off in Norway, with a brand new Album release from the really interesting trio 'Whales & This Lake', who I'd probably class as Experimental Electronic Shoegaze. The first track I heard was '჻჻George Super Hound჻჻', which simply explodes into life half way through, and the whole album is definitely worth a listen. Entitled 'Send a Man Down', there are 8 really well written tracks, which combine wistful melancholia and clever electronic wizardry. This is definitely a recommended album for you to get to know this w

Introducing... VARAMON with single 'The Tigress'

The number of submissions to our Inbox in the last couple of weeks has rocketed, and whilst there have been some lovely tracks, artists that offer something different, or approach songwriting from a slightly different perspective, always catch our attention. VARAMON from Sweden does exactly that, and we're delighted to bring you his single 'The Tigress'. Behind 'VARAMON' is Fredrik Hultin, the voice and songwriter from experimental folk outfit FREDRIK, now sadly disbanded, but he is supported in the new project by the likes of Anna Moberg (also FREDRIK) and other local Malmo musicians. 'The Tigress' has a lovely distinctness to it, to the extent that I wouldn't really wish to categorise it -

Introducing... 'Filthy Kitsch' and 'Sound the Alarm'

There's just time for one new Band / Artist introduction from Sweden tonight, and after an Indie Guitar based track from Linn Koch-Emmery, and Psychedelic-Folk from VARAMON, we'll head into a slightly more electronic direction and an interesting debut from 'Filthy Kitsch', with a track entitled 'Sound the Alarm'. Behind 'Filthy Kitsch' is musician and songwriter Joe Shackleton, who previously drummed for a number of other Indie bands, before he sadly had to put down the drumsticks after succumbing to a severe joint related condition. But as he came to terms with the life-changing disorder, he found that writing songs enabled him to release some of his personal emotions, and that the limitat

Introducing.... Linn Koch-Emmery - with new single 'Under the Sun'

We have a stack of artists / bands to write about that are all new to Nordic Music Review, and we start off in Sweden with Linn Koch-Emmery, who has just released her 3rd single 'Under the Sun', ahead of her debut EP 'Boys' which is due for release soon. Linn Koch-Emmery writes music which is right at the heart of the Indie Rock genre, with guitar driven tracks that are pretty easy to digest and vocals which have a lush quality to them, but also an 'edge' during more intense moments - it's not difficult to see why her music is being instantly picked up by music websites and blogs around the world. 'Under the Sun' is a really good track, with big guitar led instrumental sections, and a catchy

PREMIERE and Review: Sternlumen - 'Nørrebro Nights'

We have 2 more new band / artist introductions from Denmark to bring you shortly, but for now we're delighted to write about the Danish composer and pianist Sternlumen, with his album 'Nørrebro Nights' released Friday, and of which we've been given kind permission to give you an advance listen. Behind Sternlumen is the musician Thomas Kudela, who was born in Germany but has been a long time resident of Copenhagen. After a long hiatus from writing, he returned in 2016 with the album 'Sternlumen', which was received well by those that covered and heard it - and which is still quite easy to find online, if you want still to listen. Now he has written a 6 track album entitled 'Nørrebro Nights',

ONBC - new single 'Vapour Trails'

There have been so many single releases in the last 2 weeks leading towards Autumn / Winter Album releases it's getting difficult to keep track, and one album release date which is now definitely in our diary is from Danish band ONBC, who release their album 'Travelmate' in November, and ahead of that have released a lovely single entitled 'Vapour Trails'. So 'ONBC' is the band formally known as 'Oliver North Boy Choir', who were originally formed over 10 years ago, but then after a hiatus reformed and released an album entitled 'Crash, Burn and Cry' in 2015. It is an album still available on streaming services, and worth having a listen. Their new single 'Vapour Trails' is just over 1 minu

Club 8 - new single 'Breathe'

We're in the midst of writing a review on Finnish Jazz Trumpeter Ilkka Arola's album, which has some wonderful musical influences from around the world, and another track which has really stood out in the last week for being written and performed with similar influences is 'Breathe' by Swedish duo Club 8. The duo, comprising of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård, have a vast musical catalogue of releases behind them, 9 albums in total, and this time they have used instruments from the Middle East and Asia, as well as dusty old synthesizers to try and create very different sound from the norm. The effect is pretty stunning. 'Breathe' weaves a beautiful delicate web of sounds, so whilst the

'School of X' EP 'Faded. Dream.'

We promised introductions to 5 new Danish bands and artists this weekend (check out our 'Askee' and Lunar' features' already), and although 'School of X' isn't completely new, we've been meaning to write something about his music for a few months now, today seems like the perfect day given he's just released his debut EP 'Faded. Dream.' Behind 'School of X' is a drummer, Rasmus Littauer, who has worked with artists such as MØ and others, and earlier this year he released a really good track entitled 'Words', which sat on our new listening playlist for weeks. In addition to that his appearances at festivals such as Roskilde received plenty of attention, and he was covered by some pretty fine

Introducing.... 'Remedies' with brand new single 'High As The Moon'

We've covered a lot of fairly serious and dark releases over the last week or two, so we're delighted to offer you 'Remedies', a band that takes influences from across different genres, but then bring it together in a track which is unashamedly at the heart of the pop rock genre. So 'Remedies' are a duo consisting of Tor Erik Krane Ursin and Sigrid Ryan, they're from Northern Norway, and 'High As The Moon' is released today 15th September, and is a follow up to their debut single 'She', which was released a couple of months back. There's a number of things I like about 'High As The Moon'. It has an anthemic feel with a huge drum opening, as if written to be performed on a big scale or even s

Black Dog Howl - 'Psalm'

Almost one year ago we introduced you to Black Dog Howl, a Danish / Iranian duo, when they released a single called 'Swamp Glow', and we're delighted that they've now released an album, entitled 'Psalm', which we've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. Black Dog Howl with their 'southern - gothic' and 'persian pop noir' style of music might, in some ways, sound like an unusual sounding band, but with influences from the likes of Nick Cave and Tom Waits, and with their laid back melodic style, their music is actually really easy to listen to. The album is full of dark, but highly entertaining stories, of the 'people who didn't make it', with the premise that ”We’re not evil people – but we’ve

Introducing..... Lunar with debut EP 'Mirrors'

After writing about new Danish project 'Askee' yesterday, we'll continue in that country by featuring another new band with some impressive debut tracks, and an EP almost fully released too. 'Lunar' are a 5 piece band from Aalborg, who first started playing gigs in 2015, and over the last few weeks they've been releasing individual tracks from their EP 'Mirrors' - there are still 2 more of 6 tracks still not officially released, but based on the first 4, it is definitely worth getting hold of a copy. The EP opens with 'Killed by Surprise', which has a laid back tempo led by guitars, and then understated vocals setting out a melancholy melody which weaves its way through the track, before it

The New Spring new single: 'Gershwin Wakes Up Singing'

We're featuring a range of new Danish artists and bands this week, but 'The New Spring', based around songwriter Bastian Kallesøe, is more established with three albums already released over a six year period. During more recent songwriting album he recruited a full band to support him too, and the result is a new single entitled 'Gershwin Wakes Up Singing' - which is quite possibly my favourite song title of the year. For those of you familiar with The New Springs' previously releases, you will notice a marked difference in the sound, but I don't think this latest track loses any of that emotional connection he previously achieved just through mainly guitar and piano. It opens with a famil

Makeout Point - with single 'My Name Is Blank'

We head back to Sweden today, and something on the opposite end of the musical spectrum from (recently featured) 'Retro Kid's' electronic beats, a feisty explosive track from Makeout Point, a 5 piece band from Stockholm. This is another band new to Nordic Music Review as we somehow missed out on their excellent 2016 debut 'The Place Where We Used To Live', but they're back now anyway with a new track entitled 'My Name is Blank'. The first thing to say about this band is that they clearly have some great influences, with music that makes me recall some great guitar bands from the 90's. 'My Name is Blank' opens with a Pixies style bass line, before guitars are layered on and they cut straight

Introducing.... Askee from Denmark with single 'Parallel Seeing'

Covering 'Retro Kid' from Denmark reminded me that we haven't covered as many new Danish bands and artists over recent weeks, so over the next few evenings we'll cover 5. Hopelessly ambitious perhaps, but there is certainly no shortage of interesting new Danish names making headway at the moment, some of whom have been getting good reviews at Nordic festivals over the summer. We'll start, however, with an artist which I don't think have received any coverage at all - 'Askee' from Copenhagen, with a debut track 'Parallel Seeing'. 'Askee' are a psych pop project based around songwriter Aske Kristiansen, who's been working for the last year to craft a sound that is described as 'pop meditations

Introducing.... Twelve Steps and track 'This is U.S.A.'

Our route to discovering 'Twelve Steps' was pretty convoluted, initially searching Helsinki and Turku gig listings for the latest new indie rock bands, and then finding references to other bands and musicians who happen to be involved in new projects. But we're delighted to have found them, as they released their debut single at the end of July, and it's entitled 'This is U.S.A.'. So the musical connections into 'Twelve Steps' are from numerous indie bands including the excellent 'French Films', 'Black Twig' and 'Love Sport', so there is a pretty good pedigree from the musicians involved. The most obvious point to make about their music is that they just make an excellent noise - with a conf

'Roan' - new tracks and video 'Runaway'

We're in the midst of reviewing some pretty weighty albums right now (Mikko Joensuu's possibly a good example), so to lighten the spirits we're delighted to belatedly bring you a couple of new tracks from Finnish Indie Pop band 'Roan', who we last featured in May 2016 when they released their 'Just for Tonight' EP. We've always liked this band because they write such unapologetically upbeat pop tracks, and their new(ish) songs, released in June and July are a great example. The first is 'You've Got What I Want', and it has bright harmonies, playful guitars and a big catchy chorus, which resulted in it receiving some well rewarded airplay on Finnish radio. But it's the 2nd track that I like t

Retro Kid - new track 'Jolene'

We still want to maintain our focus on Album reviews, and after 3 reviews last week, we're now working on about another 2 or 3 more detailed reviews for later this week. In the meantime we'll bring you a steady stream of new music, with the first being 'Retro Kid', a 'collective' from Denmark, who've just released a track called 'Jolene' which I really like. If truth be told we don't feature that much music based around electronic grooves, but 'Retro Kid' do it with sophisticated style. Formed around the beat magic of Jake Juba, other members then add their own influence on individual tracks, and in 'Jolene' we have a laid back hypnotic track, with particularly good vocal contributions and l

Introducing... Moviestar - with new single 'Stupid People'

We've brought you a wide range of Album reviews and new music to listen to last week, and there was one more we were trying to slip in at the weekend, but didn't have chance. Moviestar are from Norway, and it's fair to say that they are very different from any of the bands we've featured over recent weeks. Their new track, released last week is entitled 'Stupid People' and it's post punk, but in a style you just won't have heard before. I'll save you from a full background of the 'story' that sits behind 'Moviestar', but they, apparently, have been sent on a mission through time and space from the planet Fenris to save the world, first arriving in Norway because it was deemed 'the safest pl

Introducing.... Malin Sallstedt Tiny Orchestra with debut track 'Deny'

Whilst we've introduced you all to countless new bands and artists over the last few months, I can't quite recollect the last new folk influenced artist from Norway, so we're delighted to bring you the talents of Malin Sallstedt Tiny Orchestra. Their debut single 'Deny' was released only last week, and it's a nice fusion of folk, jazz and classically influenced sounds. With a background originally in jazz, Malin Sallstedt has now moved on to songwriting in her own name, accompanied by her Tiny Orchestra, and the first output is 'Deny', a song built around a simple concept, but beautifully arranged and performed from a vocal and a string perspective. The song has a hymn like feel to the voca

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