Plàsi - new single 'Falling Apart'

We wrote about 'Plàsi' a few weeks ago when he released his single 'Follow Me', and we're delighted to be able to update you on his latest single, which is entitled 'Falling Apart', a track which writes of the growing distance between peoples lives, as well as the privileges they enjoy. 'Plàsi is a Swedish resident who studied at the Rytmus Music School in Stockholm, and 'Falling Apart' is the 3rd track in a series of singles which will eventually lead to a full album release. I like this track firstly because of the lyrics, the world is becoming a darker place, not just because of the nonsense of Trump, Brexit and everything else (although in some ways that is related), but because the gap

NMR Interview: Árný from Iceland talks about her new single, album plans and finding strength in vul

With her debut album beckoning and the successful release of a new single, we've been speaking to Icelandic singer songwriter Árný about that single, the themes behind her album and a few other topics relating to Icelandic music. NMR: So you've just released your new single 'Nowhere I'd rather be', can you explain to us more about the track please?? Yes, so it is the first single from my upcoming album, and it is like the rest of the album about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Cause there is strength in vulnerability. NMR: I always try and avoid the question about 'influences' but I hear both folk and pop qualities in your voice, so which singers in particular did you listen to as you we

Stina Stjern - new single 'Nuussuaq'

We'll start the week in Norway and with Stina Stjern, another artist we haven't featured before and who has released a fascinating single entitled 'Nuussuaq'. Now clearly we've featured a wealth of talented singer songwriters, but Stjern offers something different - yes, there is still a distinct and gorgeous 'Nordic' vocal, but there an individualism here, with a vocalist not afraid to explore her psychedelic indie influences. There are so many elements of this track that I like. Firstly we're offered an unusual opening which doesn't quite fit into the '3 second intro' guidance that most tracks seem to confirm to, and then the track builds through sparse instrumentation, before the track s

Introducing... 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls' and single 'Green Hang Ten'

We're covering so many bands at the moment that it's understandably difficult to remember every name, so here's a band you definitely won't forget the name of, Swedish based 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls'. Possibly my favourite Nordic band name alongside 'Koria Kitten Riot', this band were formed just one year ago, and they have just a couple of tracks released thus far. The Stockholm based bands new single (officially released on 1st December) is entitled 'Green Hang Ten', and it's one of my favourite new band releases in recent months. Opening with a thumping 'Sisters of Mercy' style bass line, layers of guitars are added creating a fluid dream pop feel, and the vocals offer a catchy melody

Northlight - new video 'Everlasting Sun'

We have a small collection of new releases to tell you about, all from bands / artists we haven't featured before. The first is from Sweden and 'Northlight' a band who write big indie pop tunes, the type that should get good coverage from radio playlists and find their way on to music playlists around the Globe. The band were originally formed back in 2012, they released their debut single in 2015, and this year has seen the band release 2 successful singles, play at some pretty European music festivals such as INMusic in Croatia, and they've had some interesting attention from some significant music websites, and now I guess a pretty insignificant one too... Anyway their new single 'Everlas

Francis Bowie - new single 'Let Everything Live'

We've featured a few Nordic artists who combine both Visual Art and Music in their releases, and in Francis Bowie from Denmark we have someone who has been an art gallery owner and exhibitor, an author and a musician. Clearly he is an artist who likes to expressive himself in many ways, and in his new single 'Let Everything Live' he makes a point pretty directly about letting everyone express their ideas in their own way. 'Let Everything Live' is an electronically conceived track which feels fresh, soft and inviting, with vocals and lyrics that have a fragility to them, but that suits me really well. But the highlight of the track to me is the lovely subtle touches of instrumentation that a

The Sleeplings - 'Elusive Lights of the Long-forgotten'

If you didn't know, it is our birthday today, and it's great to see that the annual tradition where ALL our readers send us beer on our birthday is continuing. We'll keep drinking the beer and writing increasingly unfathomable reviews of the finest Nordic music that we can find, and today it is the turn of a particularly interesting Danish band called 'The Sleeplings', who's brilliantly titled album 'Elusive Lights of the Long-forgotten', was released sometime back. Now this albums arrival somewhat surprised me, but it couldn't have come at better timing. Suffering as I was from some sort of withdrawal symptoms following a rather long Major Parkinson album review, this curious album has app

Shy Shy Shy - new single 'Making a Fool'

So Nordic Music Review is 3 years old today, and we would make a thing of it and do something special, but we just have this typically huge backlog right now which, if truth be told, just makes it a whole lot less fun. Instead we'll keep writing about the music, and it's particularly great to write about Danish duo 'Shy Shy Shy' because we wrote about them over 12 months ago suggesting they would continue do really well, and they've done exactly that with some great live appearances, including a JaJaJa Club night, and now they're back with a new single. 'Making a Fool' is the 2nd single in the lead up to their debut album, and it's a follow up to 'Beautiful Boys & Girls', which was released

The Simple Venture - debut single 'Force of Habit'

We'll start the week by covering a few single releases before we get to the more meaty album reviews later in the week, and our first featured band are pretty new, given that this is their debut single. 'The Simple Venture' are from Denmark, and their track 'Force of Habit' is their first release ahead of a planned debut album next year. Influenced by some classic and stylish bands such as 'The War on Drugs' and 'The Swell Season', 'The Simple Venture' write well defined Indie Americana music, with big melodies, harmonies and a substantial overall band sound - which is complex but also subtle too, you'll pick out numerous different instruments and sound textures as you listen. 'Force of Habi

CO SONN - single 'youll know' (feat. Kristoffer Bolander)

To contrast with 'Pallecco', we're delighted to introduce you to a completely new name to us, even though he has been releasing music very prolifically for a couple of years. 'CO SONN' is a one man project courtesy of Swedish musician Casper Tengberg, and he's just released an album of frantic lo-fi tracks entitled 'VBG trash ensemble vol.1” through the consistently good Lazy Octopus Records. We're mainly concentrating on just one track 'you'll know', which features fellow Swedish underground musician Kristoffer Bolander, and it's 2 minutes 40 of intense frenzied guitar with the briefest of pauses thrown in between each musical section. This works because it's actually really catchy, and the

Pallecco - with track 'Vemodsvalsen'

We featured a piano composition by 'Klangriket' last week, but we haven't featured as many instrumental projects as I would have liked, but this (albeit fairly old) track from Swedish project 'Pallecco' has really captured my attention, and so we're delighted to introduce you to them. 'Pallecco' are a thoughtful, atmospheric and 'multi-genre' instrumental project, which started a few years back, and they have managed to release 3 EP / Albums over the last few years - 'Floppdalen', 'Lurvusk' and the most recent 'Jumbodank', which was released earlier this year. Interestingly there is also a 'spin off' band containing 2 members of 'Pallecco' entitled 'Tännebränne', and they write an unusual

Death Machine - 'Cocoon' (and new single 'Under the Pillow')

If truth be told, we weren't going to write a 'Death Machine' album review, but their 'Cocoon' release has really grown on me over recent weeks, so wanted to get something short in about the whole album, rather than concentrating on their latest single, This is an album which was released back in April, so we are a bit late on finding them, and our omission was even noted by another Danish musician who kindly mailed us recommending the band, so they are clearly really well respected too. Behind 'Death Machine' is the musician Jesper Mogensen, who started the project back in 2013, and after initially releasing a self-titled album, it has developed into a full band, and performances at festiva

Klangriket with track 'For they who had to go I' (from 'Sketches')

We've tried to feature as many different varieties of music genres as possible in the last week, and we're delighted to include this composition by 'Klangriket', which I warmed to as soon as I heard it. Firstly, as an introduction, Klangriket is the Swedish musician Fabian Rosenberg who works with a variety of different artistic media, performing as a 'solo' musician under the name 'Klangriket', but also active with other Swedish projects including 'Moni Kira', whom we promise to come back to at some point. His latest release under the moniker Klangriket is part of a collaborative compilation of 'Sketches', which was conceived by American composer Harrison Mountan. The idea behind each 'ske

ONBC - 'Travelmate'

We have a big heap of albums to cover over the next 2 weeks including Death Machine, The Sleeplings, Code Elektro and Juha Kujanpää amongst others, and we will do our best to get to them all eventually. But first we head to Denmark and 'ONBC', a band we featured a few weeks back when they released their single 'Vapour Trails', and have now released their full length album entitled 'Travelmate'. So to recap, 'ONBC' were previously known as the Oliver North Boy Choir, and were originally formed over 10 years ago but then fell into a long silence, only to reform back in 2012, subsequently releasing their album 'Crash, Burn and Cry', which I've continued to grow to like over the last few weeks

Nala - 'Woman' EP

We've featured so many different styles of music in the last week, but we haven't written about that many 'old fashioned' Alternative Rock style bands, with big guitars and high intensity vocals. Thankfully we'll correct that now with Swedish band 'Nala', who we were going to feature a couple of weeks ago when they released their single 'How, When & Where', but we've waited instead for the full EP release, which is entitled 'Woman', and which has been out for a few days. This EP has appealed to me, because whilst the 'backbone' of Nala is a guitar based sound, this is a band who are not afraid to mix things up, and combined with the searing but still melancholy vocals of Liselotte Lindgren,

Le Days - new track 'Blood is Blood'

I think we just have time to squeeze one more new track in tonight, and it's certainly one that you'll need plenty of time to adjust your listening ears to, as it's a release from Swedish minimalist folk artist 'Le Days', and the track 'Blood is Blood' from his recent album release 'I Am Your King', 'Le Days' is an artist we haven't featured before at Nordic Music Review, understandably because his last release 'Dead People On Tape' was in 2011, and he's spent 6 years working on a follow up. Behind 'Le Days' is Swedish musician 'Daniel Hedin', and his music is an extraordinary intense mix of dark folk and perhaps ambient minimalism, with every track generally ricocheting high up our 'Mirel W

'Rain on Monday ' - new single 'Hiding Places'

We wrote about 'Rain on Monday' a few weeks ago when we tried our short lived 'Monday List', before deciding we wanted to maintain individual posts about each artist. Anyway for those of you who missed it, 'Rain on Monday' is a Swedish project courtesy of Raimond Nurmilampi, working alongside producer Thomas Harsem. Last time we wrote about his track 'Kill My Love' and now he's back with a new song entitled 'Hiding Places'. 'Rain On Monday' is a project born originally out of his home town of Kiruna, a small Swedish mining town above the arctic circle in the North of Swedish Lapland, which looks isolated but totally beautiful too (it's also been featured in the Guardian due to an extraordin

Carla D'Amore - with live video 'Home'

I've written before about my journey 'home' to my birthplace, a small village by the sea, where the natural surroundings are the dominant force, and despite our attempts as human beings to pretty much destroy all that is good around us, how elements such as the tide are unchangeable, and unstoppable. But obviously that's not really my 'home' any more. Work, life, relationships have inevitably taken me elsewhere, and now I have a new 'home', a 'family home', and that says so much about my mature life as an adult. Anyway, with apologies for the long intro, this is partly the basis behind Carla D'Amore's track 'Home', it sounds a simple enough concept, but actually it is worth some thought. Ev

Introducing.... 'Insomniac Bears' with single 'Scenic Drives'

We haven't introduced a brand new Indie Rock / Indie Pop band for week or so, but we're really excited about 'Insomniac Bears', partly because their band members have such great pedigree in other Norwegian projects, and also because their new single 'Scenic Drives' is just such a good debut. So 'Insomniac Bears' consist of the infamous Magnus Moriarty, Thomas Bratlie Haugland (Rumble in Rhodes), multi-instrumentalist Marius Ergo (Lukestar + some interesting solo stuff) & Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me), and they've combined to write indie pop with a such sense of freedom, that it's not really indie pop at all. 'Scenic Drives' is great fun. I was listening to a feature on the radio the other

Tuvaband - 'Mess' EP

Over a year ago we wrote about the debut singles from Norwegian / English duo 'Tuvaband'. They'd released the tracks 'Unknown' and 'Running', and immediately I was totally captivated by what I described at the time as 'lo-fi' dreamy sounds, and the lovely vocals from Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. But I also wrote that only time would tell whether they would be able to maintain the intensity they'd created through these songs on longer format releases, and I'm delighted to be able to tell you that in their EP 'Mess' they do exactly that. So a very quick reminder, they're a duo consisting of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would, and they've made real progress in the last year, with pretty much

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