Circumnavigate - 'When Worlds Collide'

We're not quite going to get through everything we wanted before Christmas and the inevitability of our Albums of the Year list, apologies to anyone we've missed, we always feel so bad when we run out of time. One late album release of the year has come from the Norwegian / British band Circumnavigate entitled 'When Worlds Collide', and I wanted us to cover this because we have followed them for a couple of years now, and I think they offer something slightly different, which makes them interesting. Taking influences from across genres, they write engaging music with pop, folk and jazz references interspersed throughout. The album opens with 'Dreamer', with strings and trumpet and it's a so

SKOGEN - 'Här slutar enslig väg' EP

Our 'To Do' list is bursting with some great Nordic Post Rock bands, inspired by our 'Teller' review, but we'll change the feel of things somewhat by writing about a Swedish band who write an interesting brand of folk- pop. SKOGEN are from the beautiful looking Uppsala (we mentioned it recently as 'Rain on Monday' is based there) and their new debut EP is entitled 'Här slutar enslig väg', which roughly translates to 'Here Ends a Lonely Road'. This EP pretty much instantly appealed to me, so it's safe to say that the tracks are easy listening, full of comfy melodies, and it's all backed up with instrumentation that feels really musical, with lovely subtle glimpses of tunes that make the songs

Introducing... Moni Kira - with video 'Forgotten Fred'

Last month we featured a lovely piano composition by Swedish musician 'Klangriket', and in that feature we mentioned another project he was involved with called 'Moni Kira', promising to return to them at a later date. We're delighted to do so now, partly due to the release of a very clever video entitled 'Forgotten Fred', but also to point you in the direction of all their released material thus far. So to introduce you 'Moni Kira' coimprise 3 musicians, Fabian Rosenberg (whom you know of already through Klangriket), Elin Björklund and Antonio Charry, and their music broadly focuses around quite a stripped back collection of instruments, piano, guitar and trumpet - in addition to the vocal

Teller - 'Strive Recess Echo'

One of the many regrets I have at Nordic Music Review (it's a long list), is that we just haven't managed to cover anywhere near enough Post Rock music. Given that it's probably my favourite 'genre' I regard myself as entirely responsible for not delving deeper into the underground music scenes of each respective country, and I promise to do better in 2018. Thankfully we've been saved in 2017 thanks to a quite brilliant release by a band I just simply hadn't come across until last week, 'Teller' from Sweden, and their debut 'Strive Recess Echo'. So this is a band that were formed about 7 years ago, and they released an EP back in 2013 - which I just simply haven't time to find yet, but loo

Natalie Migdal: new single 'Open Your Eyes'

We featured Natalie Migdal a couple of months back when she released her debut single. The Swedish singer songwriter had released a charming track entitled 'I've Run out of Words', one of the highlights of which was the lovely string arrangements, understandable given that Migdal herself set up Stockholm string collective Migdal Strings. It was the 1st of 3 planned single releases before Christmas, so we're delighted to bring you the third, entitled 'Open Your Eyes', it writes of being able to take positive steps forward after breaking free of someone who hasn't treated you well. Once again I really like the songwriting here, there's a delicacy and precision in every note and vocal lyric, an with track 'midtide' (from album 'wat.r is free')

We have an interesting collection of tracks and albums to take us up to Christmas Eve, then we'll take a break for a few days before returning with our Albums of the Year list, traditionally released around New Years Eve. We'll start the process rolling with a Danish artist who is part of an unusual Danish / Jutland collective called ''. So '' are a trio of artists / musicians, their production of visual art is central to their work, and initially they started out as a clothing brand. They've now released 5 tracks in the run up to an album release due on the 22nd December entitled 'wat.r is free'. It's a an eclectic mix of tracks based around electronic neo-folk and trip hop

Alcabean - new single 'Bloody Pose'

We were going to try and get to this before our final break of the year, so apologies for being a few days late, but we think everyone will like this track from Danish noise fuzz outfit 'Alcabean' entitled 'Blood Pose', which was released on 1st December. This is another band we haven't featured before, and that's somewhat of a pity, because their 2016 debut EP 'Real Time Fiction' is a broody noise filled indie rock success with more than a hint of The Smashing Pumpkins. Their new track 'Bloody Pose' opens with a barrage of guitar noise, but actually it's the melodic pleading vocals of Victor Schack that then become the highlight. The track drives forward at real pace, and I love the combin

Jane Telephonda - 'Boson of Love'

Before our final break of the year we covered an interesting selection of tracks, my favourite being 'Green Hang Ten' by the brilliantly named 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls'. And in terms of band names, 'Jane Telephonda' from Iceland rank pretty highly too, original and definitely easy to find on Spotify and Google, with their debut album 'Boson of Love' is well worth checking out. 'Jane Telephonda' are an interesting collective of 9 musicians, fronted by husband / wife duo Ívar Páll Jónsson and Asdis Rosa, and their music is a melodic 60's influenced psychedelic musical voyage with some simple enough but thoughtfully expressed themes and lyrics. For those of you who, like us, like to explor

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Introducing... Taipei with track 'Mr Shady'

I mentioned that we'd been neglecting Finland slightly in the last couple of weeks, so we're delighted to introduce another 'one man' project and a track which was released sometime ago, but that has only just been brought to our attention. Behind 'Taipei' is musician Henrik Sundström, and his music is very different from other 'solo' projects we've featured from Finland such as 23:23. His track 'Mr Shady' has a distinct 60's influence, and the melody itself has a jaunty and quirky feel, with back up provided by synths and bass - I think it is cleverly conceived. Alongside the track there is the most brilliant video, which seems to go perfectly with the song, and which adds a curious dark

Lake Jons - new single 'Breathe Out the Fumes'

We've slightly neglected Finland of late, and promise we'll do some digging around ourselves to make sure we haven't missed too much, but one particularly interesting Finnish track which has found its way to us comes from Helsinki trio 'Lake Jons'. 'Breathe Out the Fumes' comes from their debut album which is due for release on January 18th 2018, and possibly the earliest New Year Nordic album release that we're currently aware of. 'Lake Jons' are a band that we've been aware of for sometime, but never had chance to feature. They were formed back in 2014, and previous singles have had some great coverage on music websites, and they've had some impressive live reviews too. Describing them is

Minula - single 'Breeding Grounds' from new album 'Lovelust'

As ever we have a backlog, but we'll do our best to wrap up everything before Christmas and the inevitably of our Album of the Year list - traditionally published between Christmas and New Year, unlike some publications who worryingly seem to have done theirs already. One band with a late into the year Album release has been Norwegian band 'Minula'. and whilst we don't have time for a full review, I hope some of you find time to check it out for yourselves, because those of you who like bands such as 'Mew' will probably find this really interesting. So Minula are from Trondeim, they're a 5 piece band, and their debut album referred to is entitled 'Lovelust'. It was released just last week,

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