reSouza with debut single 'Your Melody'

Barely a week goes by without us mentioning an artist from Bergen, which remains a city apparently packed full of talented musicians, and constantly reminding me that I need to visit there at some point. The latest singer songwriter that we're delighted to feature is the Norwegian / Brazilian artist reSouza, who has just released her debut single 'Your Melody', a pre-cursor to an EP release which is planned for March. 'reSouza' has only played her first concert under that name in the last few months, and part of the strength of the project is clearly the group of talented musicians that she's gathered around her - Hilde Toresdatter Tangen, Eline Rafteseth, May Frida Bosch and Thea Steinmo He

Orsak:Oslo - 'Tipping Point' EP

Apologies for the slightly enforced break, we'll try to make it up this week with another wide range of releases, starting with another one which slipped in sometime last year, but which is definitely worth us belatedly covering. Orsak:Oslo are an Oslo / Gothenburg based stoner / blues based instrumental band who have released a steady stream of EP's since they first appeared back in 2014 with 'Torggata Sway'. All their EP's are actually worth checking out, but their music has slowly evolved through to their latest release 'Tipping Point', which highlights far more psychedelic and even post rock influences, which is probably why I like it so much. 'Tipping Point' opens with '054 Brugata Blu

SPECTRA Festival: Great Nordic Music in Aberdeen!

We haven't written quite so much about UK gigs recently, simply because we wanted to concentrate on writing about new music, but we definitely wanted to highlight a really good looking festival which is taking place in the beautiful location of Aberdeen in a few weeks. SPECTRA, Aberdeen's Festival of Lights is now in its 5th year, and has grown from its original pilot year in 2014 when 17,000 people attended to become Aberdeens leading cultural festival. In addition to presenting artists from across Scotland (and obviously the Nordic Countries), the festival in 2018 will be supporting and commissioning young artists from Aberdeen to collaborate in new work. Anyway.... we obviously have a Nor

Black Light White Light - new single 'Teenage Dream'

This weeks main focus is to write album reviews, but we'll keep dropping in some new tracks, and the new single 'Teenage Dream' from 'Black Light White Light' is definitely worth highlighting, and it's yet another great psychedelic influenced track coming out of Denmark (with some help from Sweden) too. So 'Black Light White Light' was originally the sole creation of musician Martin Ejlertsen, formed in Copenhagen back in 2009, and with the support of fellow musicians they have released 2 albums 'Infrared Daylight' and 'Gold into Dreams' in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Since 2015 they've been working on the follow up, which is entitled 'Horizons', and it's due for release on the 23rd March t

Jambrains - new track 'Fade'

We have an equally varied selection of music to bring you this week, from folk influenced tracks through to some pretty good post rock, but we'll start off with a really well written track from Swedish songwriter 'Jambrains'. The musician behind the project is the multi-instrumentalist Johan Alm, he's an artist we haven't featured before, but he has a strong background in songwriting, firstly from his involvement in many Swedish bands over the last few years, and now from his solo project. 'Jambrains' has 2 longer play releases that it's worth checking out, firstly he released an album entitled '900 Days' back in December 2016 (available on Bandcamp), but he followed that up last year wit

Select Captain - new single (ft Soluna Samay) 'Miles Apart'

As I keep mentioning, we're trying to shift the focus back to more Albums and EPs, but we've done pretty well this week so far, so we're delighted to highlight a new Select Captain single release today, and it also gives us an opportunity to write a few words about an album we missed last year. Select Captain is no stranger to this website as we've featured him a few times before, and yesterday he released the 3rd single in advance of new album, which should be ready around September. He's already released ‘Straight No Chaser’ and ‘If I Should Go’, and the new single 'Miles Apart' features Soluna Samay, the Danish singer songwriter who first came to prominence when she represented Denmark in

Klangriket & Sjors Mans - The Amsterdam Sessions EP

So we continue our journey across many different musical genres, and (even if I say so myself) I'm pretty pleased that we've managed to go from Post Metal to Neo Classical / in the space of just a few days. Today marks the release of a lovely set of short compositions by the Swedish / Dutch duo of Klangriket and Sjors Mans, entitled 'The Amsterdam Sessions', named somewhat unsurprisingly after collaborating in some sessions in Amsterdam. We have featured Klangriket (Fabian Rosenberg) a couple of times recently, as he was the Swedish artist that we wrote about when he was included in the 'Sketches' collaboration (with his piece 'For they Who Had to Go'), and he is also part of the group 'Moni

Peace on Earth - 'Silent Killer'

We've covered a fair range of styles in the last week, some Swedish post metal as well as some pretty easy listening Power Pop, so it's good to be able to mix that up by covering a band who today have released an album full of continuous rock noise. 'Peace on Earth' are from Gothenburg and they are a trio of musicians, which is somewhat surprising given they collectively produce enough of a racket for at least a 5 piece band. Their debut album 'Silent Killer' is described by themselves as a 'concept' album, but potential listeners shouldn't be fearful of this, as it simply relates to the fact that all 8 tracks merge into each other. And whilst I'm loathe to try to categorise their sound, the

Introducing.... Arni Ehmann with singles 'Small Talk' and 'Staring at the Moon'

We're sticking by our plan to try and feature more Albums and EP's, but the new artist introductions continue, and we're delighted to head to Iceland for the 1st time this year, and an artist who has just released his 2nd single. Arni Ehmann is a singer songwriter from Reykjavik, and he's had a pretty positive response to his releases so far, judging from the response of some of the online blogs scattered around the world, who've included his tracks on various playlists. There's certainly a lot to like about his early releases. 'Small Talk' is a softly written melodic track, with smooth instrumentation and a slightly melancholy hint to the vocals. The track was released just last week, and i

The Spring This Autumn - 'Soak' (from EP 'What Remains')

One of our many New Years resolutions is to try and feature more bands with a post rock influence, I hugely enjoyed getting to know the TELLER' album at the end of last year, and look forward to discovering far more Nordic bands in this style. 'The Spring This Autumn' are also from Sweden, and whilst it is true to say that their EP from 2017 'What Remains' is undoubtedly more in a post metal style that I don't quite engage with as much, their instrumental track 'Soak' is pretty outstanding - almost 7 minutes of compelling, swirling guitar noise. So to ensure you have the background, 'The Spring This Autumn' were originally formed back in 2006, and they come from Botkyrka, a municipality not

'In Deed' - Everest

We're continuing our voyage back into 2017 to pick up some of the albums that we either missed or arrived just too late in the year to do a review. We haven't forgotten about Code Electro, Juha Kajanaa, Svankropp or even the lovely Canigou EP, and we will still try and get to them if we can. We'll start off heading to Sweden and 'In Deed', a band who've had to wait 16 years to release their 2nd album entitled 'Everest', a follow up to a critically acclaimed debut, which received widespread airplay. 'Everest' opens with 'What Once Was', a burst of guitar noise and we're introduced to Linda Karlsberg vocals, a real highlight throughout the album - with a softness that seems to suit the Ind

Coming Soon!

Check back later for write-ups on 'In Deed', 'The Spring This Autumn', 'Peace on Earth' and 'Osrak:Oslo'.....

Introducing....'The Other End', with debut single 'Far from Home'

We finished 2017 with our inevitable Album of the Year list, and this year the 'prestigious' award headed to Bergen and Major Parkinson, for their extraordinary release 'Blackbox'. So maybe it's appropriate that we start our 2018 introductions by going back to Bergen and 'The Other End', who today have released their debut single entitled 'Far from Home'. 'The Other End' comprise the duo of Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik, and they describe their music as 'alternative indie / slowcore'. I'd simply describe it as mesmerizing. Their track 'Far from Home' is their first single, recorded, produced and mixed by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio, and it will form part of an EP which is d

Remedies - new single 'Precious Disease'

We've started the new year with 2 EP reviews of artists from very different genres, and we do want to try and reflect the diversity in Nordic music as much as possible over the next 12 months, as well as supporting new artists releasing their first material. In September last year we covered new Norwegian duo 'Remedies', when they released their catchy debut 'High As The Moon', and they've now followed that up with a single entitled 'Precious Disease', another song which demonstrates their ability to write songs with big melodies. 'Precious Disease' is another track with big ambitions, and stick with it, because this is a song which really builds dynamically and in the emotional intensity as

Heikki Rasilo - 'Before I'm Covered' EP

The aim of this site was always supposed to be to cover more Album and EP releases than singles / videos where possible, and we do want to remain true to that in 2018. We've always been happy to cover releases that we missed from previous releases too, so we have no hesitation in covering Finnish born singer songwriter Heikki Rasilo's EP from last year entitled 'Before I'm Covered'. I think, firstly, this is a great contrast to our first feature of the year, the huge alternative rock EP from 'Orochen'. This is purest singer songwriter style music, handcrafted by Heikki Rasilo using a mixture of guitar finger picking and some fairly extravagant sliding guitar sections. And whilst there is a

Orochen - 'Orochen' EP

Sometimes it takes us a while to find our feet in the New Year, but we have a wealth of new music to feature, and (inevitably) some catching up to do from 2017 - the year in which we started with a backlog, finished with a backlog, and maintained a backlog during the middle bits too. We'll start 2018 with 'Orochen' and their 4 track digital self titled release which came out just 8 days before Christmas itself. The Orochen people are one of the oldest ethnic groups in China. Mainly hunters of descent, they originally followed Shaminism, and their Shamens saw the world through illusions where every story hides thousands of other stories, and where truth is built on lies. That darkness is mai

Major Parkinson - An Interview with Jon Ivar Kollbotn.

Following their outstanding release 'Blackbox', which has been universally acclaimed by all, we're delighted to bring you all an interview with Jon Ivar Kollbotn, who has taken the time to tell us (in amazing detail) about the the background to 'Blackbox', chat about 'Cardiacs' and give us a big hint on future plans. NMR: Your new album 'Blackbox' has been out for a few weeks now, and it's been received so well by everyone. How do you feel about the reaction? ''Well, I must say I was quite surprised over the reaction among our beloved fans and great reviewers all over. When you work so intensely with a record over time, it is easy to go blind in the process, banging your head against the wal

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