HATER - new video 'Blushing'

We'll stay in Sweden with another band with a relatively recent EP that's well worth checking out, although we're concentrating more today on the new video which has just been released. 'HATER' are from Malmö, and they're a 4 piece band that got some great attention in the last couple of years with an Album, EP and a stream of prominent gigs - including a few UK performances too. It is understandable why 'HATER' have made such an impression, an indie band that have an easy going accessibility to them, and hopefully many of you will have come across them previously. If you haven't 'Blushing' is a great introduction, a lovely melancholy melody delivered by vocalist Caroline Landahl, accompanie

Live: Åkervinda at The Bridewell Theatre, London

We haven't had that much spare time to cover live performances in the UK, so we're delighted to give a mention to a series of performances by Åkervinda, the Scandinavian quartet who provide beautiful modern interpretations of traditional folk songs. They will be performing alongside the British Sephardic band Sefiroth. There are 3 performances taking places as part of the Marchland season taking place at the Bridewell Theatre: Thurs 1st March 7:30pm, Fri 2nd March 1:15pm, Sat 3rd March 2:00pm This is Åkervinda performing their version of 'Ack Ack', the story of a woman who has a choice of any man she wants. For more details of the performances please visit the following link: http://marchl

Teodor Holmqvist - new single 'Lend Me A Hand'

After the sounds of Nicky William, we're delighted to drop in a track from a songwriter who has a more traditional folk sound and voice, even if clearly he has indie singer songwriter influences too. Teodor Holmqvist resides in the beautiful looking Swedish city of Umeå (although I guess all Swedish cities look beautiful to me), and his latest single is entitled 'Lend Me A Hand', the 1st track from his 2nd EP which is due over the next few months. It was slightly remiss of us not to feature his debut EP, which was entitled 'Time Says So' and released last November, as it's a thoughtful piece of musical writing. Teodor Holmqvist has this rich, expressive quality in his vocals, but it's all ve

Nicky William - 'Set Your Loved Ones Free, We Have You Surrounded'

So we're trying to keep the momentum going on longer releases, and will keep trying to do shorter reviews of albums rather than individual singles. Today's review focusses on Swedish singer songwriter Nicky William, who I'd probably describe as 'Alternative Folk', and he has released an album which is intriguingly entitled 'Set Your Loved Ones Free, We Have You Surrounded'. It's well worth listening to as well, as William has distinct convincing vocals that have touch of nostalgia about them, whilst he writes pretty decent sounding pop songs too. Nicky William is just 22, and he comes from Oxelösund, which for those of you in the UK is a small city at Sweden's coast to the Baltic Sea. From

OHHIOH - 'Strøm' EP

We're surpassing even our own expectations with 2 EP reviews from Denmark in one day, and this is another really good one. 'OHHIOH', also from Copenhagen, might have a more conventional 5 person line-up and sound than Logans Runners, but they also have something distinct about them that I like - as well as melodies which meander off in unusual directions, all against a backdrop of a twangy guitar sound. Given we have featured some fairly unusual stuff of late, this will give those who like more straight forward indie guitar music something to get listening to. Their EP 'Strøm' was released last month, and it has 4 tracks, all of whom have big tunes, easy forgiving guitar riffs and loveable

Logans Runners - 'Sandbox' EP

We have an interesting mix of releases this this week, hopefully one a day, and a couple of live previews too for events in London and Manchester, and we'll start off with an artist who originates from Manchester but is now based in Copenhagen. Liam Mullany is the founder of Logans Runners, but critically he's collected a lovely assortment of musicians around him, and the result is an unusual, but always musical release in their 'Sandbox' EP. There are 4 tracks on the EP which is a curious mix of folk rock, progressive elements and neo-classical, but the key thing that brings it all together are big melodies, ambitious musical arrangements and always interesting lyrics. It all works really w

Lars Jakob Rudjord - new track 'Pharos'

We featured Ingvild Koksvild recently, and still recommend you check out her 'Songs from the Deepest Sea' EP if you haven't already, but writing about her led us in the direction of another musician from the same windswept peninsula of Norway. Lars Jakob Rudjord is a Norwegian musician who, if you listen to his music, is obviously inspired by his surroundings, and his 2016 album, which is simply entitled 'Indiepiano', is a lovely collection of compositions that you will get completely lost inside. I was thinking that we should write a belated post on the album, but thankfully we have something more up to date, as yesterday Lars Jakob Rudjord released a short piece entitled 'Pharos'. Rudjord

Eyemouth - single 'Altered' (from debut album 'A Newly Planted Grain')

So hopefully we're starting to get back on track, and we have releases from Lars Jakob Rudjord, Mantaray and Logans Runners to come shortly, but for now another single from a new album release, the debut from Swedish industrial synth band 'Eyemouth'. This is a band who've released some pretty interesting stuff over the last couple of years, with a steady stream of EP's behind them, and now they've released a full album of material - which is entitled 'A Newly Planted Grain', and which was released on digital formats at the end of last year. The whole album is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like dark electronic style music, which this undoubtedly is - deep gothic style voca

Honeymilk - 'I Want You To Be Very Happy'

So here we go, the first in a steady stream of shortish album reviews, and we'll start off by heading to Sweden and a band that we featured back in October. 'Honeymilk', for those of you who don't remember, are from Stockholm and are a duo with a likeable stream of indie pop releases behind them, always based around warm melodies and lyrics. 'I Want You To Be Very Happy' is an album which has been in the production for some time now, and there's a fair few singles out there on streaming services. Clearly this is an approach that many bands are taking now, and whether it dilutes the impact of an album release I'm not entirely sure, but actually 'I Want You To Be Very Happy' has 9 'single qua

Otto Niklasson Elmerås - new single 'My Weak Spot'

One of our favourite new releases of 2016 was the utterly brilliant debut from Otto Niklasson Elmerås, with his EP entitled 'We Fell Asleep When We Were Young'. The Swedish multi-instrumentalist totally charmed us with his 60's inspired tunes and clever instrumentals, and to get a new track through this week completely out of the blue was a lovely surprise. 'My Weak Spot' opens with a single guitar chord, and immediately I'm caught up in the spirit of 'Otto Niklasson Elmerås', where every note and sound is deliberately placed and adds cleverly to the texture of the overall sound. Sitting above it all is a typically retro inspired vocal melody, but here it just feels timeless, and throughout

Son of Caesar - new single 'Strange Heroes'

We haven't quite yet got to that stack of albums we want to review, but we have a plan and hope we can get through them all. We're certainly going to avoid dropping in too many singles ahead of album releases, and will try and concentrate on the full album instead, but that's sometimes difficult to resist - especially in the case of the recent 'Son of Caesar' single entitled 'Strange Heroes', released ahead of his planned album release in April. So for those of you who don't know 'Son of Caesar', it is the musical project of Peter Mathiason, the Danish songwriter who released his debut album 'Winter Came and Went' back in 2013, and he's been working on the follow up for the last 4 years. Th

Ole Anders Walseth - 'Ole Anders Walseth'

We try to cover artists / musicians who are established, as well as those that don't get anywhere near as much attention, and in Norwegian songwriter / musician Ole Anders Walseth, we've found an artist who appears to be in the early stages of his musical career, but with an ability to write a wide variety of styles. It was his track 'Autumn Leaves' which captured our attention, but this led to us coming across a 'Demo Album' (his words), which he released last year, and whilst they might cover that range of genres, there is one common theme - Ole Anders Walseth has an ability to write natural sounding melodic tracks, with an eye for a tune, and some pretty convincing lyrics too. This is not

Exit Bloom - new animated video to track 'Taken Hold'

Whilst we try and get back on track with a couple of album reviews after a stuttering start to February, we're delighted to introduce another band new to Nordic Music Review. 'Exit Bloom' are a Norwegian / Dutch band fronted by Norwegian singer songwriter Ørnulf Sigernes, playing with an assorted collection of Dutch musicians, and based in Holland. 'Exit Bloom ' released their debut EP last year, and it's an Indie Rock release well worth checking out - we almost got around to writing about it but our 2017 Albums of the Year list simply got in the way. Rhythmically the album is really strong, and I like the musicianship throughout, some interesting guitar work and drum beats carry the tracks

Ingvild Koksvik - 'Songs from the Deepest Sea' EP

Albeit a few days later than planned, we're delighted to be able to write about a lovely release from another artist that we haven't featured previously. Ingvild Koksvik is a Norwegian singer songwriter who hails from the town of Farsund in the South West of Norway, another beautiful location that not surprisingly is able to inspire music which has a real depth to it. Her latest release is “Songs From the Deepest Sea”, 3 tracks which are English translations from her last full length album, with the same (Norwegian) title 'Og sangen kom fra havet'. These 3 songs have really captured my imagination, because at the heart of her songwriting there are classic folk influences, and her style is o

The Ghost of Helags - new single 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)'

Well we've finally managed to get an Album review out there, sorry for the delay, and it gives us chance to cover 2 more recent releases, starting with a startlingly good track from Swedish (via Berlin) duo 'The Ghost of Helags'. This is another band we've not featured before, but previous releases have resulted in some lovely coverage on different websites around the world, and there's no reason why their new track 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)' should be anything different. Their music is a delicate ambient electronic pop, and listening to their music it's not surprising that they appear to shun the limelight, not speaking on stage and joining the long queue of Scandinavian musicians w

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS - 'Jazzbelle 1984 / 1988'

I probably need to start off with a bit of a confession and an apology when it comes to 'Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS' because we've never actually featured them in Nordic Music Review, despite first coming across them in the very early weeks of the website. They are, after all, a band that you can't quite forget the name of, and I have considered writing about them a number of times, but for one reason or another I've never quite got to them. Thankfully the latest album 'Jazzbelle 1984 / 1988' gives us an opportunity to correct our slackness, as the Finnish band have released a post punk album packed full of brazen colourful tunes and occasionally nonsense lyrics - and all

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