'Star of Heaven' - new track 'Evigt Minne'

I've spent way too much time recently apologising for the lack of content, but normal service will be resumed shortly, whatever 'normal' is. Maybe it's time for a rethink too, who knows. Anyway the one promise I did make at the start of the year was that we'd feature more post rock in 2018, and 'Star of Heaven' are a band we featured back in 2016 when they released their debut album 'Vinter'. The good news is that they're back, and they have a weighty new song for us to listen and enjoy. It's entitled 'Evigt minne' (which translates to 'Eternal Memory'), and it's inspired by a Russian hymn. Opening with what sounds like a distorted cello (I'm pretty sure I'm right for once), the music then

Anna Arco and Migdal Strings - 'Dagger to the Heart'

Hopefully regular readers will remember last year our write-ups of Swedish singer songwriter and musician Natalie Migdal, most notably when she released the track 'I've Run Out Of Words'. We wrote at the time that she was also the founder behind the 'Migdal Strings' collective, with the strings being put to great use in her release, and now they're contributing to another project which has resulted in Swedish songwriter Anna Arco and 'Migdal Strings' join forces for an arrangement of Arco's 2017 song 'Dagger to the Heart'. This is a beautiful acoustic arrangement, with just a string quartet, and there are some wonderful contrasts between forceful sections and the some heartbreakingly intimat

Teodor Holmqvist - new track 'Stand Up Tall' (from EP 'Wandering Tracks')

We wrote about Teodor Holmqvist in February in relation to his track 'Lend me a Hand', and we're delighted to follow that up with a write up on his new single 'Stand Up Tall'. For those of you who don't remember he's a folk influenced singer songwriter from the beautiful Swedish town of 'Umeå', and he debuted last year with an EP entitled 'Time Says So', which is well worth checking out if you have the chance. His new EP is now out and it's entitled 'Wandering Tracks', really appropriate given the songs have a feeling that they're written in a traditional style, as if he could easily be a wandering musician passing from town to town writing stories of his travels. The opening track from the

Introducing.... 'Riike Mo' - with debut single 'Desperate'

Our short features on new artists continue with another new name from Sweden, but someone who I think is going to make a really big impression - certainly the positive response he's getting from different music blogs across the world suggests he has something interesting about him. Behind 'Riike Mo' is the singer songwriter Eric Moberg, and he has written, arranged, produced and played on his debut track 'Desperate' - a track which considers the 'fear of looking into your own future and the desire to wanting to be in it.' So I like this for so many reasons. I was captivated pretty much from the start, the acoustic guitar and then the plaintive vocals offering a lovely melodic line. But the c

'Valmai' - Botany (single from EP 'Magma')

Three more introductions today to artists we've not featured before, and an update from someone we've written about previously. We'll start by heading over to Denmark and 'Valmai', a musician who has made a real impression with her debut track 'Botany' - one of 6 tracks from her debut EP 'Magma'. 'Valmai' is the solo project by Stine Drejer from Denmark (remember the days when people used their own names?), a musician who's been involved in a few projects, but together with co-writer and co-producer William Brinch (and from drummer Andreas Pilgaard and bassist Anton Grøn) they've produced a lovely set of atmospheric tracks in 'Magma' - and which you'll like if you have an appreciation of goo

Råhypnos - 'Pain Shrinks the Heart' (single from album 'Do We Want It'

As always the music that is most likely to catch our attention are the releases which don't really fit into any specific style or genre - and in 'Råhypnos' we're delighted to introduce a band that cleverly fuse together a few different styles of music. The band were formed back in Gothenburg in 2015 by Pablo Rautenberg and Nadja Virgé, and a year later they released their self titled debut EP (you can still find it on streaming services), and which we missed due to our normal sluggish levels of music writing despite it being featured on some pretty good music sites around the world. The good news is that they've now released a full debut album entitled 'Do We Want It', and from that we're d

'NONONO' - Friends (acoustic live at Atlantis Studios Stockholm)

So here's something slightly different. I love listening to different versions of music releases, thinking about how the different interpretations effect the listening experience, and Swedish alternative pop band 'NONONO' have released a really interesting version of their track 'Friends' that I wanted to cover. Firstly I really like the setting, and the relaxed feel of the recording, as if sitting sitting there is the most relaxed thing in the world. And they're a well established band we haven't really mentioned much, so it's nice to introduce them in a way which doesn't feel overly produced or commercial. But they are a trio that I feel are able to write genuinely emotional music anyway

'When 'Airy Met Fairy' - 'Until Your Season Dries' (single)

We'll resume from our enforced break with a long awaited introduction to a duo who've been making an impression for a fair while, and are just at the point of now releasing their debut album. 'When 'Airy Met Fairy' are from Iceland, and if truth be told I can't quite remember when I first came across them - it could have been when they played at The Great Escape, or it might have been at Airwaves, but certainly their name has appeared quite frequently over the last 3 years since the duo (consisting of Icelander Thorunn Egilsdottirand and Luxembourger Mike Koster) got together. Interestingly it was one of my favourite artists Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang) who helped them make their first impre

'Ludvig the Band' with track 'Descendant'

Apologies for the slight delay on posts for a few days, sometimes stuff gets in the way of writing about lovely music, I wish it didn't, but it does. But we're back with 'vengeance' today, and after being able to announce earlier the amazing news about our collaboration with Major Parkinson and their debut UK gigs, we can now also tell you about the most lovely of tracks from a new name to Nordic Music Review, 'Ludvig the Band'. 'Ludvig the Band' (and I particularly love the name) is a Norwegian project courtesy of singer songwriter Truls Ludvig Johnsen, and whilst he formed the outfit back in 2011 the new released song 'Descendant' is the first official single - and it's released through '

A Short Break....

Apologies but there will now be a short break due to unforeseen circumstances. We'll be back soon with 'Råhypnos', 'NONONO', 'Ludwig the Band', 'When 'Airy met Fairy', 'Teodor Holmqvist' and more..... a big 'sorry' to any bands / artists waiting for features. We'll also be announcing some hugely exciting gig news for September in the UK. Thanks for reading.

'The Golden Leaves' - 'Overexposed' (single)

We'll have to suspend our expected features for this week due to 'unexpected events', but we've just time to drop in a new release from a Norwegian band who I think are going to make a pretty big impression over the next few months. 'The Golden Leaves' are from Trondheim and they're a 5 piece indie rock band who released their debut single ' Higher than Ever 'just a couple of months back. Their new single released today is entitled 'Overexposed' and it's the 2nd track from a forthcoming EP that will be released early this summer. I really like this, because whilst it starts off in quite a conventional 'rock style', it then launches off in a hugely entertaining direction, and the highlight i

Introducing.... Hildur Höglind with 'Poems' (EP) and 'Steal her Away' (single)

We covered a huge number of new artists and tracks at the end of last week, and it looks like we'll be taking a similar approach this week as we hopefully have about 8 features coming in the next 3 days. We'll start off in Sweden, and a singer songwriter who has made a lovely impression with a double single, and has an interesting EP to check out too. Hildur Höglind is from Johannishus, which is in Blekinge in the South East of Sweden, and as is traditional we google the places we don't know just to remind ourselves how beautiful Sweden is, and Johannishus is very tiny and very beautiful. Receiving a scholarship from the The Royal Music Academy in 2016, she has gone on to win a variety of mu

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