Introducing...'Tim Mattsing' with track 'At First There's Nothing' (from the alb

Well we said we'd bring you 4 folk influenced artists today, and maybe we'll sneak in a bonus 5th one if we have chance - admittedly there's been somewhat of a Swedish bias to our selections today, so maybe we need to find a new Danish or Finnish songwriter to write about. And after featuring an artist (Bolivar) with a wide range of influences, I'm pleased to be able to write about an artist with a more traditional folk background, 'Tim Mattsing'. So 'Tim Mattsing' is from the coastal city of Oskarshamn, and as you can imagine from a place sitting on the East coast of Sweden, it looks pretty beautiful too. His influences probably owe more towards the likes of Bob Dylan than the varied sel

Introducing... 'Bolivar' - with track 'Time for life (Note to self)'

So here's a slightly different twist on our selection of folk influenced EP's and tracks that we're featuring today. 'Ole Halvard Sveen' is more well known for his contribution to metal bands such as 'Extol', 'Mantric' and 'Lengsel', but he's always been a multi-talented fellow, playing guitar and drums, as well as writing songs and singing vocal. Now he's stripped back his songwriting completely, and writing under the name 'Bolivar' he's producing a very different type of song. 'Time for Life (Note to self)' is Bolivar's first official single release (although there are a couple of other tracks floating around on the interweb) and as soon as I heard this I was immediately struck by the weav

'A Choir of Ghosts' - 'Woods' EP

We'll move on from 'I Am Soyuz' to another songwriter who is releasing a debut EP, although in this case the EP actually comes out today, which makes us almost relevant for once. 'A Choir of Ghosts' is another Swedish artist, and his music is inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Northern Sweden and his release of 5 tracks includes his previously issued tracks 'Morning Light' and 'Ester' which came out back in 2016. Behind 'A Choir of Ghosts' is the singer songwriter James Auger, and the most immediate thing that strikes me about this collection of songs is just how good his voice is, but here the folk influence extends more to the storytelling aspect of music, and 'Woods' is a g

'I Am Soyuz' - Appendix 'EP'

So we've got 4 Nordic artists today who all lean more heavily towards folk music in their influences, and we'll try and cover a wide variety of styles, as well as a mix of well established artists and those that haven't yet got as much attention. We'll start off with Swedish based songwriter 'I Am Soyuz', the musical project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Felicia Bozoky, who writes dreamy and melodic tracks that are very easy to like on first listen. After getting some impressive reviews and attention previously, with appearances at festivals (inc Airwaves) and 2 single releases, she released her first EP entitled 'Appendix' last week on Midsummers Eve, an appropriate day to

'Toy Savoy' - new single 'In Blue'

We have a couple of different style features coming up at the weekend which hopefully will mix things up a bit, but for now we'll continue with the best of new Nordic releases that we've come across in the last week. We've featured Norwegian band 'Toy Savoy' twice before, who we first spotted because their name just kept popping up on gig listings everywhere, and after their appearance at 'Trondheim Calling' we were prompted to write about them. Their new track is entitled 'In Blue' and describes how easy it is to fall into the trap of self-loathing, which then is so difficult to get out of - and many of us can at least partially identify with that. I like this band, because they have such a

'Oh Lois' - 'Lesson Learned' (from the album 'Oh Lois'

After the 'Kid Forest' trilogy courtesy of 'Teddy and the Love Gang', we head over to Denmark for another unusual approach to songwriting - but one that I like very much as it combines music with the art of the comic strip. The project name is 'Oh Lois', and the music is interesting and inventive too, so it's quite easy to listen purely based on the album. Behind 'Oh Lois' is the songwriter Søren Manscher, previously singer of the band 'Harmonics', and sitting alongside the music is the comic strip 'The Red Sun', which features 'Lois' an out of work reporter alongside 2 other characters, with 'Man' being a retired superhero (I love the idea of a retired superhero) and 'Henry', an 11 year ol

'Teddy and The Love Gang' - new track 'Island Universe' (from 'Kid Forest: Sanct

Today we're featuring 2 artists who tell stories in a slightly different way than many other songwriters, and the first is 'Teddy and the Love Gang', the Norwegian band whom we featured a couple of months ago in March when they released their 'Twisted Homes' EP, which was the first in their trilogy of EP's telling the story of their character 'Kid Forest'. I was interested in the the unusual approach to their songwriting, and they're now back with the concluding instalment of the series, an EP entitled 'Kid Forest: Sanctuary'. From that EP we've been taking a listen in particular to 'Island Universe', and I really like the direction they've taken - a much heavier and intense sound, but also

Freyr Flodgren - new track 'Over My Head'

We have a mix of write-ups on artists that we've featured before as well as new introductions this week, and although we haven't written directly about Freyr Flodgren before, he did play with the Icelandic / Swedish duo 'Brother North', that we featured back in early 2015 - their music is still available on streaming services if you want to check it out. His background is very interesting (his father was an Olympian), he grew up in Durham in the UK, and has spent a fair amount of time playing in London, as well as being part of a number of musical projects. Now he is ready to release his own music, and from his forthcoming album we're delighted to introduce you to 'Over My Head', which was r

Dylan Mondegreen - new single 'A Place in the Sun'

We have so many new releases to write about this week, a combination of old favourites and debut releases, plus a coupe of new features too - I think we should have 15-20 different posts or so by the end of the week. I've been thinking about where to start, and I've decided to make it an easy listening one, the new single by Norwegian singer songwriter 'Børge Sildnes', who has written under the 'Dylan Mondegreen' pseudonym for many years now. 'A Place in the Sun' is his new single, and it's taken from his 5th album, a process which started with his 2007 release 'While I Walk You Home' through to his last 'Every Little Step' album which was offered 2 years ago. A well known songwriter who has

Introducing...Memènto Mori with track 'Til Death Do Us Part' (from the album 'My Minor U

We're having a bit of a relaunch on Monday, so there's loads of new band introductions, singles, EP and Album reviews coming up in the next few weeks. But before we do that I just wanted to introduce you to a Norwegian artist who's made a real impression on me over the last week, and with an album released today, it feels appropriate to try and squeeze something before the weekend. So Memènto Mori is the name of the artist, although behind that name is the musician Pål-Andrè Rauan, brother of the artist 'Bellman', whom we featured last year (check out his new single 'Just Like a Dream'). Memènto Mori's music is a really interesting blend of styles, with deep vocals influenced by the likes o

An Apology...

Hello. We're sorry about the disjointed and sporadic nature of posts recently, I'd try and explain, but it would take too long. I promise it's not due to us all putting our feet up and watching way too much football, or celebrating huge victories over the Aussies at cricket (maybe just a tiny bit), and it's definitely not because we've been watching Love Island.... definitely not. Normal service will be resumed very shortly. Monday next week. And we'll be back in style, with a huge celebration of Nordic music, featuring bands and artists from every country, and with so many different styles, from indie folk through to blistering post rock. Also if there is anyone out there who would like to

'Crimson Peak' with video 'Mountainside'

We'll stay in Finland for now with a band with a different approach to songwriting to those we've featured over the last 2 days, but play a charming style of folk rock based around pretty big melodies. 'Crimson Peak' are a 6 piece band from Helsinki, and I first made a note of their name when I saw they were playing at the 'Semi-Final' venue back in March - a great place for us to spot up and coming Finnish artists. On this occasion they were also playing with another band we've featured in Nordic Music Review, 'Whale and the Village' - again slightly different styles, but both with a real upbeat folk influenced musicality which I really like. Anyway 'Crimson Peak' have made a fair impress

'Roan' - new track and video 'Tell Me'

As much as I liked yesterdays track by Mari Sainio, I can't deny that it was pretty melancholy in its leaning, so today we'll feature a new upbeat Indie Pop release that's perfect for those warm summer nights that we've been getting in the UK. We've written about Finnish band 'Roan' a couple of times, firstly when they released their debut EP in 2016, and again when they released their 'Runaway' video towards the end of last year. Yesterday they released a brand new song and video entitled 'Tell Me' and it's a typical 'Roan' song - belting along at a real pace with jangling loveable guitars, and a melodic pop vocal to go alongside it. I've a real soft spot for Indie Pop written like this. Wa

Introducing....Mari Sainio with track 'The Silence'

Last week I tried to persuade you that we didn't just feature slightly melancholy and often just sad songs, and this week we'll start the week by heading straight back in the direction of dreamy melancholia. Although actually whilst 'Mari Sainio's new track might be inspired by Sylvia Plath, be called 'The Silence' and be written 'in that style', actually it also has a hugely uplifting feel to it too which should hopefully allow it to appeal to all. So 'Mari Sanio' is a Finnish neo-classical composer, and her music is more heavily weighted towards the 'ambient' side of things, although that's less apparent in 'The Silence'. Her debut album is written, recorded and ready to be released in Aug

Skuldpadda - 'Witches' video and London live dates!

So we'll keep the introductions to new music going with a Swedish band with a very different approach to songwriting than 'Hockney', whom we wrote about earlier. 'Skudpadda' are from Gothenburg and they're a 6 piece band who write expansive and ambitious psycadelic indie-rock, with maybe a hint of post rock and shoegaze influences - although actually their sound is pretty distinct, which keeps it interesting. They first came to prominence in 2016 when they released their EP 'Honeymoon', and although I wasn't going to write about it, I've really enjoyed listening to it a few times today. It has 4 tracks, and there's some really strong instrumental sections and some sweeping melodic lines too

'Hockney' - new single 'Twenty-Two'

Not all music we feature is downbeat and laced with melancholia, you're clearly all imagining it, and to prove it here's a great summery track to get your day started from Norwegian duo 'Hockney', the latest in a series of singles they've released in the run up to their debut album, So 'Hockney' are duo Sigurd Fandango and Vegard Setrom, and they've teamed up with Sean O'Hagan (Stereolab, The High Llamas) who's written some easy going and charming string arrangements to accompany the tracks, all recorded at Press Play Studio in London with musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. And they're definitely amongst the best. 'Twenty-Two' is a bright and cheery song, with an irresistible m

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