'Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs' & 'Alec Danger' - double single 'Righteou

We've made a slight impression on our backlog, so we'll drop in now a double single which is actually released today 31st August, and it's 2 tracks from 2 Finnish artists whom we're delighted to feature for the 1st time. Alec Danger & Joonas Holmen are 2 independent musicians from Turku (home to NMR 'Album of the Year winners 'The Stillwalkers') and Helsinki respectively and similar to the Sub Pop bands of 'my era' they've combined in a joint project to release 2 psychedelic indie tracks (through 'Fuu Records') which compliment each other, even if they do have slightly different approaches to their songwriting. So the first single is 'Righteous Man' from 'Joonas Holmén + The Lossy Codecs' an

Riike Mo - new track 'Leaves Don't Lie'

We introduced you to the Swedish songwriter 'Riike Mo' back in May when he released his track 'Desperate', and we have been looking forward to follow up music from the singer songwriter, with his thought provoking style that really caught our attention in his debut track. His latest song is entitled 'Leaves Don't Lie', and it is a more straight forward song than 'Desperate', but still in that distinct 'Riike Mo' style that was so appealing. The song was conceived during a train ride between Milan and Rimini, and once again there's a 'minimalist' approach to the instrumentals at the beginning of the song that throws the emphasis on to 'Riike Mo's' lyrics and vocals, which have a purity but a

Antonia Vai - track 'The Witch' (from the album 'Ritual')

So we have a 'bumper' weekend of music to bring you, ranging from folk influenced singer songwriters to a quite inspired offbeat Sunday Non Nordic Indie selection, even if I say so myself. We'll start with a very belated write up of a singer songwriter who is Swedish with Hungarian roots, and who uses these influences in her dramatic twist on folk storytelling. 'Antonia Vai' is now based in Budapest, and she's made a real impression on the Hungarian music scene in particular, nominated for ”Songwriter of the year” by Artisjus, and being a regular performer on stage at clubs and in festivals across Europe. The track we're featuring today is 'The Witch', and I like this because it is just so

Introducing.... 'ilt' with track 'Monochromatic Fields'

It's always a struggle to get moving after summer vacation, it seems to trigger 'writers block' and general inertia, but we have to get moving or the backlog will just be totally absurd. So maybe the best way to kickstart things is to return to the genre of music I'm most comfortable and familiar with, and a brief introduction to a band who have been sitting on my new music playlist for the last few months. 'ilt' are from Denmark, and they are sit bang right in the middle of the post rock genre, writing music that makes no attempt to conform to radio friendly standards, but has a natural free flowing style built around the repetition of musical phrases and sudden bursts of post rock bliss.

Mari Sainio - with new track 'Mountains' (from the album 'Minus 25')

Before our annual holiday we introduced you all to the music of Finnish composer 'Mari Sainio' through her track 'The Silence', released in advance of her album 'Minus 25'. The album has now been released, and we've taken the time to listen in more detail to another track from the album, entitled 'Mountains' There's no doubt that the 'The Silence' really made an impression, albeit it was undoubtedly a fairly melancholy composition, inspired as it was by Sylvie Plath. But we knew at the time that the track, which included vocals, didn't really represent Mari Sainio's 'typical' musical outputs, which are normally instrumental, and minimalist and ambient in their leanings. So from 'Minus 25' w

The Stillwalkers - new single 'Slow Moves'

It's great to be back writing, and even if the backlog is as immense as ever I have a renewed sense of optimism that one day we'll reach the end of the list. And although I promise to head back to deal with the longest outstanding, I just have to drop in the new track from Finnish band 'The Stillwalkers' first, because they remain my favourite 'discovery' since we started Nordic Music Review all those years ago. It's been a while since we heard from 'The Stillwalkers', their 2015 self titled album has grown into one of my favourite albums of all time, but the band have taken time away to have families and then worked on an EP, which inevitably has taken slightly longer than anticipated. Fina

A Nordic Music Holiday...

It's time for our annual holiday, with a HUGE apology to those artists we didn't have time to yet feature (especially the excellent 'Cinnamon Space Machine' who have a review outstanding for almost years...), and for not being able to run our Holiday Listening feature - sadly events conspired against us. We'll be back in just over 2 weeks, and for UK readers please don't forget to buy your Major Parkinson and Jarle Skavhellen / Freyr Flodgren gig tickets!

'Novel-Fae' - new track 'Coalesce'

Just one short track today on the 'penultimate' day before our annual Nordic Music Review break from writing - we'll be back later in August. And it is a thoughtful, weighty little song from the Swedish 'folk rock' artist 'Novel-Fae' (meaning 'an interpretation, a new beginning') entitled ''Coalesce', a new track further to the album 'From Fall to Roanoke' released last year. Now I do make a bit of a joke sometimes about the number of tracks apparently written / recorded in a cabin or cottage In a remote part of Scandinavia (with only a mouse for company), but trust me, this absolutely sounds like it was. 'Novel-Fae' has the ability to shut the rest of the world completely out and totally c

'Sawdust & Rust' - with track 'The Shade of Your Skin' (from 'Leaving a Memo

We're stumbling towards our main annual break of the year, and inevitably the final week has become a complex mad rush of holiday packing, 'real' work responsibilities and organisation for our Nordic Music Live series in September / October. So apologies for the lack of posts this week, but I think the first track we're featuring is such a beautifully written song that I like to think we'll be forgiven pretty quickly. 'Sawdust & Rust' is collaboration of Swedish singer-songwriter Patrick Rydman and Faroese singer-songwriter Benjamin Petersen, and over a period of 3 years they've worked sometimes a Faroese studio and sometimes virtually to create and release an album entitled 'Leaving a Memo

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