'ViVii' - 'Siv (You and I)' (Live)

We wrote about Swedish group ViVii back in July when they released a live version of their song 'Savant', so it's good to be able to return to the band for another live release, this time with a performance of their song 'Siv (You and I)', which we referenced back in our earlier write-up. If you missed that, 'ViVii' are a trio based around Emil and Caroline Jonsson, based in Stockholm and they released their debut EP 'Savant' earlier this year, following which they've had some impressive live appearances at places such as the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg - this is clearly a band with a fair amount of ambition to get out and perform to people. There is something that I really like about 'Vi

'Ianick' with track 'A Hymn for the Faithless' (ft. Inge Bremnes)

I was going to post about 'Ianick' yesterday (well actually it should have been 2 weeks ago...), but with the features on Rosa and Simon Lynge I didn't want it to get lost. Because his track 'A Hymn for the Faithless' just has so much depth and so beautiful detail, it somehow just deserves it's own special place somewhere - in fact I'm not sure I've quite ever heard anything like it. We need to introduce 'Ianick' as we haven't written about him before, a Norwegian electronic musician / producer / composer with a background of real success as a producer on the house music scene, with a list of projects and collaborations to numerous to mention on here. His new track 'A Hymn for the Faithless

Simon Lynge - new track 'Age of Distraction'

We're a few days late covering the new track from Simon Lynge, so apologies for that, but good music with thoughtful messages stick around for an age, and his new track 'Age of Distraction' is definitely worth everyone taking a careful listen. Hopefully most of you will be aware of Simon Lynge's songwriting, as 'Age of Distraction' is the first single off his fourth album. Born in Denmark, his family moved to Greenland at the age of 5, and it is the natural surroundings of adopted homeland which have clearly inspired his songwriting ever since. With plaudits across the music world, and appearances on BBC television through to Glastonbury he is widely respected, and the quiet anticipation ahe

'Rosa Jules' - 'Valparaiso' EP

I guess if there's one thing that we've prided ourselves in over the last few years it is that we've tried to search out those artists that do something slightly differently, that don't conform to a musical stereotype, or that blend musical influences to create something that sounds quite unusual. So we're delighted to restart proceedings with an introduction to Finnish songwriter 'Rosa Jules, who's debut EP 'Valparaiso' was released just yesterday. Rosa Jules is probably best described as a free spirited artist, who's main inspiration come from her desire to travel, with musical influences from different nations and genres - jazz, soul, psychedelia and conventional pop. 'All I want is to s

'The Oceans' - new track 'Song to Molly'

It has been a scandalously inefficient week of Nordic Music Review writing, but the music continues and we're delighted to head back to Denmark and a band who first made a really good impression when we wrote about them in July. 'The Oceans' are based around Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, 2 Copenhagen based musicians who have combined to write upbeat indie music, which also favourably reminds me of a number of British indie bands from the last couple of decades. Their latest track 'Song to Molly' follows the pattern of the previously featured 'My Copenhagen Love', an upbeat celebration of life - those times you wake up full of energy and love for everything around you. It's accompanied by a ty

'Maleen' - new track 'Sad Ironic'

I'm still slightly overcome by just how good the 'Belle Jar' release is, but we have a mountain of new releases to tell you about this week, and we'll start with something very different from the norm. 'Maleen' is a Danish singer songwriter who fuses together both rock and classical influences to create a distinct and original sound, as well as using the beauty and force of her natural surroundings as a backdrop to her music. Similarly to many musicians of the current era, whilst 'Maleen' was inspired by rock music as a teenager, she was actually classically trained, performing in operas and churches as she developed as a singer. And a songwriter she's maintained that style and influence in

Sunday Non Nordic Indie: Introducing...'Army of Moths' - with track 'Euphoria Gloria&#39

Our first Non Nordic Indie feature after our August vacation takes us on a rare visit back home to the UK (it's ok I think we're heading to the Philippines next Sunday), and it is indeed an honour to introduce you to a band that quite literally fluttered into our lives a few months ago, 'Army of Moths'. Now we feature a wide variety of styles of music at Nordic Music Review, but we've never featured anything quite like 'Army of Moths', who quite happily write whatever they want (with a respectful nod towards the greatest of bands), and it's turned out rather well - an anthemic new wave mothadelic assault of lovely musical nonsense that's always based around rather wonderful melodies. 'Eupho

'Belle Jar' - 'Last Word of Love' (album)

''I don't know, but I think someone needs to fill in the blanks in the songs'' (Belle Jar) I've written about the fact that when I really love an album, I'll get to about the 4th song and I get so excited about what I'm hearing that I have to return to the start to listen again, therefore really concentrating and appreciating what I'm listening to. I'm not sure, however, that I've ever done that with an interview before. But Swedish songwriter 'Belle Jar' is different in many ways as an artist, and that phrase quoted above made me do just that: I stopped the video of her being interviewed and introducing the album, and just started watching the whole thing again, this time really thinking ab

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