Introducing... 'Ålesund' with track 'Shift & Flux' (plus Manchester date next we

I've still got the sounds of that lovely 'Rami Vierula' album going around my head, and probably will have for some time, but we can't stand still for too long as we have so much to get through, and we're delighted to be able to introduce you to a part Norwegian band who've just formally released their first single, and whom I've been keeping an eye on for a short while 'Ålesund' are admittedly only 'slightly' Norwegian, but definitely qualify for NMR inclusion because singer Alba Torriset is half Norwegian, and they have, after all, named their band after the beautiful west Norwegian town of 'Ålesund', which I'm convinced we've written about before, although I can't remember in exactly wha

Rami Vierula - 'Ikuinen yö' (album)

I don't think it's entirely a secret that we were planning to go into a 'hiatus' on October 1st, because whilst helping organise the Major Parkinson UK dates and the Nordic Indie Folk night in Manchester were simply amazing things to do, they took their toll mentally for so many reasons. But then 'Rami Vierula' (Delay Trees, 23:23') announced he was releasing his new album 'Ikuinen yö' on that very date, and it would have been downright meanspirited to go on a long break the very date that one of our favourite artists released new material. So we're still here, and I guess this also means that we can add him to the list of people we can blame for this whole sorry adventure... Anyway to say t

'Asmodean' - new release 'Devil's Disco' (single)

We're trying to cover as many styles as possible today, and it seems appropriate that after the last track from 'Strangers on a Train' entitled 'Baby I'm the Devil', we move on to a track called 'Devil's Disco', this time from our favourite young Norwegian metal band 'Asmodean' - who were formed whilst at college in Liverpool. Now we've featured Asmodean before, but it's been a good while since we heard from them, and 'Devil's Disco' is another really strong track to add to the collection. Once again it's the sound of their guitars that I just really love, but the drum rhythms that help drive along the opening are a highlight too. The vocals are very listenable, slightly dark and intense but

'Strangers on a Train' - new single 'Baby I'm the Devil'

We're just far too unreliable to do 'Single of the Week' type features every week, but if we did then the brand new single (out today) from 'Strangers on a Train' would easily be the stand out track for this week (and even the month). With an extraordinary mix of cabaret, rock, folk and the odd drunken pirate tale, they're another band we haven't featured before, but in fairness to us they haven't released any new material for 3 years since their debut album 'The Doghouse Suite', which is your compulsory homework for this weekend - it's a riotous and highly entertaining glimpse into an old style shabby brothel where death lurks in every corner. Anyway.... whilst 'The Doghouse Suite' is pret

'The Entrepreneurs' - new single 'Heroine' (live video)

It's extremely remiss of us never to have covered Danish band 'The Entrepreneurs' before, because they've been making such an impression on the Danish music scene for a while, but we'll correct that now with a live performance of their new single 'Heroine', straight from the forthcoming debut album entitled 'Noise and Romance', which will be released on the excellent Tambourhinoceros label. The 3 piece band from Copenhagen were formed back in 2014, released their highly praised debut EP 'Tony Rominger' in 2016 and since then have been working on the debut album, as well as building an excellent reputation as a hard hitting live act, which has seen them perform at the likes of 'Roskilde Festi

'Tuvaband' - single 'Wolfpack' (from the album 'Soft Drop')

We have a good selection of bands / artists 'new' to Nordic Music Review to write about this weekend (and the weekend starts today right...?), but first an artist we've written about so much already, but it's definitely justified because she's an absolute favourite of everyone who's been involved with NMR over the last couple of years. 'Tuvaband' is now the solo project of 'Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser' and we've probably written about her 3 times since she started, and the good news is that she now has a full album out, which is entitled 'Soft Drop' and although we haven't really time for a full review, we'd definitely recommend you take a listen. From the album we're highlighting 'Wolfpack' in

'The Golden Leaves' - track 'Dancing'

We are still worming through a few releases from September when our minds were otherwise pre-occupied by gig organising, but thankfully good music doesn't age too quickly and our next 'catch up' is from Norway and a band we've featured before from Trondheim, 'The Golden Leaves'. We last featured this band in May when they released the irresistible 'Overexposed' from their EP 'Death, Love and Guns', and the new track 'Dancing' is the first new track as they build towards the release of their debut album. 'Dancing' opens with a long introduction (I hate the 'fashion' for no intros) with a thudding bass line, and whilst 'Overexposed' was an obviously catchy number, this is a more reflective so

'Sleep Moscow' - 'I Hate the Birds' (from the album 'A Wounded Moon')

Again the variety in style of music we're covering this week in evident in our next write-up, which features 'Sleep Moscow', a project based around Swedish musician Petter Kindström, who brings a number of friends and fellow musicians in to work on individual tracks that comprise an album entitled 'A Wounded Moon'. The songs on the album cover a wide range of musical influences and genres, from the more conventional based rock outlook of 'A Million Hopes' to this particularly appealing track (in a melancholy way...) 'I Hate the Birds'. 'I Hate the Birds' interested me as soon as I saw the name, because it has such a stark title, and the song is a desolate track, which is led by the use of th

'Small Feet' - with track 'Ice Storm'

After the complexity of genre defying 'Det Skandaløse Orkester' and their incredible album, I wanted to find a contrast that took us somewhere complexly different both musically and emotionally, and I think 'Small Feet' fits the bill perfectly. Behind 'Small Feet' is the Swedish songwriter Simon Stålhamre, and it's been 3 years since he released his debut album, the beautifully named 'From Far Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean' (and which reminds me of 'The Crimea' track 'Listen to the Seashells, They Know Everything'. His new song is entitled 'Ice Storm' and it's the first from an EP which is due to be released at the end of the year. It was the first track he wrote after his debut alb

Det Skandaløse Orkester - 'Tenk om noen ser deg' (Album)

We're trying to cover a massive range of artists and genres this week, and this is a perfect excuse to delve into what I would describe as 'diverse eclectic' acts and others might probably describe as 'weird stuff'. 'Det Skandaløse Orkester' are from Bergen and play a rather extraordinary blend of progressive jazz, inspired by the likes of Frank Zappa and many others, and the 8 piece collective (which includes 'a Major Parkinson') play impossibly complex and occasionally self indulgent music with Norwegian lyrics which reputedly some Norwegians don't even understand. Now any number of these facts might have put you off already, but 'Tenk om noen ser deg' ('Imagine if someone sees you') is ut

'BF/C' with new track 'To Grace - Main Theme'

We love being able to feature contrasts in styles, and after the harder edged rock of 'Candide Baby', we'll switch direction to a really unusual composition by 'Californiaman', one half of the Swedish duo 'BF/C'. Again this doesn't quite fit into any specific genre, but what I can tell you is that it was written for a production of Lars Von Trier's 'Dogville', which has been playing at 'Folkteatern' in Gothenburg. 'BF/C' themselves are an indie electro duo whom I've been listening to this morning, and I guess I'd make the comparison with my favourite 'local' band 'Metronomy', with really clever swirling beats and rhythms, and always melodic too. Anyway that all makes 'To Grace - Main Theme'

'Candide Baby' - new track 'Mrs Gas Station Attendant'

The variety of genres we're covering this week continues today with 2 more bands / artists we haven't featured before, one neo-classically influenced, but firstly we head to Sweden for a band who fuse together a mix of alternative rock styles. 'Candide Baby' are another new band to Nordic Music Review, but they did release their debut EP last year entitled 'A Loser Inside Your Head', which contains 6 tracks and you can obviously still find it online. They write highly charged music for 'the oppressed', with a 4 piece set up based around driving guitars and slightly wayward vocals that have real character as well as an edge. I guess in the musical spectrum they sit somewhere between Pixies, J

'Communions' - new track 'Is This How Love Should Feel?'

We try not to drop in new music without much comment, but Danish band 'Communions' do get a fair amount of coverage elsewhere, so we'll just post this up and let you all add it to your latest playlists. We first featured the 4 piece band from Copenhagen back in 2015 on release of their debut self titled EP, and last years album 'Blue' received plaudits from far afield. Anyway they're back with 'Is This How Love Should Feel', and it's simply a really good indie guitar track, take a listen: More details about 'Communions' here: #denmark #indierock

Introducing... 'Luxhus' with track 'October Flight'

We have a few releases from Finland hanging around in our inbox, and we'll start with an introduction to a band that have blown me away somewhat with a really unusual and ambitious track. The band are 'Luxhus' and they're a 3 piece based around long term collaborators Ville and Rami, who were joined by 3rd member Maija shortly after. They released an EP entitled 'C'mon' back in 2016, which you can still find on streaming services, and having listened to it this afternoon it is well worth checking out. Now I'm going to urge you to stick with their new track 'October Flight', because the first time I heard it I was slightly unsure whether it was almost too ambitious and long, but after having

Terje Torkellsen - new track 'Sean'

We're really excited about the range of Nordic releases to bring you this week, and we'll start off with an artist we haven't had chance to feature before as a solo artist. Terje Torkellsen, also a member of bands such as Mats Wawa (whom we have featured), writes slightly offbeat alternative pop tracks influenced by all kinds of music, but his new track 'Sean' is a very specific eulogy to none other than Sean O'Hagan of the excellent High Llamas, Stereolab and Microdisney. 'Sean' is a curious track, which is probably why I like it so much, with a simple opening that makes no attempt to 'hook' you in with an obvious melody, and a blend of instruments which doesn't quite tie it down to a speci

Neondad - new track 'Bonobos'

Sadly time is against us this weekend, so just one track to add to your latest music playlists, and it's a welcome return from old favourites 'Neondad' whom we first featured back in 2014 when they released their album 'Off the Humdrum', the highlight of which was an excellent track curiously entitled 'I Fired a Contract Killer'. The 4 piece Finnish band from the city of Oulu have been on an extended break since the release of that album, but their new track 'Bonobos' announces their return, with more releases scheduled soon. Many of you won't remember 'Neondad' (check out that album, it's pretty good), but they write and play atmospheric melodic indie rock, which I'd probably best describe

Alice Rose - new track 'Berlin is for Dreamers'

We love featuring contrasts in music, and after the murky beats and vocals of 'Pheeyownah' we present a fresh melodic sounding track from Danish songwriter Alice Rose, who is due to release a new album on 9th November (along it seems with everyone else...) charmingly entitled 'What To Do in the Rain'. Alice Rose is yet another Nordic musician we've not yet featured even though she's released 3 studio albums to date, although in fairness the last one was released back in 2013, the year before we stumbled into existence. She is a true multi-instrumentalist who plays everything from violin to autoharp, and based on her extensive live performance history, she clearly lives and breathes music an

'Pheeyownah' - new track 'Silver'

We wrote about Swedish songwriter Sara Forslund yesterday whom we welcomed back after a 2 years absence, and the situation is similar with Swedish / Ugandan artist 'Pheeyownah' who recently returned after a similar break since her 'Zero09Zero09' EP in 2016. We haven't featured 'Pheeyownah' before, she's the recording name of 'Fiona Naluzzi' a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who had released EPs on her own label before her 2016 release on Labrador Records, who are also releasing her latest single. Now we don't feature that many releases in this Indie Electro / R&B style, but 'Silver' is a startling track which seems to generate its own power through the heavy and hazy backdrop

Roxy Jules - track / video 'May the bridges I burn light the way' (from the album 'Roxy

Regular readers might be slightly thrown by the fact that we wrote a review last week of the new Rosa Jules EP (and very good it was too) , but today it is the turn of 'Roxy Jules' who recently released her 4th album, and which in line with her previous release, is entitled 'Roxy Jules IV. Now this really is a fascinating album to get really stuck into. and I know I'm not even going to scratch the surface today, so we'll highlight a couple of our favourite tracks and then send you off in the direction of the full release. So for those of you who haven't come across 'Roxy Jules' before, it is the recording project of Julie Runa, previously of the bands SPEkTR and the brilliantly named Marybel

'Box of Flies' - track 'Then I Forgot' (from the album 'Why Do We Move so Slow&#

We like to mix up the styles, so after the delicacy of 'Sara Forslund' it feels essential to switch to a band who mostly play heavy, dirty grunge driven rock, and are almost the polar opposite of the musical spectrum. 'Box of Flies' (unfortunately they're not some weird offshoot of previously featured 'Army of Moths') are from 'Melhus', just a short drive from Trondheim and the 3 piece consisting of Tormod Brede, Eirik Estenstad and Henning Sigstad released an album on Arctic Fox Recordings called 'Why Do We Move So Slow' on August 31st. We're going to point you in the direction of one particular track which is entitled 'Then I Forgot', which got a pretty good reaction from the NMR team whe

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