'Frode Fivel' - with track 'TV Christmas'

Well I guess we have to wrap things up with a Christmas Song. But it's not necessarily the normal type of Christmas Song that most of the shops and radio stations will be playing, and quite frankly you probably wouldn't expect us to do anything but finish off with a more melancholy, thought provoking release at this time of year. 'Frode Fivel' is a Norwegian singer songwriter who has released a couple of albums, including 'A Kid Is Just A Kid', which you can find on streaming services, and which I really enjoyed listening to yesterday - it has a gentle melodic charm, and a nostalgic warmth - I should repeat the title to myself every day. He's also performed and released music with notable o

'Shy shy shy' - with track 'Joyride'

So we've written about 'Shy shy shy' before, and I think we did suggest a couple of years back they'd make a really good impression on the Danish music scene, and somewhat surprisingly we were right, with a stream of notable releases, live appearances and features across the globe - including our good friends at the 'Ear Things' website in Asia. Their latest release seems them in a more reflective mode, as they've written a stripped back song (well at least at the start) called 'Joyride' as part of the releases they've been doing for the Danish TV show 'Doggystyle'. It opens with just guitar, subtle synths and this allows the lovely vocals of 'Astrid Cordes' to shine through (I think it wa

'It's For Us' with track 'Stay'

It's never too late to introduce a band we haven't written about before, and given that I think we'll be hearing a bit more about 'It's For Us' in 2019, it's good to sneak in a quick write up before the year ends. So the 4 piece Indie Pop Punk band are from Stockholm, and they released an album 'Come With Me' earlier in 2017, which I listened to yesterday and is well worth taking a listen to. However 'Stay' is the first single from a new album, which we're expecting in 2019. This is an interesting band, who clearly have had a lot to contend with in the last 12 months, with the songs written as a matter of 'need' as singer Camilla had to contend with a destructive relationship, as well as he

'Gus Ring' - with new track 'You Deserve So Much More'

So as we stutter towards Christmas and our not so inevitable Albums of the Year list (we might have to give it a break this year), we'll finish off with a few belated write-ups of tracks from the last few weeks. We'll start off with 'Gus Ring' an artist we featured just over a year when he released 'Hypnoseas', an original sounding album which is thoughtfully conceived and constructed - it is obviously still available online if you want to check it out. Now he is back with a new track entitled 'You Deserve So Much More', and I'm captivated straight from the start. It's a fragile, melancholy opening, which similarly to many tracks on that 'Hypnoseas' album, uses sparse instrumentation. Totall

Introducing... 'Sthlm Transit Club' with debut track 'Garden'

I do worry about everyone leading up to Christmas and the holiday season, with so much rushing about and so many stresses, with additional pressures on families, finances and even work too. Hopefully everyone is holding up OK, and if you're looking to escape for a while with a good playlist of new music, well here's a lovely track to add from a Swedish collective we haven't featured before - they're called 'Sthlm Transit Club' and their debut single is 'Garden'. So 'Sthlm Transit Club' are based, unsurprisingly, out of Stockholm, although front man Steve Motion is actually Canadian. Musically the sound they produce has a warmth to it that I've really appreciated in such a dark, cold week. '

'Anders Dahlberg' - new track 'Make It Happen' (from album 'Street Serenade'

So after an enforced break we're left with the dilemma of how to catch up on ALL the music we've missed this last year, and then wrap things up with our Favourite Albums of 2018. Or maybe we'll give that a break this year, and instead focus on 20 Albums we missed or something... either way, we have a lot of writing to do. In the meantime it's been seriously remiss of us not to write anything about 'Anders Dahlberg's' solo material previously, although we did write last year about a band 'Endlings' that he featured in. Anyway we can correct that now because in 'Make it Happen' he has written a really appealing song, that should get inside you on the very first listen. So Anders is from Hønef

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