Album of the Week: 'dj. flugvél og geimskip' - 'Our Atlantis'

We want to keep up the momentum on Album Reviews (we did slightly less last week), even if it means keeping them short, and if truth be told 'dj. flugvél og geimskip' is the type of artist that is so difficult to define and write about, it's probably all best if you just go and take a listen for yourself anyway. But we will try to explain some background. So 'dj. flugvél og geimskip' can only be described as an 'experimental electronic' musician, she's from Iceland but has gained some attention across the world with appearances at everywhere from 'SXSW' to 'Sonar Reykjavik' and even the excellent 'The Great Escape' festival. Her new album 'Our Atlantis' considers the fabled city underneath

'Orsak:Oslo' - 'Ghost Gear' (EP)

Just one more quick feature tonight, and this time it's a new EP release from a Swedish (I think with some Norwegian connections too) band that we also featured last year. 'Orsak:Oslo' are a psychedelic stoner instrumental rock band and they're fairly prolific in their output of music, with a steady stream of releases over the past few years, including the 'Tipping Point' EP that we wrote about last time. Now they've released a new EP entitled 'Ghost Gear', there's 3 tracks on it and somewhat inevitably there's over 20 minutes of music to listen to. Opening track 'I'll Meet You There' doesn't hang around like some releases of this style, the driven guitar and bass pound out a dark greeting u

'Moddi' -new single 'Little by Little'

It's been a while since we heard from 'Moddi', the Norwegian songwriter who is still mostly responsible for the existence of Nordic Music Review at all - alongside the always troublesome 'Major Parkinson'. His last project 'Unsongs' was a huge achievement, he researched 100's of 'banned' songs before settling on the collection of stories that formed the album, and I did expect it would be some time before we heard his next release. In the end we almost missed the new song 'Little by Little', but thankfully the lovely Finnish folk singer 'Catself' mentioned it on Twitter, a track which interestingly Moddi says was pretty much the most difficult song he's ever written - an attempt to write a

Simen Mitlid - new single 'Tell Me Everything'

Hopefully there will be one more Album / EP review to publish before the weekend hits us, but first an update on a songwriter we've written about before. Simen Mitlid is an Oslo based singer songwriter who released an EP back in 2015, before a full length release entitled 'Everything is the Same' in September 2017 which we really enjoyed and which we thoroughly recommend you check out at some point. In advance of a brand new album due later this year Mitlid has released 'Tell me Everything and we wanted to bring you it straight away because it is such a charming indie folk influenced song. It opens with a playful fanfare, before it launches off with a quirky melody, laid back and easy going,

Album of the Week: 'The Wit' - 'A Whole Article. A Life'

So we're a couple of days late again, but we know you're used to being patient, and our Album of the Week is definitely worth waiting for. Until recently 'The Wit' were a completely new name to us, but a single called 'Dead Clones' found its way to us, and we liked what we heard so much we decided to wait for the full album before we wrote about them. I'm so glad we did, because 'A Whole Article. A Life' is the most personally appealing album I've heard this year, with a mixture of instantly engaging songs and some complex tracks that will take longer for you to get your teeth into. I guess we should tell you more about them. They're a 5 piece Norwegian band, and they've been writing off and

Introducing... 'Saga Back' with track 'Cry'

Today we feature something slightly different from our norm, because 'Saga Back' may have more of a widespread (even commercial) appeal than many indie artists we love writing about. But we think she is a really special artist, and her new track 'Cry' has really captured our imagination - mainly for the quality of the vocals, but also because of the compelling nature of her songwriting. So 'Saga Back' is a 20 year old Gothenburg based singer songwriter, and 'Cry' is just her 2nd single - a follow up to the track 'There You Go.... Again', which was released to some success late last year. Influenced by musicians such as Jorja Smith and Seinabo Sey, 'Saga Back' has been writing material for ye

'Stranger Things' - new single 'Enemy' (plus 'Gravity' EP from 2018)

We have a couple of singles / new artist introductions today (both Swedish), before we return to the list of new Album / EP releases currently stacked up on our playlist. The first is quite simply a lovely song by duo 'Stranger Things' who first formed way back in 2010, released a debut EP in 2012 but didn't release anything again until last year, when they released an EP in Spring entitled 'Gravity'. The duo comprise Gabriel Wingård and Anna Falk from Stockholm, and having had chance to go back and listen to last years release, I regret that we didn't have the opportunity to cover it - a nicely written set of tracks, with subtle contributions from cellist Fredrik Lindholm. All their back

'The Remaining Part' - 'The Remaining Part' (EP)

We've covered a good range of newly released Albums in the last few weeks, but we're slightly behind on an EP that came out at the beginning of the month, and it is a great contrast to the full on Indie guitar anthems of Finnish band 'Pastis' that we featured earlier today. 'The Remaining Part' consist of 3 members between Denmark and Germany, producer Maxi Menot, and then 2 vocalists - Shary and a name more familiar to us, Line Bogh, who released her excellent 'Like Fire Like Fire' album back in 2017. There are 5 tracks on their self titled EP, and 'In the Beginning' opens, with hypnotic beats providing the backdrop for the song, but there are some lovely subtleties to enjoy, from the backg

Album of the Week: 'Pastis' - 'Circles'

Our Album of the Week is a couple of days later than normal, but we like to think it's a particularly good selection, and it's from a band we've featured a few times before. 'Pastis' are from Finland, and we've followed their progress for some time, featuring their debut EP 'Four Stories', as well as a steady stream of singles in the run up to their debut album 'Circles', which was released last Friday. Originally meeting on the football terraces, they are now a 5 piece band, and their music is an attractive blend of Indie Rock styles - from Britpop to more modern Indie Rock. The album opens with the inviting 'Around Here', showing an early view of their melodic intent, with optimistic lyr

Since November - 'First Final Frontier' (single)

One of the highlight 'new introductions' back in 2017 was a Finnish project we featured entitled 'Since November', the creation of musician Tomi Mäkilä (The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo) - supported by fellow musician Jukka-Pekka Flander. After the flowing charms of that single 'Star System', their new release is entitled 'First Final Frontier' and it's an equally compelling track that, for some unexplained reason, has a 'goosebump' effect' on me too. Whilst 'Star System' had a gorgeous flowing piano theme, this time in 'First Final Frontier' it's an acoustic guitar which propels the track forward, but there are similarities with that previous song (which means that 'Since Novem

The Oneflower Tribe - 'Instantly Outmoded' (album)

We have mused previously that we haven't featured enough music from the beautiful Åland Islands (the Finnish archipelago between Finland and Sweden), although we did briefly visit there for a couple of features including an introduction to 'Merrigan'. 'The Oneflower Tribe' don't live permanently on the islands anymore, as they're now Stockholm based, but that's where they originate - I definitely need to spend an hour or two researching other musicians who are still based there. So 'The Oneflower Tribe' describe themselves as bohemian blues pop, and that's actually a pretty accurate description. But the fascination of this band lies in the varied instrumentation in each of their songs, as

'Highasakite' - 'Uranium Heart' (album)

So the general rule is that for 'higher profile' releases we write less because everyone can read far more informed and detailed reviews elsewhere, and I've certainly spotted coverage of the new 'Highasakite' album 'Uranium Heart' in national UK publications such as the Independent. Having said that, it also almost doesn't seem fair to skip through an album which clearly has had so much energy, emotion and passion poured into it - hopefully I can succinctly get into the detail and do it all justice. So this is 'Highasakite's' 4th album, and the 1st since the band slimmed down to core members Ingrid Helene Håvik and Trond Bersu. And after the sheer scale of the pop ambitions of both 'Camp Ech

Introducing... 'Salainen avaruusohjelma' with track 'Buffalo'

We have another album review later today (well it's just rambling words, rather than a review) but first an update on a new project from Finnish musician Jari Oisalo, whom we first featured back in 2014 when Nordic Music Review had just started, although at that time it was as lead songwriter in the excellent shoegaze band 'Tyynyt'. Now he's involved in a project for a new band, called 'Salainen avaruusohjelma' - I realise that none of you need the translation, but anyway it's 'Secret Space Program'. Anyway the new track is called 'Buffalo', and it's been rotating on my new music playlist for the last week, because it's a slowly addictive song that will seep into your consciousness, gently

Album of the Week: 'Acres Wild' - 'Patiently' (album)

Although there have been some pretty weighty new Nordic album releases in the last week ('Highasakite' etc), our Album of the Week probably hasn't had quite so much attention, and it's a stylish and beautifully written Indie guitar album from Norwegian band 'Acres Wild'. We've been pretty remiss in not writing about 'Acres Wild' previously, because their previous EP entitled 'Mona' was released back in 2017 and received widespread praise - and I've really enjoyed going back and belatedly listening to it. They're a 5 piece band from Oslo, and they feature amongst them none other than Simen Følstad Nilsen from the excellent 'Aiming for Enrike' - previously featured in NMR, also recommended b

'Bonnie Cried' - 'Everyone Has to Die' (single)

We have some really good new albums to feature this week, including releases from 'Highasakite', The Spielbergs' and a particular favourite 'Acres Wild', but just take a few minutes of your day to listen to this sizzling track from Danish based band 'Bonnie Cried'. Although the 4 band members appear to come from across the world (I think the latest line-up is a mix of New Zealand, USA, Denmark and Iceland), they're based from Århus, which just has such a good music scene, and they write dark, brooding, alternative rock. Last year we somewhat criminally missed the release of their self-titled EP, but they're back with a new single entitled 'Everyone Has To Die' and it appears to be the first

NMR Album / EP Round Up (volume 2):

So the number of new album releases has really spiked in the last week, and there's absolutely no chance of getting detailed reviews of every Nordic release. There's some really good albums in the list below, so please try and give them some of your listening time: Jon-Olov Woxlin - 'Let It All In and Let it All Go' (album) It disappoints that we haven't got more time to write in detail on Jon-Olov Woxlin;s latest release 'Let It All In and Let it All Go', because his follow up to the nicely written 'Act Aloof' is a highly entertaining series of songs and stories, all written in Woxlin's familiar Country influenced style. I'll never tire of his lyrics, some of which tell the most descriptive

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