'Selma & Gustaf' - new single 'Sinking Stone'

The list of Nordic artists and bands that we've never managed to feature despite a wealth of lovely releases, will never get any shorter, but we'll try our best to cover as many as possible. 'Selma & Gustaf' are based around Swedish duo Selma Edenståhl and Gustaf Johnsson, but they have other musicians performing with them also and they've released a series of singles, an EP and an Album in the last 3 years. Their attractive brand of country influenced Americana is easy listening, but pretty mesmerizing too thanks to the lovely vocals. Following on from that debut album 'Stories Of", released back in 2017, Selma & Gustaf have toured pretty extensively (including the United States), although

Album of the Week: 'Ari' - 'Radikoj'

We've covered the extraordinary M Rexen album this week, but our Album of the Week is far less 'weighty', and far more palatable on the ear. We've written about 'Ari' (Ari (Guðmundsson) previously when he released his 'Fræ'' album back in 2017 and the multi-instrumentalist is back with his second album, entitled 'Radikoj', and it's 10 nicely written songs, far more acoustic based than his last album, and the type of album that you should like on first listen - it certainly appealed to me straight away anyway. It all opens with 'Empire' with quirky accompanying rhythms, and although it's a relatively slow opening it develops into a nice enough melodic song, whilst 'Crossfire' develops with an

'Catself' - 'A New Green' (single)

We've covered a particularly unusual release today with Danish musician M. Rexen and his weighty long titled album, so here's a lovely sweet and quirky song to balance up our recommendations. We've featured Finnish songwriter 'Catself' previously, she writes flighty nature inspired alternative folk, with the most honest and endearing lyrics and we're delighted she has a new song out. So it's entitled 'A New Green' and it's a completely charming song, with the cutest of melodies that will dance around your head all day, and lyrics which will make you hang on to every word she says. But there are also some lovely subtle instrumental contributions too, from the cello in the opening chorus to th

'M. Rexen' - 'United Kingdoms Part II - Animals of the Frozen Clouds' (album)

If 'M. Rexen's' album 'United Kingdoms Part II - Animals of the Frozen Clouds' sounds to you like a musical curiosity that could take you months to fully comprehend and get to grips with, well you'd be absolutely right. So I won't try, instead offering a few short humble paragraphs to try and explain more about the artist and album, before letting you explore for yourself. I make no guarantee to you will like it, but to me there are some really beautiful moments in amongst an album which maybe perplexing at times, but is always interesting and innovative. So behind M. Rexen is Michael Rexen, born of Danish parents but in The United Arab Emirates. And this upbringing and national identity sta

'Virgins at Heart' - 'Little Ray' (from album 'Safety Lagoon')

Our 'favourite' bands / artists tend to be those that can't entirely be categorised into a specific genre (Major Parkinson being an obvious example) , and whilst 'Virgins at Heart' probably sit somewhere in a more commercial space than those typically we feature in Nordic Music Review, they are definitely worth inclusion, because their new album is an appealing melodic release which brings together indie and electro pop, EDM and even psychedelic influences. To introduce them, well they're a 4 piece band from Stockholm, who seem to have been together for a few years, with a debut album in 2016 called '2 2 Tango', which might possibly be the most 'cheesily' named album release in musical histo

'You Could Be A Cop' - ' Against the Bleeding Skyline' (single)

We have 2 short album reviews pending, hopefully they'll see the light of day late tonight, but in the meantime we'll keep the momentum going with an excellent slow building track from the Norwegian project 'You Could Be A Cop'. Against the Bleeding Skyline' somehow builds from a cute indie pop track into something resembling post rock, and it's strangely mesmerizing. So 'You Could Be a Cop' are from Trondheim, who for previous releases featured British singer Natalie Evans, who combined with brothers Marius and Morten (also from the excellent 'Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson') on some interesting tracks which resulted in their self titled 2017 EP release. Natalie has now been working

'Death by Horse' - new single 'Dear Jim' (from album 'Reality Hits Hard')

So here's a song that will wake you up on a Monday morning, and maybe even inspire you to think about yourself in a different way to yesterday. Sweden's 'Death by Horse' are yet band another we've regrettably never featured in NMR, but we'll correct their omission from our pages now, with a simply blistering post punk single which I've been playing pretty much all week. UK readers may not have come across 'Death by Horse' before, but they're a band who've made a pretty good impression back in Sweden. Their debut album "This Too Shall Pass" was rel​eased in 2016 and has had massive streaming numbers on Spotify, and they were nominated for "Newcomers of the Year" during the Manifest Gala in S

'The Oceans' - 'High on You' (single)

We've featured a few new names to Nordic Music Review in the last couple of weeks, but 'The Oceans' should be far more familiar as we wrote about them 3 times last year, and after a stream of single releases through Autumn and Winter. They're based around 2 Danish multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, and they've always appealed to us with their melodic indie guitar writing, which has nods back toewards bands like The Cure and even Joy Divsiosn. Anyway they're back with a new song, entitled 'High on You' and it deals with trying to support a loved one whilst they're going through a spell of depression. It's a typically uptempo track straight form the start, with a driving beat

'Minru' - new single 'Windmills'

We cover a lot of lovely new music obviously, but every now and then something gets sent through to us which is particularly special, and (after a quiet week of updates) we’re delighted to be able to introduce you to Swedish artist ‘Minru’. Her latest release ‘Windmills’ is just so lovely, and already we’re really looking forward to her next EP release in April. Although we haven’t featured Minru previously, we have indirectly featured her as a musician, as she plays with the exceptional Norwegian songwriter 'Tuva' (in her 'Tuvaband' project), but is a song-writer, producer and musician also and writes under the project name ‘Minru’ from her base in Berlin. She's released an EP in 2017 and

'Beverly Kills' - 'Revellers' (single)

We weren't quite as efficient at tracking some of the new bands breaking through last year (the 'live' dates we organised took way too much time), and one Swedish band we missed were Indie Rock outfit 'Beverly Kills', who released 3 singles which led to them being nominated for the "Breakthrough of the Year” in the Gaffa Awards. That success has led to a stream of live appearances at festivals such as 'Viva Sounds' and this years 'by:Larm', and now they're back with another single entitled 'Revellers'. Released to coincide with them signing to Australian label 'Hell Beach', 'Revellers' is a convincing melodic indie guitar driven track, the highlight of which are Alma Westerlund's dreamy and

'Vilnes' - 'Play With Me' (single)

I've been looking forward all week to writing an update on 'Vilnes', simply because it gives me an excuse to listen to his new track 'Play With Me' just a few more times - not that I needed much of an excuse, given I've had it on rotation from the moment I first heard it. It's another really good song from the songwriter, and everybody I've 'made' listen to it seems to agree with me. So we have written about 'Vilnes' (the musician Eivind Vilnes) before, but in case you msised it he's a Norwegian musician who tantalised us all last year with snippets of music videos before launching with his debut song 'Demons', which we rightfully described as '2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius'. He

Introducing... 'Jonas Källstrand' with track 'Dynamite'

Sometimes it's not the actual music or melodies that I'm drawn to, but rather the stories that an artist tells, and the lyrics that they write. And that's definitely the case with Swedish songwriter 'Jonas Källstrand', who's music is based around the older traditions of folk musicians where tales (and sometimes even myths) were passed down through their music and words. So Källstrand is from Gothenburg, and there are a few tracks he's released in the last couple of years to be enjoyed on streaming services. My favourite older track is 'The House My Parents Later Sold', and there's a lovely video to go with it which I've added to the feature below. His perspective on songwriting is really int

'Azure Blue' - 'The Rose' (single)

After the general chaos and energy of 'Pom Poko' from Norway (a mighty fine album if you haven't heard it), I guess we should change the ambience and balance things up slightly. 'Azure Blue' has the ability to apply the softest textures to his songwriting, and the latest single 'The Rose' is as gentle and understated as you can almost get. Behind 'Azure Rose' is Tobias Isaksson, and he's a renowned songwriter we really should have covered before - Swedish readers will be pretty familiar with him already, although maybe UK readers less so. Previously he was the frontman of the band 'Irene' as well as being in the acclaimed folk pop band 'Laurel Music', and since then he has released 4 album

Album of the Week: 'Pom Poko' - 'Birthday'

If truth be told, then I have no idea what I'm going to say about the 'Pom Poko' album 'Birthday'. In some ways I feel I should just demand nicely that you all go and listen immediately, and allow yourself to be blown away by its energy, complexity and hugely entertaining array of sounds, but I guess I have to try and say something, even if I do feel so 'in awe' of their debut release that I've struggled to know what to say since its release a couple of weeks ago. I guess I should start off by introducing them. 'Pom Poko' are from Norway, and they're a 4 piece band who've simply exploded onto the music scene in the last year or so. They met whilst studying at the Trondheim Music Conservatory

'Les Shales' - 'Nowhere's Eve' (album)

We're still trying to get into the habit of writing a couple of short and sharp album reviews each week, so that we can cover as many new releases as possible, and Swedish duo 'Les Shales' are definitely worthy of a few lines with their new album 'Nowhere's Eve'. It is an album which was sent to us last week without any fanfare, just one line asking us to take a listen, and that seemed rather nice - no big attempt to capture our attention, or use of a pestering PR companies to make the point. So 'Les Shales' are a brother / sister duo, Judit and Erik Fritz, but it was originally formed by multi-instrumentalist Eric, who is also the drummer in one of our favourite indie bands 'Honeymilk', wh

'Ida Wenøe' - new single 'Another Kind of Love'

We have briefly written about 'Ida Wenøe' previously, but have given her nowhere near the coverage she deserves, but thankfully we should be able to correct that over the next few months with a new single, an album and some UK live dates to write about. I think I first read about the Danish singer songwriter a few years ago when our friends at the excellent 'Good Because Danish' wrote about her, and since then she has released a steady stream of music, including the excellent 2017 album 'Time of Ghosts', and was even nominated at the Danish Music Awards. The good news is that she will be releasing a new album shortly (the beautifully titled 'The Things We Don't Know Yet' on 12th April), and

'YOHIO' - new single 'My Nocturnal Serenade'

So we've featured a newish band in 'St. Bennetts' from Norway, and we'll head back to someone who is becoming somewhat of an old favourite, Swedish visual Alternative / Progressive Rock phenomena 'YOHIO'. Now I'm going to admit straight away that I do feel his music is somewhat of a guilty pleasure sometimes, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, simply because it is just so lavish and fully orchestrated, but the reality is that it's also hugely entertaining too. Last time we wrote about 'YOHIO' he had just released the track 'Merry Go Round', and 'My Nocturnal Serenade' is in a similar style. The iconic singer, who has an unbelievable career behind him despite a relatively young age,

Introducing... 'St. Bennetts' -'Oh Sweet Devil' (single)

We have 2 rather good tracks to bring you tonight, even if I do say so myself. The first, somewhat inevitably, comes from Bergen in Norway, a city we've not visited musically for at least one whole week, and it's to introduce you all to a band that I particularly like because it's very much my type of musical nonsense. 'St. Bennetts' are a 4 piece band that have been around for a while, and I have listened to an old track, but I think it's their new material which will really start to make an impression. So 'St. Bennetts' list their influences as the likes of 'Kaizers Orchestra' and fellow Bergen musicians 'Major Parkinson', which is great to hear, although clearly these are such hallowed na

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