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An Interview with new Norwegian project... 'Husmo HAV'!

So to (almost) wrap things up before our annual May Vacation, we're delighted to introduce you to a brand new project from Norway that play cinematic instrumental music - or possibly instrumental cinematic music. Called 'Husmo Hav' they contain members of 'Highasakite' and indie band 'The Switch', and they've intrigued us so much with their debut single called 'East in North'. that we've decided to speak to the 4 members, Thomas, Marte, Tore and Stian, to find out more about them. Actually we technically only spoke to 3, but who's counting...: NMR: So.... can you explain how you guys got together making music? Thomas: Well, I’ve played with Tore and Stian for years in other bands. We all stu

In Short: 'Spielbergs' - 'This is Not the End' (album) + LIVE UK DATES

We'll be taking a late May break in a few days time, so we'll wrap things before then up by trying to cover a few albums released in the last few months that we haven't yet had chance to cover in detail, with just a few succinct words on each. We'll start off on in Norway and a band we covered last year, 'Spielbergs', when they released their blistering single 'We Are All Going to Die'. So these guys are from Oslo, and they write high energy, guitar driven Indie Rock, which should have widespread . appeal, and in line with that, their music has received attention from websites and all over Europe. They've made it across to the UK for some dates here too, have festival appearances booked with

Introducing... 'Czita' with track 'Pretty Eyes'

So to follow on from that weighty release from 'Monalia', we're delighted to switch styles and introduce you to a quirky and slightly curious track from Swedish songwriter 'Czita', which has intrigued us over the last week. Czita is from Stockholm and although 'Pretty Eyes' is officially her debut track, she's been writing music way back since 2003, with a simply vast array of influences from 90's R&B, hip hop, jazz and classical music - pretty much anything with melodies. Her debut release 'Pretty Eyes', however, doesn't obviously reflect any of the influences listed or in fact any genre whatsoever, so we'll just call it 'Experimental Indie Pop', and you probably just have to listen for you

Album of the Week: 'Monalia'- 'So Much Better'

I keep hearing that the popularity of albums is on the decline, but sometimes only an album can really define a band, and only through a collection of tracks are they really able to capture our attention - I guess it's the reason we keep on stating that we'll always give priority to albums at Nordic Music Review. Norwegian band 'Monalia' are a great example, I've heard a few individual tracks over the past year and been interested enough to write their album release date down, but it's only by hearing the album a few times that I've suddenly really understood them, and I'd urge everyone to give their debut album 'So Much Better' a listen. So 'Monalia' are from 'Oslo', but they have roots de

Tyynyt - 'Lojun' (single)

It's pretty astonishing that we last wrote about Finnish band 'Tyynyt' approaching 5 years ago, but they were one of the first bands we ever featured ('New Band of the Day No 2') so it's great to catch up with them after all this time. However we have recently featured singer and songwriter Jari Oisalo from the band as part of his new project 'Salainen avaruusohjelma' (Secret Space Machine), and they have a new album out which we will try to get to at some point. Anyway TYYNT also have a new single out, entitled 'Lojun', and the good news is that it appears to be the first release from a new album that is in the making. It's the softest of shoegaze inspired songs, with understated vocals an

Eli Gauden - 'Another Day' (single)

So we've covered 3 bands already today, and we have a couple of songwriters next who both bring a different perspective to their songwriting. Eli Gauden is Norwegian, somewhat inevitably hailing from Bergen, and the influences behind her music lie in more traditional songwriters such as John Mayer and Leonard Cohen, as well as (even more inevitably) the natural surroundings of her native Norway. It was her studies in the USA that helped influence the style of her music, which is somewhere in the Folk, Blues and Americana sphere, but central to her approach is that she is a storyteller at heart. And that can be heard really clearly in her new single 'Another Day', which was released just a c

'Nothing but Sunshine' - 'White Lies' (EP)

We'll try to cover all the Nordic countries and all genres of music too today, so we'll head to Finland next and alternative rock band 'Nothing but Sunshine', a 5 piece outfit from Helsinki who we featured last year and were founded by Jaakko Suni – previously known as the drummer in Finnish indie band Murmansk and also including other members from the same band, as well as fellow indie band Mesmer. 'White Lies' is the debut EP from 'Nothing but Sunshine', and the plan is that it will link together with future EP releases to create their first Album, which is one way of doing things I guess. Although the band formed 2 years ago, many of the songs had already been previously written by songw

'Dream Lake' - 'Someday' (single)

We've just featured 'Little Winter;' and their debut EP release from April, and another release we missed last month featured Swedish dream pop duo 'Dream Lake', with their track 'Someday'. We have a feeling that everyone will like this. We're not sure how we haven't written about 'Dream Lake' previously, because their 2017 album 'Lux' made a real impression, with coverage across Europe and single 'Midnight Sun' getting coverage on BBC radio (maybe we should listen more...). The duo consist Isabella Svärdstamand and producer Niklas Lock, and the combination of the soft, dreamy vocals and smooth instrumentation makes it all very appealing. Anyway 'Someday' is an irresistible track, which co

Little Winter - Little Winter (EP)

We have a mountain of new releases to bring you over the next few days, so we're going to try (and probably fail...) to keep each write up succinct and informative to cover as many different bands as possible. We'll start off in Denmark, and a release from later last month from young 5 piece band 'Little Winter', who've released a self titled debut EP which mixes Nordic melancholy with higher tempo tracks that aren't afraid to.... So 'Little Winter' have been around for a couple of years, and have already made a pretty big impression even before the release of the EP, with appearances at prestigious festivals such as SPOT and Roskilde, and that live reputation formed the basis of their appro

'Minru' - 'Yearnings' (EP)

Regular readers will remember that we wrote about 'Minru' in March, the project of musician and producer Caroline Blomqvist, whom also plays in the excellent 'Tuvaband'. She writes her music from her base in Berlin, although she originates from Sweden, and as we suggested was about to happen in our previous feature, she released a new EP in April, which we're delighted to finally give some coverage. 'Yearnings' is that 2nd EP, following on from her 'Hunter & Prey' release back in 2017, and it's another sensitively written set of tracks, written in a style which seems to appeal to me right now - thoughtful alternative folk influenced music, without any pretension or fanfare, sometimes melanch

Album of the Week: 'Fródi' - 'Hola'

This was originally meant to be an 'In Short' review, but the Faroese musician Fródi has released an album which has grown on me so much that I felt I should cover it in more depth. His new album is entitled 'Hola' (translated to 'A Hole') and it's a powerful, unusual release, which maintains a sustained vigour through use of minimalist inspired rhythms (and maybe there's some progressive influences in his music too), and when it opens up there's a lovely melodic ambitions as well. So 'Fródi' is from the Faroe Islands, and he's a multi-instrumentalist who released his first album back in 2009 and has ever since released music and played in different parts of the world. Over the years Fródi h

Introducing... 'MAID' with acoustic version of 'Basic Bitch'

So here's something else slightly different from our normal diet of Indie Rock and downright melancholy alternative folk. 'MAID' are a trio of musicians who come from the UK, but with a Norwegian connection courtesy of one of the three, Kat Kleve, who originates from the finest of musical cities, Bergen - the other two, Blythe Jandoo and Miracle Chance hail from Edinburgh and that even greater hotbed of musical talent, Devon - Muse, Coldplay, Joss Stone, Ben Howard... oh I could go on. Anyway there's clearly a commercial edge to 'MAID's' vocals and sound, and they've already featured on the BBCs ‘Eurovision You Decide' in February, sadly not being selected, but we wanted to feature the stri

'Penny Police' - 'Take On A Little Love' (in support of 'Help Musicians UK'

We've got a couple of slightly 'different' things today, and the first is a Danish artist who has recorded a lovely song in aid of the British charity 'Help Musicians UK'. This is a great charity that supports musicians in need (and their families) of all genres, and at all stages in their careers and in retirement too - we've included the links below, please have a look below if you have chance. Anyhow, as part of their awareness and fundraising campaigns they are about to release ''SMOKE RAINBOWS (MUSIC MINDS MATTER)'' - a compilation of Various Artists who have recorded songs in aid of Help Musicians UK’s’ Music Minds Matter mental health support. And one of the artists to be featured i

Introducing... Marcus Admund Funck - 'Holly, Lie!'

If 'Marcus Admund Funck' sounds to you like the perfect name for a new Indie Pop songwriter in the making, well we have good news for you because a man with that very name has just released his second single, and it's a really enjoyable song that we wanted to bring to your attention. He first performed as a solo musician when he was just 16, but has actually spent years playing with one of our favourite bands, 'Honeymilk', before deciding to venture out on his own, and following the release of his debut single 'Lazarus', he's now released a follow up entitled 'Holly, Lie!'. It's an undeniably sad sounding song, opening with the lyrical line ''Let's erase any glimmer of hope I have found in

'Hökartorget' - 'Kasta in handduken' (from new album 'Idioterna vinner')

Hopefully we'll have an album review landing later, but here's a band we haven't featured before, but write pretty timeless Indie Pop, and indeed they've been around since 2008, so they have a pretty established reputation for doing exactly that. 'Hökartorget' are a 5 piece band from Sweden, and they hail from the beautiful looking Dalarna in Sweden, a place if I recall we have mentioned before as multi-instrumentalist 'Helga' is based there too. Anyway these guys have a rich catalogue of previous releases to get stuck into, but they have also just released a brand new album entitled Idioterna vinner (I'm pretty sure that translates to 'The Idiots Win') and from it we'd suggest you add 'Kas

'Vetle Forsell' - 'Strange Clouds' (single)

We wrote about Norwegian musician 'Vetle Forsell' last November when debuting with the single 'In Waiting', a fascinating and moving song which described sitting waiting in Australia for his father to arrive for support after a mental breakdown. Now Vetle is back with a new song entitled 'Strange Clouds', and it's another quietly contemplative and thoughtful song from the Stavenger born songwriter who has this ability to quite naturally deal with challenging issues through his music. 'Strange Clouds' is the latest single from an album entitled 'Pictures in Frames', which will be released on 24th May. Now we will try and write more extensively about the album, but we will be closed that week

The Stillwalkers - 'Crystal Clear' (single)

I remember first writing about 'The Stillwalkers' back in 2015, straight after spending a week completely bogged down on an album release by 'Of Monsters And Men', so it's kind of appropriate that they both have new singles out, and once again we'll choose to give the attention to our favourite Finnish band. So for those of you who haven't come across them before, they're a 5 piece band from Turku, and the first we heard about them was back in 2015 when they released a self titled album that made such an impression that it ended up winning the prestigious / dubious (delete as appropriate) accolade of 'Nordic Music Review Album of the Year', and if you've never heard it please go and listen,

Malin Sallstedt - 'Undress the Truth' (single)

We covered 'Ida Wenøe' at length yesterday, so just a short write up today, and it's a follow up on an artist we wrote about a couple of years ago, and we're delighted to be able to update you on a forthcoming album release too. Malin Sallstedt is from Sweden, and we first wrote about her in 2017 when she released a track in the guise of Malin Sallstedt and the 'Tiny Orchestra', a lovely song entitled 'Deny'. Her debut album 'Bloom Free' will be out on May 24th through Havtorn Records, and in advance of that she has released a song entitled 'Undress the Truth'. It opens with a folk sentiment with a simple guitar accompaniment, but then a cello adds an extra layer of sound, and as we heard p

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