'Belle Sonder' - 'Melancholy Love' (single) + Manchester Psych appearance

Just one short introduction today, and it's for an Anglo-Nordic duo we really should have come across previously, given they've been around for a few years and were formed in Liverpool - I'm going to make an educated guess at LIPA, see previous features on 'I See Rivers', Oyvind Weiseth, Kalandra, Nils Martin and more. 'Belle Sonder' have released a few tracks since 2014 including a 4 track self-titled EP released last year, and it's a heady mix of swirling electronica, indie rock and dreamy psychedelia which has resulted in them getting a slot at this years Manchester Pyschedelia Festival at the end of August, which has seen a few Nordic band appearances over the years. Anyway their new tra

'Moron Police' - 'Captain Awkward' (single)

I decided last week that if I could get this thing back on track I'd treat myself to listening / writing about the new 'Moron Police' single, and we're pretty much getting there - so here is their new(ish) song, it's called 'Captain Awkward' and as expected it's a highly enjoyable romp, which will take you on a journey across musical boundaries and genres and leave you sitting with a huge, if slightly astonished, smile on your face. We featured the 1st single of the Norwegian bands hugely anticipated new album a couple of months back, and the good news is that the release date for that album has been announced as 16th August, which is definitely a good incentive to get back from our summer v

Introducing...'Overkligheten' - 'Bruset' (single)

So we have a couple of brief new artist introductions next, and we'll start with the Swedish / Åland Islands project 'Overkligheten', created by the musician 'Magnus Axelsson' who has performed in various punk and progressive rock bands. He released an EP entitled 'Ekarna på Ön' in the summer of 2018 (which I've enjoyed listening to this morning), and he's back now with another track called 'Bruset'. This has really grown on me over a few listens, as often is the case with DIY tracks which aren't quite as slick in their production, it has a strong musical theme which is more upbeat than his previous releases, and there are likeable melodies at the core of the song. In particular the track op

'Frydstads Markiser' - 'Easily Bored' (single)

We wrote about Tromsø musician 'Frydstads Markiser' back in April when he released his 'Skinny Kids' single, which we all just loved immediately. We also predicted some more interesting and maybe slightly quirky tracks from the Norwegian, and so we have it in the guise of the infectious and irresistible 'Easily Bored'. 'Easily Bored' is 1 minute 30 seconds of warped indie pop punk, with a catchy melody and performed at a frenetic pace. Similarly to 'Skinny Kids' there is a simplicity that I like, he's just writing tunes and lyrics that will make people smile, and in the modern world of playlists, this track (ironically, in many ways) fits in perfectly. This is 'Easily Bored': You can find 'F

In brief: 'Toy Savoy' - 'Toy Savoy '(EP)

We're still working our way through releases from June, but actually the debut EP from 'Toy Savoy' slipped out at the end of May, but we still wanted to give it a brief mention. They're a band we've featured a few times before, after we first spotted them playing 'Trondheim Calling' back in 2017, so the formal release of their debut album has taken a while, but I think it's worth the wait. The 5 piece band write dreamy, slightly off-kilter indie pop, and the 4 tracks on their self-titled EP demonstrate what they're all about, opening with (the previously featured) 'In Blue' with a big catchy chorus, and warped guitars that carry the track forward - and also a bit to the side. 'Something New'

'Twin Dive' - 'Animal' (video)

I'm not entirely sure that a dark David Lynch inspired video somewhere from the depths of the underground music scene is quite the way to start a beautiful Summers day, but we'll go straight in there, because it's actually a pretty fantastic release. 'Twin Dive' are from Denmark, and they're a trio we've missed out on so far, but their unique brand of alternative grunge / punk has made quite an impression this year, particularly with their appearance at SPOT festival. Their new track is entitled 'Animal' and it's a searing, sprawling song which opens with the faintest of bass before guitars add to the murky soundscape, but as good as both those are, it's probably the vocals which steal the s

In Brief: 'Select Captain' - 'Mighty Fine'

Is there time for one more during lunch hour? We do like 'Select Captain' at Nordic Music Review, and have covered him a fair few times over the past few years. He released a new album a few months back, and one song entitled 'Mighty Fine' didn't quite fit into the album, so he's released it as a stand alone single. It's a typical 'Select Captain' style song, we always use the word 'reassuring' when we describe him, as his soft Americana style is so easily identifiable, and his songs always a consistent and thoughtfully expressed. For sure, it's very different to those genre defying bands we love such as 'Moron Police', but there's room in our musical world for all of them. Anyway add 'Migh

'Since November' - 'Airplane Astronaut' (single)

We've featured 'Since November' a couple of times previously, firstly in 2017 when they released 'Star System', and the Finnish project which was founded by Tomi Mäkilä (previously 'The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo') is back with a new song entitled 'Airplane Astronaut', about an astronaut who finds himself flying a commercial plane. It's rare that I like every song that an artist produces quite so quickly, but there's something about 'Since November' that always hits home pretty much straight away - 'Airplane Astronaut' is no exception. I guess it's the outrageously catchy tune in the new song that first appeals, but I love also the lyrics announced by the accidental pilot - 'I

In Brief: 'Why Sun' - 'Frugte' (EP)

After the charms of 'I See Rivers' yesterday, we switch direction with a band that play the most laid back 'noise rock' you can imagine. 'Why Sun' are a trio from Denmark and 'Frugte' is their debut EP, and whilst I really don't like making comparisons to other musicians from past or present - think of a gothic atmosphere created by bands such as 'Jesus and Mary Chain' or even 'Fields of the Nephilim', but then vocals somewhere between Ian Curtis and Matt Berninger - there's probably much better comparisons out there, but you get the picture. Don't worry if that sounds slightly dark for your liking, because what appeals to me is that throughout 'Frugte' there are interesting (if melancholy

'I See Rivers' - 'Helios' (single) - and Kickstarter album appeal!

After a 'Junus Horribilis' I just want to write about some of my favourite bands, so expect some 'Moron Police', 'The School Book Depository' and maybe even '1900' soon, but way out top of the list to feature is 'I See Rivers', because they're just continuing to make such a great impression wherever they go, and they've released a brand new single entitled 'Helios' with some plans for an album in 2020 too. I'm kind of hoping that our frequent coverage of the band means they don't need another introduction, but they're a 'float folk' trio from Norway, who studied in England and whom we first featured way back in 2015 (a fact that will frighten them almost as much as it frightens me....), and

In Brief: 'Fågelvägen' - 'Fågelvägen' (album)

So we'll continue our attempts to catch up with a brief mention to an album that slipped in during June, and which probably hasn't got the attention it deserves. 'Fågelvägen' are an indie pop band who hail from the Swedish village of 'Unnaryd', which if Wikipedia is to be believed has less than 1000 inhabitants (and why wouldn't we believe it...) and just looks so beautiful from the pictures. Anyway they released a more folk influenced EP as a duo back in 2017, but then joined together with 2 more musical friends from the village to form the full band, adding indie electronica elements along the way. 'Fågelvägen' is a likeable melodic and musical album, which blends acoustic instruments with

In Brief: 'Star of Heaven' - 'Kino' (single)

Hopefully July will be a better month than June. So we'll try and catch up with 'In Brief' mentions to as many bands as possible, and we'll start with 'Star of Heaven', a Swedish instrumental band that we featured back in 2016 when they released their post rock / progressive influenced album 'Vinter 2015'. Anyway they're back with a new single called 'Kino', and the good news is that it's the first from a new album which is due to be released in Autumn - which will be called "To our memories'' and released on the 1631 label. 'Kino' has a distinct Russian folk influence, which originates from the bands pianist Anna who spent time in Russia as a teenager, and it has such an evocative and melan

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