Nordic Music Review is now on a Hiatus. We hope to be back, but if not a huge thank you to everyone has helped. 90% of reviews and features have been written by myself (Andy), but there have been so many lovely contributions from across the world, each one has been so gratefully received, thank you again. Thanks also to Deputy Editor Nick, a partner so silent that he probably won't even notice we're on a Hiatus, but that helped start the whole thing off. And more recently to Robin too, for her lovely help with Social Media. But thank you mostly to everyone who has at some point read Nordic Music Review, a figure somewhere close to a hundred thousand - with a lovely regular readership across

'The School Book Depository' - 'Bob and the Pitchfork Mob' (album)

I can't emphasise enough just how lucky I am to get sent such lovely music, and there's times when it's needed more than anything. There has had to be a short break in Nordic Music Review posts for reasons I won't explain here, and this is the last post before I take a more formal break - maybe / hopefully returning in September. But if it turns out to be the last ever review, well I couldn't have wanted this site to end in a better way, because it is the new album from none other than 'The School Book Depository', and this album has just lived with me for the last few weeks, on long car journeys to my family home, through terrible moments of sadness and helping me look over the horizon and

'Forwardman' - with new songs 'Sleepwalk' and 'Out of the Ballpark'

There's an album review about to be published (and it's a particularly good one at that), but there's just time to slip in a songwriter we haven't featured previously. It's always been good to feature artists who write with a truly 'indie' spirit, and Finnish born (but frequently UK based) songwriter 'Forwardman' certainly does that, with music that somehow bridges the gap between artists as diverse as Neil Young and Flying Lotus. Over the course of his musical 'career', 'Forwardman' has played 100s of gigs, released a wide range of tracks including albums 'This Ain't No Rocket Science' and the electronic based 'New Tomorrow', as well as an earlier EP called 'Ring Up the Curtain'. But his la

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