'The Flavians' - new single 'Eloise' (single)

Just a quick new single release today, and it's a return for a band we've featured a couple of times previously, and the new song is possibly my favourite of all their releases to date. 'The Flavians' are a multination band based in Berlin, with Swedish, Czech and British members, and we featured their very first release (the entertaining 'Non Stop Fun...') and then again last year when they released 'Silver Car'. And since that first feature they've progressed really impressively, with an appearance at none other than Glastonbury festival, as well as huge numbers of online streams of their first 3 releases. Their latest release is entitled 'Eloise', written about the journey from adolescenc

Exclusive: Svavar Knútur - new track 'Januar' (plus tour details!)

We've covered a lot of ground today, but we'll finish off with a rare and privileged treat - an almost exclusive first play of a new track by one of our favourite artists, Svavar Knútur. Hopefully you'll all remember Svavar from our previous features, but he's an Icelandic songwriter who's released streams of lovely material, including his 2015 album 'Brot' and the more recent 'Ahoy! Side A' . He's also just started an epic European tour, which is mostly in Germany (and sadly doesn't include UK) full details of which can be found on his website. A lovely feature of Svavar's songwriting is the way he explores the relationship between nature and human life, and 'Junuar' is a perfect example. I

'The Legends - 'Looking for Love' (single) ft Karolina from 'Club 8'

Sometimes bands and artists are all so interlinked in their projects, it's difficult to spot where one band starts and another one ends. Take the average 'Soliti' label in Finland, every band is connected and they all seem to support each others projects, which of course is exactly how it should be. Swedish band 'The Legends' is the brainchild of musician Johan Angergård, and although we've neglectfully not featured them before, he's released countless albums and singles under that name, whilst also releasing as one half of the duo 'Club 8'. In this 'The Legends' release entitled 'Looking for Love' he actually features fellow 'Club 8' vocalist Karolina Komstedt, which may all sound a tiny bi

'Pelicat' - 'So is it true?' (single)

We've featured some softer folk and classically influenced musicians, but we'll mix that up a bit with a classic jangly guitar Indie Pop track, courtesy of one of our favourite Norwegian Indie bands 'Pelicat'. Their self-titled album 'Pelicat', released back in January, is already one of our albums of the year simply because it's just great fun, entertaining infectious Indie Pop, packed full of appealing tunes - there really isn't anything not to like about these guys. Anyway they're back already and they certainly don't hang around, because it's the first track from a new EP entitled 'Tension Street', which is due to land in October. Even more astonishingly the band are already back in the

'Plàsi' - Mystery (EP)

So we've introduced 2 artists new to Nordic Music Review, so next we'll feature a couple that we've written about previously, although now for a while. Last time we featured 'Plàsi' was back in 2017 when he released his single 'Follow Me', and then led on to the release of an album entitled 'People', which is still well worth checking out if you haven't come across it before. For those who haven't heard 'Plàsi' previously, well he is half Swedish / half Greek artist, born Mikael Bitzarakis, on the island of Crete but growing up in Stockholm and studying at the Rytmus Music School. He's a prolific songwriter, with a stream of songs available on streaming services, and his music is folk influe

Introducing... 'STINAKO' with track 'Kun Viimein Saavuit'

We just have so many new releases and interesting artists to write about today, and we probably won't get through all 10 on the list, but we'll just start writing and see how far we can get. A couple of weeks back we introduced you to new Finnish band 'Pink Chameleons', and it's great to see another release on the same excellent Soliti label, this time 'STINAKO', with her debut release 'Kun Viimein Saavuit'. Behind the name 'STINAKO' is the songwriter 'Stina Koistinen', who is known for fronting the band 'Color Dolor' as well as her collaboration with Astrid Swan as part of the amazing 'Swan / Koistinen' release - we didn't have chance to cover that partnership too much, so check out the li

'Eik Octobre' with track 'Take Me Somewhere Else'

We are getting a lot of classically influenced submissions and releases being sent to us, and we welcome them all - maybe we should ensure we feature one every week. One track which has particularly stood out this week is by Danish artist Eik Octobre, who has released the lovely 'Take Me Somewhere Else', a piano based composition which I think is really nicely written and performed. Behind 'Eik Octobre' is Emil Skovsgaard Christensen, and similarly to many artists he started writing to express often sorrowful feelings that allowed him time to contemplate and move forward to more positives times. Although just 28 he already has 2 EPs' behind him, and there are some lovely compositions to disc

Introducing.... 'J. Ihminen' with single 'Hetken'

Just a quick new artist introduction this morning, before we get on with this mornings important tasks, which really should involve trying to lock up a corrupt despotic Prime Minister*, but in reality probably involves spreadsheets. I say 'introduction', because actually 'J. Ihminen' is not exactly new to Nordic Music Review, because he was featured as part of that great little Finnish Indie band we like so much, 'Giant Giant', whom I was only thinking about the other week. Sadly we have no new music from them for the moment, but Jukka Ihminen has been writing his own material too, and the first release is the single 'Hetken'. 'Hetken' is written in Finnish, which I always find a lovely sof

'Luca Bluefire' - new single 'Signs'

We featured Icelandic instrumental post rock band Náttfari last week, and we received a positive response to our recommendation, so we'll start this week with Danish project 'Luca Bluefire', with a release which is very much in a similar style. Behind the name is musician and multi-instrumentalist Luca Giancotti, who has spent most of his musical career playing for and touring with other acts (such as Indie/folk band White Ocean), but more recently worked on his own projects such as the dream pop collaboration 'Himmel', and the heavier rock project 'A Blue Fire' with drummer Raoul Lombardo. His latest release is the song 'Signs', and it opens with classic post rock understatement, allowing t

'The Pool' - 'Woow' (single)

So here’s something slightly different for a Saturday night – in fact it could be suggested that this is the perfect track for the coolest of backstreet nightclubs, where genres are thrown out the window (not that it has windows obviously...) to be replaced by swirling mists of industrial ambient shoegaze pop. Anyway ‘The Pool’ are a Danish band that we somewhat carelessly don’t seem to have come across before, releasing a 6 track EP in 2010 followed by an album in 2015 called ‘Repetitions’, bolstered by live performances alongside the likes of ‘The Hinds’ and ‘The Raveonettes. Ahead of a new album to be released on the 11th October (called ‘Smokescreen’) ‘The Pool’ have released a really i

'Spielbergs' - UK TOUR and new single!

We've written about 'Spielbergs' a couple of times since they burst on to the music scene with their pretty wonderful track 'We Are All Going to Die', so we're delighted to remind you that they are currently here in the UK embarking on tour that covers a fair good part of the UK. And they've even released a new single too, entitled 'Running All the Way Home', which came out just a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who haven't come across them, they're a Norwegian Indie Rock band, who write blistering tracks with a ridiculous amount of guitar energy, and their album 'This is Not The End' is still highly recommended. Actually it's one of their least upbeat tracks 'Familiar' which still rea

In Short: 'Náttfari' - 'D-Sessions' (album)

Sometimes it takes a little longer to develop an emotional connection to an album, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, because whilst albums like 'Beezewax' are an obviously attractive Indie Pop album full of melodies, maybe it lacks the real depth and substance to make it an album I'll keep going back to week on week. But thankfully there are other albums that grow beautifully on me over time, and the new(ish) album from 'Náttfari' does exactly that - 36 minutes of atmospheric and powerful post rock instrumental music, which at times seems somewhat self-indulgent, but I love as a complete album - rather than enjoying a collection of singles or within a playlist of diverse tracks. So Nát

'Nancy's Dead' with single 'Out of Time'

So here's a band that will wake you up on your Wednesday morning commute. 'Nancy's Dead' are from Stockholm, and they've been playing together in their current line-up since 2003, although the band was actually formed back in the early 1990's, which is some achievement in itself. Anyway it's always good to re-invent yourself once in a while, and 'Nancy's Dead' have just done exactly that, renaming themselves from their previous incarnation which was simply 'Nancy'. It's understandable that we missed 'Nancy', as their new track 'Out of Time' (launched as an EP with 2 other tracks 'Gentleman' and 'Gangsters') is their first for a long time, but they have remained regulars on the Stockholm live

'Beezewax' - 'Peace Jazz' (album)

There are a few albums from early summer that we still need to catch up on, and we'll try to keep the reviews short so that we can cover other releases at the same time. We've written about 'Beezewax' previously, they released a succession of singles leading up their 7th (!) album 'Peace Jazz' and we featured them a couple of times, mostly recently in April when wrote about their single 'Two Diamonds'. We also keep missing them when they play live dates in the UK - maybe if we promise to bribe them all with beers they'll come to Manchester next time... 'Peace Jazz' is just 8 tracks long, but with some substantial offerings is almost 40 minutes long, and a feature of it is definitely the cons

Introducing... 'Unganisha' with video 'Kucheza'

After the quirky Indie Pop from 'Hockney, we'll stay in Norway and introduce a duo who bring together two very different styles of music and cultures - and the result is totally compelling listening. 'Unganisha' comprise Kenyan musician Labdi Omnes (vocals and Orutu) alongside Norwegian electronic artist Bernt Isak Wærstad, they've released 2 tracks to date, 'Paro' in 2018 and a more recent track called 'Kucheza' at the beginning of the summer, and more recently they appeared at Sofar Sounds Norway - which historically has always been a great way for us of discovering new artists. 'Kucheza' is a totally spellbinding track, for so many reasons. Firstly I love the vocals courtesy of Labdi Omne

'Hockney' - new single 'Cellophane'

It is somewhat inevitable that we have a growing backlog, but what can we do when the number of great releases from Nordic artists arrives quicker than our little hands can type up reviews? So we'll start Monday with 'Hockney', a duo we've featured previously from Norway, and it's the type of typical quirky style Indie Pop track that we love at Nordic Music Review. So the last time we wrote about 'Hockney' was earlier in 2018, when they released a single called 'Twenty Two.' The duo, consisting of Sigurd Fandango and Vegard Setrom then released their album 'Vacation' in September 2018, where they again teamed up with Sean O'Hagan (Stereolab, The High Llamas) for the string arrangements. I do

Introducing... 'Skyskraper' with single 'Again'

I don't think we've introduced a new Indie band from Norway for a while, so we're delighted to head up to the beautiful Norwegian city of 'Stavenger', which is high up on our list of places we want to visit - partly because it looks so lovely, and also because the flights from the UK are pretty tempting too. The band we'll introduce you today is 'Skyskraper', and they debuted with their debut single 'Heaven and Earth' back in December 2018. Now these guys met at a Church, forming the band back in 2017, but wanted to use their musical skills to write music with a different feel, and their new single 'Again' demonstrates that as its a melodic indie pop track, which rattles along at a good pace

'Elisif Norrman' - 'Hold your Light' (single)

So this weeks plan is for 2 Album reviews and a pretty good selection of new artist introductions, but firstly we're delighted to re-introduce you to Swedish singer-songwriter 'Elisif Norrman' that we first wrote about almost 2 years ago when she released her debut video, and who has now followed that up with a new song entitled 'Hold your Light'. It was released just over one week ago, and there is a truly heartfelt story behind the song. It was written in memory of Hanna Maja Kajsa Westerlund, a friend of Elisif who passed away after illness, and whom she describes as ''truly one of the most amazing people'' she'd ever met'' and that ''even through the darkest days she found a way to hold

'The Stillwalkers' - new track 'Still Life'

We featured 2 Finnish bands new to Nordic Music Review yesterday, today we return to another 'old' favourite, none other than award winning 'The Stillwalkers' (ok, so it was our award...), who are well on their way towards completing their long awaited 2nd album. The Turku band, known for the warmth of their melodies and guitar sound, released 'Crystal Clear' a few months back, and have followed that up with a new song called 'Still Life'. This can only be described as 'epic', over 7 minutes in total, not a conventional 'single' as such and it starts modestly at a relatively sedate pace, albeit with an appealing melody and guitar accompaniment. Half way through it really shifts into a gear,

Introducing...'Pink Chameleons' with track 'Melting Face'

We've already introduced one new Finnish band today ('Spring Teeth') and we might have time for some new 'Stillwalkers' later, but we've been really looking forward to introducing 'Pink Chameleons', because they're fronted by none other than Paltsa-Kai Salama, the lead vocalist from one of our favourite bands 'Black Lizard' - we've also written about his solo material previously too. In this new project, an interesting fusion of blues, garage and country he's joined with fellow musicians Antti Sauli (Bass) and Ville Hopponen (drums) and they've now released 2 singles, most recently 'Melting Face', which was released 2 weeks ago. As expected it's all been done through our favourite Nordic re

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