Introducing... 'Lüdo' with track 'Time is of the Essence'

We've covered so many different styles / genres of music yesterday and today, but we haven't had anything too 'loud', so we'll correct that now with some Norwegian hardcore punk. Actually although Lüdo classify themselves as a 'hardcore punk' band, I definitely regard this as relatively accessible, in that both lyrically and musically there are interesting elements to cling on to. So Lüdo are from 'Kristiansand' and they're a 5 piece band that have released a selection of tracks over the last couple of years. With an undoubted 'progressive' element to the songwriting, they list the likes of fellow hardcore punk band 'Rise Above' as influencers, and also interestingly 'Moron Police' - whos a

Introducing... 'Detox Mañana' and debut track 'FA$T FOOD EXPERIENCE'

We wrote way too much about 'Treemer', even if they are our new favourite band, but there's so much more to cover, so we'll try to keep our next write up brief. 'Detox Mañana' are from Sweden, and they feature 3 friends who started writing and recording music earlier this year, ending up somewhat inevitably in a small lodge deep in the Swedish forests, probably populated only by other musicians doing exactly the same thing. Even more inevitably the resultant album will be released early next year (we'll never cover everything that's due for release) and the music appears to be a really interesting blend of cyberpunk, post punk and electro rock - at least, that's based on their debut track 'F

'Treemer' - 'Meeting' (EP)

So i think it's only right that we get to write about our official new 'favourite' band given it's our 5th birthday, and 'Treemer' from Finland have really captured our hearts with a gorgeous release that blends 80/90s shoegaze and even gothic influences with a more modern indie and even post rock soundscape. Their debut EP 'Meeting' was released just over a week ago to a small fanfare, and we're delighted to do our bit to bring them to the attention of our lovely international readership. So who are 'Treemer'? Well they're from a town outside Helsinki, and there's a pretty cool long history behind the band, who were originally formed back in the 1990's in the form of 'Chickenpotpie', before

Introducing...'Björn Falk' with track 'Pony'

After the erm… murky tones of 'Murky Munroe' a very quick introduction to a Swedish songwriter, with a different approach to his songwriting. 'Björn Falk' is a 'Malmö' based musician, and his debut track 'Pony' is a lovely fusion between 60's influences and more recent guitar indie pop. The track is the 1st from an EP release which is due on December 6th, and which is rather fittingly entitled 'Rock'n'Roll for Hopeless Romantics' - the music definitely has that nostalgic feel about it. On this release 'Björn Falk' is joined by none other than Caroline Landahl from fellow Swedish band 'Hater', whom we featured previously when they did an excellent Tapetown session. The combination of the voc

Introducing...'Murky Munroe' with track 'The Drought'

It's turning out to be a 'bumper' day of features to celebrate our 5 years of existence, and there's more than a hint of familiarity in the names we're featuring - most notably 'Ceasetone' and 'YOHIO'. And whilst we've never directly written about 'Murky Munroe', the name behind the moniker is more familiar, as it's the brainchild of Mazdak Khosravi, the Danish / Iranian musician that we featured as part of the 'Black Dog Howl' duo we loved writing about, and still love listening to now. Sadly that band have broken up, but Khosravi continues with this new project, and of course there's his ever distinctive voice for us to still listen to. His debut track is entitled 'The Drought', and as he

'YOHIO' - new single 'Defeating a Devil a Day'

We've already featured the new(ish) 'CeaseTone' track, and we can't deny that another 'favourite' of ours is the incomparable 'YOHIO' - the Swedish audio / visual artist who we wrote about previously when he released his singles 'My Nocturnal Serenade' and 'Merry Go Around'. His latest single is, somewhat preposterously, the 5th from his forthcoming album 'Neon Light Orchestra', entitled 'Defeating a Devil a Day', and as expected it's big, bold and totally brilliant. 'Defeating a Devil a Day' is simply gloriously catchy, and whilst it's undoubtedly true that all the singles we've heard are very much 'in the same style', this one does remind me of bands such as 'Jellyfish' and the much missed

'CeaseTone' - new single 'Egotopia'

So it's our official 5th birthday today, and it's therefore pretty appropriate that we start with one of our favourite bands, a huge welcome back to the amazing 'CeaseTone', a project we first wrote back in our first few months of existence when we came across some 2014 experimentation by the bands founder Hafsteinn Þráinsson. Since then the band has received widespread praise for the exceptional 'Two Strangers' album, still an absolute favourite of ours, had nice words written in The Guardian about them ('a new genre - chamber post rock') and it's great to see that they've been playing at Iceland Airwaves as they prepare for the release of a new album. Interestingly Hafsteinn Þráinsson's d

'Remington super 60' - new track 'Fake Crush'

We're really looking forward to Friday where we have a huge collection of new releases to write about, but in the meantime we're delighted to introduce a band that we've never had the opportunity to write about previously, even if they've been around for years and have quite possibly the best band name in the Universe - they're called 'Remington super 60'. They're Norwegian and based around songwriter, producer and record label owner Christoffer Schou and were formed as a 'Casio bedroom pop band' in 1998, going on to release several albums, EPs, as well as appearing on compilation albums and releasing a few Christmas songs along the way. The latest version of 'Remington super 60' features

'ilt' - new track 'Sleepwalking'

After featuring Finnish band 'Mantaray' yesterday, I'm hoping we can write about a different Post Rock band each day this week - although whether that's successful probably depends on whether I finally finish that long outstanding 'Oh Hiroshima' review. Today's offering comes from Denmark, and none other than 'ilt', whom we featured back in 2018 courtesy of their tracks 'Monochromatic Fields and 'Astral'. Since then the Copenhagen 3 piece have been busy writing material for their debut album, which I hope we'll see early next year and they've been making some interesting live / festival appearances too - most recently performing with the excellent 'The Entrepreneurs' at a festival in Roskild

'The Bongo Club' - 'No Expectations' (single)

We often like to highlight bands that push genre boundaries, and mix up styles of music, but there's nothing wrong with a belting classic 'Indie Rock' song - the type that will have you singing along on a festival field sometime in high summer. 'The Bongo Club' do exactly that with their new single 'No Expectations', and similarly to Finnish band 'Mantaray' that we featured earlier, this is a band who also plan to release a new album early next year. They're also new to Nordic Music Review, a conventional 4 piece line-up from Sweden, who released an album entitled 'Anybody Have a Lighter' in 2018 (check out 'Tell Your Friends' and my favourite 'Take Me On'), and then toured extensively acros

'Pinemoon' - 'Strange Times' (from album 'Miracle')

We'll start the week with a shoegaze inspired single and album which has been released just in the last couple of weeks. 'Pinemoon' are from Denmark, and their album 'Miracle' has, to an extent, a nostalgic sound which reminds me of the bands that so influenced me in my teenage years - and thus probably showing my age in the process. They're a duo consisting of Steven Steward and Christoffer Schultz, who've performed in a number of other Danish indie bands, and interesting that sound which they're created has been achieved through using both mixed analog and tape recording techniques - and this will definitely make sense when you listen to the album. The lead track from the album is 'Strange

'Nervous City Nervous Self' - new single 'Stories of Our Name'

Somewhat astonishingly Nordic Music Review is 5 years old over this next week, we have no idea how that happened or even why, and whilst we were going to try and do something astonishingly smart and clever to mark the landmark, we've decided instead to simply write about as many artists and bands as possible, because that's why started in the first place. Inevitably it will be a mix of old favourites and new introductions, and we'll start with an artist we briefly introduced back in 2017, Swedish songwriter 'Nervous City Nervous Self'. We had zero information on the project at the time, so a brief interview established that it was named after a Max Beckmann painting, that there were no rules

Introducing.... 'Merriment and Dirt' with 'Final Boogie' (EP)

We were going to save this one for next week, but there's something so infectiously likeable about 'Merriment and Dirt', that I thought we should bump it up the queue - and anyway there's a whole stack of new releases on the list for next week already. So these guys are a 4 piece based between Helsinki and London, and they seem to have arrived there Belgrade and Berlin - or possibly the other way around, not that we really care that much anyway. So 'Merriment and Dirt', comprise Milena Solomun (guitar and vocals), Budi (drums, bass and keyboard), K.C. McKanzie (guitar and back vocals) and Matu Kormano (bass), and the songs in the whole enterprise are written by songwriter Milena, who also h

'Astral Brain' - 'Five Thousand Miles' (single)

I like to think we have a great way to start the week, and it's a band that made quite an impression when we introduced them earlier in the year, and are now back with a new single. 'Astral Brain' are from Sweden, and regular readers may remember that they are a band based around duo Einar Ekström (previously of Le Futur Pompiste), who founded the band, but with Siri Af Burén (Testbild!, Band In Box, Vit Päls) adding vocals and lyrics. Previous release 'From Above' remains a favourite, but the new song is an equally delicious treat, entitled 'Five Thousand Miles' and it charts a trip into a fantasy world to escape from love and regrets. Siri Af Burén's vocals are a real highlight, a simple p

'Cherokee Death Cats' - 'Sick' EP

After featuring 'rauður' and 'Elmarit', I do feel we need to mix things up somewhat, and 'Cherokee Death Cats' sound like the perfect band to do it. They're an Anglo / Swedish duo based out of Gothenburg, comprising Bea Persson and Rat Westlake and their music is a mix of garage rock and dirty pop punk - written with a directness that pretty much means you always know what you're going to get. So the latest 'Cherokee Death Cats' EP was released on 1st November, but it comes not too long after their debut EP 'No No No' was re-released in April. Shortly after they signed with US publishers and media company Position Music and the single "Do to me", which is also on the EP, was released in Sept

'rauður' - 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die’ (video)

A couple of weeks ago we featured the Icelandic artist 'rauður' and her album 'Semilunar', a clever and intricate electronic based album that really appealed to us. Quite possibly the highlight of the album was the wonderful conclusion, a song entitled 'We Will All Feel Better One Day And / Or Die’, and now she has released a video to accompany the song which seems to fit the song perfectly - sad, joyous and uplifting all at once. This is what 'raudur' says about the video: ''The video is, just like the song, a sentimental summary of life. Impressions intended to evoke the viewer’s own life story. It follows two small individuals who wander through barren surroundings, creating their own pla

'Yune' - 'Ørkensangen' (single)

Moving on to Denmark next and another band we haven't covered before, 'Yune', who have just released the lead track from their forthcoming album, and that single is called 'Ørkensangen', which translates to 'The Desert Song', - and yes I have double checked and unfortunately it's not dessert. Anyway 'Yune' are a 5 piece band from Aarhus, and they've been around for about 3 years, mainly playing gigs and festivals in Denmark (alongside the likes of 'Lowly' and 'Sleep Party People'), but also releasing a couple of singles that you can find on Spotify. One of those was the excellent 'Animal', which was featured in 'The Revue', always a good recommended place to find new and undiscovered music.

Introducing... 'Elimarit' with single 'Heart So Cold'

We'll be heading to Sweden, Iceland and Denmark later (hopefully), but first we'll start in Norway with an artist who has an amazing background in contemporary music working with other artists, and is now releasing music in her own right. 'Elimarit' is Norwegian, and after performing with the London Contemporary Voices caught the attention of some of our favourite artists, including the likes of Tom Chaplin, Lucy Rose and Guy Garvey, subsequently working with them on a variety of different projects, too many to name here. However most recently she performed with Katie Melua, Rick Astley and Guy Garvey for BBC Radio 2’s ‘The Beatles Orchestrated’ at Abbey Road Studios. Now 'Elimarit' is worki

'Between Mountains' - 'Little Lies' (from the album 'Between Mountains')

So we start with a week with a lovely album for us all to get immersed into, and it's a release from none other than 'Between Mountains', whom we first featured way back in 2017, shortly after they won the prestigious 'Músíktilraunir' - Iceland's Battle of the Bands Competition. At the time the duo from the Westfjords (Katla and Ásrós) were both under 16 years old, and it's still pretty extraordinary that they've managed to get an album fully written and recorded when they're still so young. The release of their self titled album, however, also sees the end of the 'Between Mountains' journey for Ásrós, who is moving on from the project, but Katla will still carry on writing and performing un

In Short: 'Cats of Transnistria' - 'Born Again' (single)

There's a flurry of albums due to be released in the next month, and one that we're particularly looking forward to is the new 'Cats of Transnistria' album 'Aligning', which is due to be released on 29th November by Soliti. This will be the third album for the Finnish duo, which follows on from 'Divine' (2016) and then Opium (2018), and from it they've released a new single 'Born Again', a typically atmospheric track, which mixes post rock, shoegaze and minimalist influences. The music and visions they create are full of distortions, imperfect warped sounds that are both compelling and immersive, but also slightly disturbing. We're really in for a treat at the end November when the album is

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