'Unsewn Heartland' - 'Fragments' (single)

Most people have their own Festive traditions of some kind, whether it be annual trips to Christmas markets, or those simple family things - we have this crazy little one in our home that involves ringing a small festive bell every time we enter the house. In Stockholm a very special, and hopefully now traditional Christmas concert took place yesterday afternoon featuring Argentinian born / Swedish based songwriter Natalie Beabella and dedicated to Hanna Westerlund, who started the tradition by having a similar concert last year - both events were streamed live on Facebook. Hanna performed and released music under the name 'Unsewn Heartland' (which is an anagram of her name), but sadly she p

'When 'Airy Met Fairy' - 'Blanket of Sorrow' (single)

So we maybe might squeeze in one special feature over the weekend, but our last 'new release' of the year is, somewhat inevitably a 'Christmas song'. Just as inevitably it doesn't involve happy dancing Santa's, talking reindeer or even a little baby Jesus, but instead a more thoughtful reflection of what Christmas can be like for some, courtesy of Icelandic band 'When 'Airy Met Fairy' and their song 'Blanket of Sorrow' 'When ‘Airy Met Fairy’ are a band we’ve not covered too much before, I’ve no idea how we didn’t write about their 2018 album ‘Glow’, because it is a gorgeous release that was covered in depth elsewhere – check out in particular tracks such as ‘Girl’ and ‘Intoxicated’. Since t

Introducing... 'Guds Pengar' with single 'Borttappad'

After the quiet but beautiful strains of 'Temilia', we switch direction with an introduction to a band we're genuinely really excited about. 'Guds Pengar' are again from Sweden, they've recently signed to the always excellent 'Rama Lama Records', who's current artist roster includes the likes of 'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes', the brilliant 'Melby', Julia Rakel and Delso Beach Club - all of whom who've been fortune / unfortunate enough (delete as appropriate) to be featured in NordicMusic Recview. So 'Guds Pengar' ('God's Money') are from Malmö, and are a 4 piece that made a pretty big impression in the Swedish underground music scene with a self released EP and some apparently impressive liv

'Temilia' - 'Fallen Angel' (single)

This years Christmas seems a little more crazy than ever, at least here in the UK, supercharged commercialism and a lot of very stressed people apparently rushing around, shouting at each other and seemingly not full of the love of Christmas. I wonder how it all came to this, and why we let it be so. All the more reason to find time to escape at least for a few minutes into a private world of music, and 'Temilia' is the perfect artist to help you do that - she doesn't need to shout about things, simply expresses the reasons for human frailty in her own understated way, and then covers us in a warm comfort blanket through her poetic music. So 'Temilia' is Swedish songwriter, based out of Stoc

Adam Evald - new single 'Godspeed Blue Lion'

I’m still hoping we’ll squeeze in some of the ‘missing’ albums we’ve just not had time to mention so far this year before we take a break on about the 21st December. However the list of artists we’ve never had chance to feature at all in the last 5 years is even bigger, and one of those is Swedish Chamber Pop composer Adam Evald. I know not all artists like being labelled as ‘Chamber Pop’, but for me it’s always a rich source of good, well written music - after all, what’s not to like about melodic indie pop with sumptuous string arrangements. Adam Evald is from Malmö, and his key release to date was back in 2015 when he released an album rather nicely entitled 'Love Knuckles Peace Dove'. Si

‘Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble' - 'Dust' (album)

Well we’ve covered 'Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes', so it feels only right to move on to the equally brilliantly named ‘Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble’, who’ve recently released a new instrumental based album ‘Dust’, including a single ‘Matter’, which particularly caught our attention. Finnish readers in particular may be aware of Lauri Porra, as he is a well established musician, composer and collaborator, with an extraordinary musical mix of musical experiences behind him. Not only does he come from a family which includes famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, but he then graduated at the Helsinki Pop Jazz Conservatory, has had compositions performed by renowned orchestras (inc the Finnish Ra

'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes' with track 'Moon' + UK Dates!

We’ve seen the name ‘Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes’ crop up countless times since they arrived on the Swedish indie scene, and it’s not exactly a name that even we can forget, so we’re delighted to be able to finally introduce them after the release of a new(ish) single, and ahead of their debut album due early next year. I say ‘newish’ because ‘Moon’ was released last month, and another impressive song from a band who’ve made a pretty big impact since they formed in 2015. The 4 piece band consist of Elias Mahfoud (vocals, guitar), Siri Sjöberg (vocals, synth), Tilde Hansen (vocals, bass) and Edvin Arleskär (drums) and met via a mix of Twitter and an Arctic Monkeys online forum, and it was pr

'Human Growth Harmony - 'Subversive' (album)

We're determined somehow to get in 12 new albums before Christmas, before we take a few days break and return for the inevitable 'Favourite Albums of the Year' list, with our favourite of all being far from inevitable - mainly due to the absence of a Major Parkinson release in 2019. Firstly this week, we'll head to Denmark for a band who's roots are far from Nordic, but still qualify for inclusion because we're really not too bothered about enforcing any 'rules'. 'Human Growth Harmony' is the musical project of brothers David and Peter Slusarski, who come originally from Queens New York, but since their arrival in Copenhagen have performed with local musicians, and their free flowing album '

'Cats of Transnistria' - 'Aligning' (album)

We have a list of about a dozen albums we want to write about before we wrap up for the Festivities (if we were clever, I guess we'd work out a special '12 Albums of Christmas' thing), so we'll continue with the approach of trying to keep things fairly brief. First up is 'Cats of Transnistria', a band we've written about a few times, but I still never quite think we've given them the time they really deserve. Since their debut EP 'Away' was released back in 2015, the duo based around Tuomas Alatalo and Henna Hietamäki, have released 2 full length albums, and in their latest album 'Aligning' they have once again been joined by violinist Sanna Komi. 'Aligning' has been on pretty much constant

'lodet' - 'Volvo' (single)

We have another Album review ready to land shortly, but there's time for a just a very quick introduction to another artist we haven't featured before. Behind the moniker 'lodet' is the Swedish songwriter and producer 'Joakim Björnberg' and he's been writing music in Japan for the last few years, before deciding to release music in his own right. 'Volvo' is an interesting song that rattles along at a great pace, with a laid back melodic feel, that makes it easy to listen to. Apparently the song is a 'metaphor for when life takes a new turn and you leave something old behind'. Take a listen here, I particularly like the searing instrumental / guitar contribution at the end of the song. Also

'Helga Arvesten' -'AlrightRightNow' (single)

It's actually pretty remiss of us not to have written about Swedish songwriter 'Helga Arvesten' before, given she's released a steady stream of songs / EPs over the course of the last few years - in particular it's worth checking out a lovely video she did to her song 'I'm Here' last year. But we'll belatedly introduce her now, given that she's released a lovely song entitled 'AlrightRightNow', and it's a clever song that fuses together sounds and ideas from across the musical spectrum. Her inspirations clearly reflect years as a youngster traveling the world, she's lived in places as diverse as the USA, Laos and Sri Lanka, and her music and art became a way of expressing herself after strug

'Phogg' - 'Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh' (album)

We hopefully should be featuring an Album a Day this week, and after the melodic strains of 'Agacy' yesterday, today we feature Swedish rock band 'Phogg', who have a psychedelic and even slightly progressive basis to their music. There a 4 piece band from 'Stockholm' who debuted with an EP called 'Zun, Stein & Graaf' in 2017, followed by an album 'Slices' last year, and their new release curiously entitled 'Mofeto: Mashine Adamkosh' was released back in September. Since the release the band have received the attention of some lovely music blogs across the world, as well as travelling to Finland for live performances, and it's clear that the album has been widely appreciated by everyone who's

'Mantaray' - new single 'On the Back of Your Hand'

As regular readers know we'd be happy to feature a Post Rock band every day, and we're delighted to come back to Finnish band 'Mantaray', whom we first write about back in 2018 when they released their excellent album 'No More Sirens'. It was the 2nd album from the Jyväskylä based 6 piece outfit, following on from debut 'Atlantic' in 2016, and the good news is that a new album is due early 2020, and from it there is a new single - entitled 'On the Back of Your Hand'. 'Mantaray' have never been a band to indulge too much into huge sprawling 10 minute tracks, as is the habit of many bands in this genre, and 'On the Back of Your Hand' is an accessible 4 minutes. Inevitably it still builds slow

'Lilla Parasit' - 'Feather Soul' (single)

Of course no-one should be so foolish to rely on Nordic Music Review for their daily / weekly dose of New Music, and one of the music websites we most frequently recommend is the ever excellent 'For The Rabbits'. Regular readers of that 'blog' will hopefully have spotted the 'Lilla Parasit' premiere they had a week or so ago, but if you didn't it's called 'Feather Soul', and it's the 2nd release from a band, which debuted in October with their track 'Gaslights'. 'Lilla Parasit' are a Swedish 4 piece band led by none other than ' Are Engen Steinsholm', who is also in indie Band 'Melby' - their album 'None of this makes me worry', released back in April, is highly recommended and nailed on to

In Short: ‘Agacy’ - ‘The Space Between our Lips’

We have a good selection of albums to introduce (including ‘Tuvaband’, ‘Warning Warning’ and more), so we’ll try and keep things short and simple to get through as many as possible. We’ll start with Swedish artist ‘Agacy’ who has released his debut album ‘The Space Between our Lips’ day on ‘Yellow Step Records’, the same label that we introduced when writing about ‘Björn Falk’ on Friday. Behind ‘Agacy’ is the Swedish songwriter Adam Agace, who is also the bass player and co-songwriter in the excellent Swedish band ‘Hater’, that we’ve featured previously. The tracks on ‘The Space Between our Lips’ were written in Agace’s home studio in Malmö, predominantly based rhythmically around synth pads

'Twin Dive' - 'Holly' (video)

We covered a huge selection of releases on our birthday (Friday / Saturday), and we have some album reviews planned for this week ('Warning Warning' and more), but just a quick video to start the week, because what everyone needs on a very cold and icy Monday morning is some charming Vietnemese ladies dancing to some warped Post Punk guitar music. It comes courtesy of Danish band 'Twin Dive', whom we haven't featured before, and their music is alternative guitar driven noise, with a thumping rhythmic edge - I really like just the sound of the guitar alone. The combination of the track and video is almost slightly unnerving, which makes it really effective: This is 'Holly': You can find 'Twin

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