'Dolorifics' - 'Impossible' (single from their new album 'Welcome to Dolograd&#3

Well I guess we've made it to Friday, and whilst there may still be a small pile of Albums and EPs to finish writing about, there's always time for a short feature on another Nordic Indie band to add to your latest playlists. 'Dolorifics' are from Sweden, and they're a conventional 4 piece band who write pretty 'timeless' Indie style songs, with a pretty hefty, but always likeable, influence from Britpop and other 90's rock bands. They were formed back in 2016, but actually their history goes back earlier as the guys have played together in a variety of different bands, including the unconvincingly named 'Boys of Terror', who were featured here in the always excellent Emerging Indie Bands. A

Siv Jakobsen - 'Fear the Fear' (single)

We try to mix things up as much as possible by featuring artists both new and old to Nordic Music Review, and we're particularly delighted to write once again about Siv Jakobsen, who's music I remember so distinctly listening to on our launch night way back in 2014. Since then we've followed her progress carefully, from the release of her EP 'The Lingering' to her debut album, as well as UK tour dates and her new single 'Fear the Fear' is the 1st glimpse of a new album, which is to be released in April, appropriately entitled 'A Temporary Soothing', and to be released through Norwegian label 'U OK'. Siv Jakobsen has this amazing natural ability to make me stop whatever I'm doing to listen to

'Ari' (featuring 'Toggi') - Anthem (single)

There's just time today for a mention of a track by one of our favourite 'Indie' musicians, 'Ari' from Iceland, whom we've featured a couple of times previously, most recently when he released his album 'Radikoj', the follow up to the equally enjoyable 'Frae'. In his most recent release, he's teamed up with fellow Icelandic musician 'Toggi' in a single entitled 'Anthem', which was written by 'Ari and sung by 'Toggi. And its a lovely track, with Toggi sounding a tiny bit 'John Grantesque' (if there's such a thing) in the early stages, and some equally appealing string / instrumental arrangements later in the song too. Take a listen to 'Anthem' here: We hope to feature both artists sometime ag

'Big Fox' - 'Beast' (single)

The list of high quality Nordic album releases expected in the next couple of months is pretty extraordinary, and we'll add 'Big Fox', who will release her 3rd album, 'See How the Light Falls' in March. Behind 'Big Fox' is the singer songwriter Charlotta Perers, and it's fairly remiss of us not to have featured before, as although her last album was released back in 2013 she has received widespread attention for some excellent single releases in the last couple of years - including 'Sad Eyes', which was championed by the likes of Lauren Laverne and others. Sadly the release of her album was delayed by illness, but we're really looking forward to hearing it soon based on those recent releases

'Maple & Rye' - 'Con of the Century' (single)

So this week we hope to have a bumper week of features, with releases from 'Big Fox', 'Orochen', Siv Jakobsen, 'Dolorifics', and brief album reviews from 'Folke Nikanor' and Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio - I'm sure there's a few I've forgotten. But we'll start Monday with an upbeat track from Swedish band 'Maple & Rye', who manage to fuse together a high energy melodic style with darker and more thoughtful lyrics in their track 'Con of the Century' - the 1st release from their debut album which is due in May. 'Maple & Rye' are now a 4 piece band from Gothenburg, but were originally formed back in 2014 by Gustav Rybo-Molin and Leo Lönnroth with an aim was to write indie pop with harmonies. Th

'Lillith' - 'Beautiful Dreamers' (single)

We've featured a few bands last year who were returning after a long hiatus (I guess Treemer' from Finland were one of those), and Norwegian band 'Lillith' are another band who have been away for a long time, after releasing a really well received album back in 2010, and finally re-emerging from the shadows in the last week with a new single entitled 'Beautiful Dreamers'. They describe themselves as a 'noir pop rock band', which given the growth in Scandinavian noir culture in the intervening time is interesting in itself, and their return from the trio is really welcome, because 'Beautiful Dreamers' is a genuinely interesting song. Their original album was entitled 'Once I Was Alive', and I

Introducing....'Dear Moon' with 'Queen of Silence' (single)

I'm still really tempted to do a mammoth feature on all the stuff we missed in 2019, a no nonsense journey around the Nordic regions trying to capture as many different styles and genres as possible, because the reality is that there's just so much good stuff out there that I keep coming across even now. Finnish band 'Dear Moon' would certainly have been included in that feature, but actually they warrant just that bit of extra attention anyway, because their debut single 'Dear Moon' is pretty marvellous, and they have lots of exciting plans for 2020. So 'Dear Moon' are from Kuopio,which is yet another beautiful looking city that we definitely will have to visit on our Finnish tour next year

'Frans Bak & Jan Rørdam' - 'For No Reason At All' (single)

We didn't cover anywhere near enough classically influenced / neo-classical type releases last year, partly through choice as although we got sent some nice individual tracks, I often felt they were not quite substantial enough. This is probably because I spend way too much time listening to Mahler and Bruckner, which means everything seems 'tiny' in comparison, but this year we really want to make an extra effort to highlight some of the lovely compositions coming out of the Nordic regions, starting with a well known name, Frans Bak, who has joined together with old friend Jan Rørdam, to write an appropriately named piece entitled 'For No Reason At All'. Maybe some of you will know the name

'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes' - 'Forever' (single)

We finally wrote about Swedish band 'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes' in December after they released their track 'Moon' - they were a name that had been on our radar for a while, but we'd simply not got around to writing about them. Now they're back with a new single, just a few weeks ahead of their debut album 'Sweetie;' as well as some UK tour dates that we mentioned last time. They're a 4 piece band, who were formed in 2015, and who have some impressive live dates behind them, as well their EP 'Four Waters' which was released in 2017, and which is still well worth checking out if you haven't heard it. Their latest single release is entitled 'Forever' and once again 'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy

'Damen' - 'Americana' (single)

So we're half way through January and we've already got a huge backlog, and there's some pretty good stuff to write about, starting with another band who've been around for a while, but we've yet to feature in NMR. 'Damen' are a 4 piece indie band from Gothenburg, named after a defunct harbour in the city, who started a band simply because they felt the indie scene in the city was getting a bit sterile and not playing the music that they wanted to hear. Already they've recorded an entire album of material (at Studio Olijud and Nackving Studios), and the first track to be released from that is called 'Americana'. The track is based around a fairly simple premise, the feeling of being 'on the

'happydieyoung' - one day i'll buy you the world (EP)

So we've started the year with a thumpingly good release and a welcome return from 'Major Parkinson', but inevitably we ran out of time in December before Christmas closed in on us and there are a few things we need to catch up on from last year. Appropriately we'll start again in Bergen with 'happydieyoung', an alternative pop band who I like because their music is slightly different and offbeat from the norm, but at the heart of it are still lovely melodies and thoughtfully conceived lyrics and instrumentals. 'happydieyoung' were formed back in late 2017, and quickly established themselves on the live scene in 2018 with an appearance at 'Vill Vill Vest'. A debut single followed, before als

'Major Parkinson' - 'Jonah' (single)

There are, of course, 2 ways to consider the release of new single 'Jonah' by Norwegian alternative rock colossus 'Major Parkinson' so early on in January, depending on whether your post New Year glass is still half full, or now half empty. The first possibility is that this a welcome sign that 2020 is going to be a fabulous year of new releases, and that we're heading for 12 months of musical treats. The other perspective is that, quite frankly, a 'Major Parkinson' single is as good as it gets, and that the whole year, and maybe even the decade is now on a slow downhill of increasingly abject musical misery. Thankfully we've seen into the future (or at least some record company press relea

10 Songs We Loved In 2019

This is not necessarily quite our 'Top 10 Songs of 2019', because we've probably missed something, but they are all tracks that we particularly loved over the 12 months, but are not covered in our 'Favourite Albums' list. It's in no particular order. 1. Treemer - 'Meeting' From one of our favourite EPs of the year, new Finnish band 'Treemer' (with an old 'history') made a great impression with the title track from their EP 'Meeting'. With a band influenced by some fantastic artists such as 'The Cure' and 'Teenage Fanclub' (plus a mastering engineer whom we discovered loves Cardiacs), this was always going to be out type of thing. 2) Minru - Windmills Swedish musician 'Minru, who is based i

2019 Albums of the Year

Our 2019 Albums of the Year list can be found here. Best wishes to everyone for 2020!

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