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10 Years of Soliti 🇫🇮 - 5 of the Best

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Finnish indie label Soliti, and we can’t thank them enough for releasing such a lovely diverse collection of indie music over that period.

They’ve put together their own playlist of some of their favourites here, but here are 5 tracks that I’ve just loved from the label over the years.

Congratulations to Nick and everyone involved with Soliti. Our vacation delayed review of the Pink Chameleons album will follow in the next week….. and at some point we will raise a glass of something to 'Ten More Years' of Soliti releases.

Delay Trees - 'Black Ice'

Astrid Swan - 'Song of Fear'

Black Lizard - 'All Her Time'

Cats of Transnistria - 'Vampire'

23:23 - 'Faraway Island'

Find Soliti on Facebook, and all their artists on their website.


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