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Love Sport 'GOL!!' EP

Our second EP of the week during this quiet December month comes from Finland. Formed of musicians from some well known Helsinki Indie bands such as Black Twig and Big Wave Riders, Love Sport have released their debut EP GOL!! on Solitti Music today (12th December).

‘Well..Shit’ opens as if we’ve walked in half way through a conversation, and straight away we know we’re listening to something slightly different from the norm. With a gritty driving guitar sound, individual vocals and a melody which don’t quite go in the way we always expect, this is an impressive opening track. ‘Goodbye Brains’ is more laid back, with melancholy vocals and a sound reminiscent of some UK North West Indie bands, and its equally engaging.

After ‘Mozart Schmozart’, with its traditional indie opening and a deliberately discordant but almost jaunty pop chorus, they finish with a real highlight ‘Pink Rhumba’, with a brilliant intro and more relentless vocals driven on by incessant guitars, that haven't stopped from the opening of 'Well..Shit' right to the end.

Love Sport have a distinct identity, writing clever songs which appear at times consciously raw sounding, offbeat and slightly unconventional, but that all come together quite naturally in ‘GOL!!’ to form 5 great individual Indie tracks. Our advice is to take a listen for yourself, Love Sport have something special and unique that sets them out from the crowd.

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