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She Talks 'Exile' EP

December is a quiet month for album releases, so attention has been drawn to 2 good EP releases, the first of which comes from Copenhagen based She Talks with their offering ‘Exile’, (available on itunes). The band have previously released 2 albums, ‘She Talks’ in 2011 and ‘Heroine’ in 2013, and with compelling Folk Pop melodies and an attractive Indie guitar sound to back it up, ‘Exile’ should have a fairly widespread appeal.

Opening track ‘The Night is Young’ opens with a more traditional folk style vocal and with strong lyrics – ‘I sit in a room, I watch the dead flowers, A girl downtown looks tired like you’. But the pre-EP launch single ‘Go West’ is the highlight, a really well constructed pop song with chunky guitars that drive the song forward and a catchy chorus, all accompanied by the slightly dark lyrics.

After the slightly simpler synthpop ‘Roadside’, ‘A Song Once Meant for You’ returns to the Folk Pop sound and the sweet vocals with a scathing undertone ‘ Look for the people in the fast red cars, they are strong and great like Jesus’. It’s thoughtfully and imaginatively written.

She Talks have an engaging sound and write good melodic Folk pop songs, and ‘Go West’ is definitely worth downloading as a single in its own right. Already I’ve found myself listening to their back catalogue to discover what I’ve been missing, and ‘Exile’ is a likeable addition to anyones library of music.

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