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Lac Belot 'Elizabeth' EP

The strength of the EP ‘Elizabeth’ is actually fairly straightforward. Firstly Jarno Takkumäki has an outstanding voice, apparently effortless, timeless and really distinct too. And the title track ‘Elizabeth’ is beautifully written, with a simple guitar and carefree jaunty vocals to start, and a lovely tune that develops with strings before an apparently 60s influenced conclusion.

The other 2 tracks on the EP, ‘II’ and ‘Flashy Gold’ almost reach the same heights of ‘Elizabeth’, even if the title track is my own favourite. ’II’ has the most beautiful section of orchestration in the middle, whilst ‘Flashy Gold’ is simpler, reliant more on Vocals and Guitar, its delicate at times but equally captivating.

Its so difficult to understand how this can be a debut EP from a young singer songwriter, it has a confidence, style and maturity that I haven’t often seen in an early release. Clearly the EP is making a huge impression on those who are hearing it, and I hope that it now gets the wider audience that it deserves.

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