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New Bands of the Day - 'Animal Daydream' and 'Tales from the Attic'

A bit more info on the final 2 of this weeks 'New Bands of the Day' as first featured on twitter @nordicmusicview

Described as a ‘psych pop soft rock band’, Swedens Animal Daydream managed to capture my attention with the words ‘Teenage Fanclub’ on their Bandcamp page. And whilst that influence certainly only comprises a small part of what this band are about, their ‘Easy Pleasures’ EP (Jigsaw Records and officially released tomorrow) is indeed a an easy listening pleasure, soft jangling guitars and harmonies layered on top of each other. My favourite track is ‘I knew you would come along before Fall’, and you can have a listen and then buy the EP on Vinyl or download via Bandcamp at:

Tales from the Attic are a Danish band, from Copenhagen, who have a fairly classic ‘alternative rock’ sound, and whos EP ‘Another Fairytale – the full chapter’ was released last week. Emily Stavis vocals are strong, and the pick of the tracks for me is ‘When you Realize’. The band have an excellent ‘Name your Price’ scheme going for the EP, so hopefully that will encourage new listeners to purchase it, and the band have a gig coming up on the 30th January at Templet.

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