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NEWS IN SHORT inc Bjork, Suzanne Sundfor and Cats of Transnistria

We don’t want to get into the habit of just doing News items, we’re a review site, but just a few other things that have caught our eye, and releases which we wont have chance to review in detail:

Firstly Bjork has announced a new album for March, which is to be called ‘Vulnicura’. Shes also announced the tracklisting on her website, and the tracks are ‘Stonemilker’, ‘Lionsong’, ‘History of Touches’, ‘Black Lake’, ‘Family’, ‘Notget’, ‘Atom Dance’, ‘Mouth Mantra’, and ‘Quicksand’.

Suzanne Sundfor, who’s coming to the UK soon for her London show, has confirmed her 5th Studio Album will be released on the 16th February and its called ’10 Love Songs’. The single which precedes the album is called ‘Fade Away’ and is already available. We might possibly review the album.

Cats of Transnistria who we featured as a New Band of the Day a few weeks back have an EP which launches today 16th January and its called ‘Away’. Its released on the ever excellent Soliti records, and we’ve had a quick listen and its pretty good.

Meanwhile fellow Finnish band ‘Freeweights’, who were featured in the Ja Ja Ja Finnish Artists to watch in 2015, have their debut video out and its called ‘True to My Game’, its retro nolstagic pop, and you can see it here:

Finally Swedish singer songwriter Magnus Reimer has released his 2nd single from his album ‘Tidal Lock’. Its called ‘It Turns Out’, we’ve had a listen and its quite unusual, with a repetitive but likeable keyboard theme that runs throughout, and an innovative video to back it up. You can see it here.

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