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News - Mari Hajem, The Fjords, Tales from the Attic

Mari Hajem - new EP and UK Gig

Firstly we’re really excited that Mari Hajem is launching her new EP at a gig on Thursday 5th Feb at the excellent Kaizimer in Liverpool, in an evening of Nordic Music which also features previously featured New Bands / Artists of the Day Kalandra and Inge Bremnes, part of a brilliant Norwegian contingent based in Liverpool. Not sure we can quite get there to the gig, but we’re still hoping to do a bit of a review of Maris’ EP, which we think is called ‘Confusion, when we get our little hands on it.

The Fjords - new single 'Anaesthesia'

Previously featured New Band of the Day ‘The Fjords’ have released a new single which is called ‘Anaesthesia’. This is a band with big ‘cinematic’ sound, and they give the impression they’ve been doing it for years. The single itself is fairly laid back, building slowly, with a haunting melody and it will leave you wanting more. So if it does, feel free to look up their previous single ‘Polaris Beach, which is equally effective.

Tales from the Attic - new video

Finally Danish band ‘Tales from the Attic’, also featured recently have released a Video for their single ‘When you Realize’, so take a look. Theyre about to head off on a short tour and will then return and release a new Video to their track ‘The Chills’. Its spiky alternative rock, with an edge, and theyre well worth taking a listen to.

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