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Mari Hajem - 'Confusion' EP

We’re getting sent a nice selection of new music to listen to now, and I hope its something we never tire of. Most of it is pretty darn good too, and listening to Mari Hajems new EP ‘Confusion’ reminds me of something fairly simple, that an outstanding voice will always have effect of instantly enthralling new listeners, and completely captivating their attention. Norwegian singer Mari Hajem, based now in Liverpool, has one of those voices, and her EP ‘Confusion’ demonstrates that superbly.

Firstly have a watch of ‘Nebula’ the opening track from ‘Confusion’, alongside an imaginatively put together video, slightly dark and eerie, Hajems vocals are just beautiful and I love the piano line that pushes the song along.

The title track ‘Confusion’ opens again with a piano, but develops into a mesmerizing rhythm that explodes into life at the end, and I still love the vocals. ‘Years’ is simpler and more personal, less intense and more indie pop influenced, its probably the ‘least Nordic’ inspired, if such a thing exists. Mari talks about her influences as being as diverse as Coldplay, London Grammar and Muse, and you’ll definitely hear the Coldplay influence in this track. ‘We will overcome’ is less immediately appealing to me, but its still haunting and I probably just need to listen to it more.

‘Confusion’ is an excellent EP, showcasing Mari Hajems outstanding vocal talents, and it neatly combines some apparent Norwegian folk influences with contemporary mainstream indie bands, a combination which should be very appealing. I have no doubt that the strength of her bands songwriting will develop over time, and as always with good EPs, I’m left with wanting more. I hope that an album isn’t too far away.

Maris EP is available now on Itunes.

I’d also suggest keeping an eye on Maris facebook page

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