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The Attic Sleepers - 'Lanquin'

Danish based duo The Attic Sleepers are still a pretty new band, and they have after all just released a Debut EP, ‘Lanquin’, but they’ve played some fairly big gigs, had good radio airplay and coverage online. Because of this we haven’t just included them in our ‘New Bands / Artists’ feature, we’ve have taken a listen to the EP itself. Its an impressive debut.

Its named after the Guatamalan town where the project came to life – the Attic Sleepers duo Mathias Barfod and Matias Knigge spent 4 months journeying through Central America, and the first songs were written on a ukulele. Influenced by bands such as Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros and Mew (I see more Fleet Foxes and reminders of Beach House and Thirteen Senses), they make a simply exquisite Indie Pop sound, just listen to the opening track ‘Burning’, with its delicate flowing guitar line and natural easy listening vocals. All the songs have a good tune and theyre almost instantly likeable.

My favourite track on the EP is ‘Airport’. As is often the case with artists that produce such well written songs, it all sounds so effortless ( I know its not), and ‘Airport’ again has this flowing natural feel, that the music is instinctive and personal to the duo that wrote it. I've included a live performance of 'Lines' because i think its pretty powerful. The final track ‘I still moan’ is more subtle still, gentle and slightly atmospheric.

I guess with such similar easy listening songs there is a danger of them becoming one-dimensional, later tracks on the EP on first listen do drift slightly, but I was pretty bought into it on the 3rd and 4th listening. Its not hard hitting music, but it doesn’t need to be. Commercially ‘The Attic Sleepers’ have huge potential, there is an obvious demand for well written Nordic Pop, and the interest shown in the band is both understandable and deserved. We will bring you more information as soon as we have it.

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