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New Band - 'Mumrunner'

After featuring the new album from NEØV, its great to be able to switch attentions to another Finnish band who, whilst being on a similar end of the musical spectrum, approach things in a different way. Mumrunner have a much harder edge to their music than their fellow countrymen, but its still in the direction of ‘Shoegaze’.

The Tampere band have been going for well under a year, and their 1st songs ‘Zit / Rut’ were released last June. I think their style of music would appeal very well to a UK audience. Its guitar driven, and whilst their opening songs were good, its actually their latest release ‘Bond’ that I’d recommend the most – its high tempo and intense, but very accessible. I like Shoegaze / Dream Pop bands who aren’t one-dimensional, and Mumrunner definitely give the impression that theyre not going to be, whilst the music is loud I feel its slightly restrained, and I think there will be more delicate moments too.

I came across the band a couple of weeks ago whilst looking at gig listings and had a listen to their first songs, but the excellent news this week is that they’ve been signed to the Soliti record label. Soliti are possibly our favourite label right now as they have some excellent bands on their roster such as ‘Black Lizard’ (we’ll have more on them very soon) and ‘Love sport’ (who we’ve featured previously).

Anyway I really like the sound that Mumrunner produce, and they’ve got great potential . Unfortunately we cant embed Soundcloud directly into postings, so follow the link below for the latest track ‘Bond’, have a listen to their single from last year below, and we will definitely, absolutely definitely be on the look out for what they’ll be doing next. If youre in Finland, looks like they have some live gigs coming up (with 'Love Sport' which should be fantastic), so check their facebook page for more info.

CHECK OUT Solitis website for more great bands:

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