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New Band - 'Ceremonials'

Over the next week at Nordic Music Review we’re going to be featuring some new artists and bands from slightly different genres of music, looking at bands regularly playing the smaller venues in different Nordic countries, and trying to understand the variety of music out there right now.

Ceremonials are from Helsinki, they were formed in 2013 and have an alternative post punk sound. They’ve been playing gigs in Helsinki for the last 2 years, and are currently working on the complex logistics of getting a gig sorted out in Russia as they look to do gigs further afield.

They released their debut EP called ‘Arabia’ last year. The opening track ‘Drop Dead’ has a punk influence to it, but the guitar and bass lines appear to take some inspiration from across the spectrum of alternative rock. My favourite track is definitely ‘Run’, it reminds me of the raw sound I was hearing from UK bands early on in their career in the 80s such as The Cult and perhaps Theatre of Hate / Spear of Destiny too.

The final track ‘Arabia’ is slightly darker and psychedelic, which also appeals to me, and I have no doubt that recording future material will help develop their sound further to give us something much bigger and bolder still.

Anyway theres lots of ways you can find out more about Ceremonials. Firstly you can listen to ‘Arabia EP’ at:

You can also find them on Facebook at:

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