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5 to Watch from Sweden - No3 'Seaside Heights'

Our 3rd 'Nordic Music Review 5 to watch from Sweden' are ‘Seaside Heights’, they’re from Gothenburg, and they’ve been together as a band for a couple of years, but only recently released a single called ‘Turnover’ which has reached Spotify and other channels, and is now getting some attention.

I’d describe them as ‘Anthemic Pop’, the song ‘Turnover’ opens with a fairly simple vocal melody backed up by synths, but slowly builds until a huge instrumental anthem launches about 2 minutes in, which is worthy of any Festival or large live venue. They’re just making a video, so for now you’ll have to go to this link to hear it.

Anyway if ‘Seaside Heights’ have more songs up their sleeve like ‘Turnover’, they’ve got potential to be a real favourite. We’ll keep you updated on how theyre getting on.

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