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5 to Watch from Sweden - No4 'Meadows Ever Bleeding'

The 4th of the Nordic Music Review ‘5 to Watch from Sweden’ is Meadows Ever Bleeding, the music of Christoffer Wadensten. Whilst Chris has been around for a few years making great music, we thought that many people in the UK wont have had the opportunity to read or hear much about his music. This is a shame because its really beautifully written, and he has an amazing voice to go with it.

Heres a video from just over a year ago called ‘Dream of You’, which is a really good song.

Anyway the main reason for bringing him to your attention right now is that Meadows Ever Bleeding have a gig in London coming up. Its at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on Friday 3rd April supporting Robert Bearsby (and just a couple of days after Fufanu play in the same venue). Hopefully some of our London based readers will have a chance to get along and see him.

Heres a few links to get more info:

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